Joseph Kalý (guitar)
Marco Tessitore (keyboards, vocals)
Ennio Barone (bass, vocals)
Lorenz Shulze (drums, guitar)

A little known group that only released an album and a single at the end of the 70's, Antares were an Italian group signed to the Unifunk label, notable among collectors for producing one of the rarest items by Antonius Rex, the single released in 1971 as Invisible Force
And the connection with Rex leader Antonio Bartoccetti is strong in the album, as two of the six tracks are co-written by him and the overall sound of Antares' music is not far from the 1978 album Ralefun
by Antonius Rex.

The album was mainly based on keyboards, an electro-pop album sung in English and with light progressive leanings, and was recorded in Oslo. Nothing is known about the musicians, two of which were surely italians by name, but even the guitarist can be an Italian with a fake foreign name.
As in Automat's case, this is an Italian electronic prog group that has very little in common with the most part of other Italian artists of their time.



Sea of tranquillity Unifunk (AR 03090) 1979 single cover

Sea of tranquillity Mellow (MMP 207) 1994 reissue of 1979 album

SINGLES (with picture sleeves)

The leaving part I
The leaving part II
Unifunk (4580) 1980 a track from Sea of Tranquillity, split in two parts


Sea of tranquillity is not particularly rare or expensive. It had a single cover and has been reissued in 1994 by Mellow.
A very rare and little known single was taken from the album.

No foreign issues or counterfeits exist.

Sea of tranquillity - front cover

The leaving - 7" single cover