Augusto Ferrari (keyboards)
Maurizio Tomasoni (trumpet, horns)
Giangi Frugoni (bass, guitar, clarinet)

Though their record debut came in the new wave era, Art Fleury from Brescia can now be considered much closer to some avantgarde groups of the progressive era than anything else released in Italy in 1980.

The beginnings of the group are from the mid 70's, when AMG (from the initials of the group members), still in their teens, had the chance of playing before Area at Milan's Parco Lambro Festival in 1976, and then opening some Italian dates of Henry Cow, thanks to their collaboration with Cooperativa L'Orchestra.
The name Art Fleury was adopted around 1977,  but their first record came out only in 1980, through Italian Records, a small label from Bologna aimed at promoting new wave groups.

I luoghi del potere can easily be compared to early Faust, and their later works oscillated between electronic wave and avantgarde music with no commercial decline. Their debut album has finally been issued on CD in 2007 in a deluxe box set with booklet and poster.



I luoghi del potere Italian Records (EXIT 903) 1980 single cover with sticker - foldout insert - early copies on white vinyl - includes a short film
The last album No Sense (AA 001) 1981 single cover with inner
Hard fashion girls No Sense (AA 002) 1981 mini LP - single cover
New performer Suono (SR 33126) 1983 single cover

I luoghi del potere Die Schachtel (DS 14) 2007 reissue of 1980 in box set with different cover, includes booklet, poster - 1 bonus track

Italia Wiva
(with Over-tour and Lilith)
Suono (SR 33121) 1983 Italian 80's groups  compilation - also features Ruins, Lunar Sex, Bisca, Illegal Coiffeur, Nai-Lon, Frenetic, Avion Travel, Litfiba, Naif Orchestra, Al Aprile & the Electicart

(with picture sleeve)
L'overdose part 1,2
L'overdose part 3,4,5
Italian Records (EXIT 705) 1980 all unreleased tracks
UK is dead
The seven of birdland
No Sense (AA 003) 1981 both tracks from Hard fashion girls
New performer
Suono (SR 7122) 1983 both tracks from New performer


I luoghi del potere is rare in its original vinyl issue, containing a foldout insert. Early copies were pressed on white vinyl, contained a short strip of negative film and had a red sticker on the shrink with the text "Colonna sonora del film ononimo" (Soundtrack of the eponymous film). The film was in fact conceived as a soundtrack for an imaginary movie.
It has been reissued for the first time on CD in 2007 by the Die Schachtel label as a box set with a new cover design, and containing a booklet and a poster. The CD reissue also includes L'overdose, originally split in two parts on a single.


I luoghi del potere - LP with sticker and film

The last album - LP

Hard fashion girls - LP

L'overdose - 7" single

New performer - 7" single

I luoghi del potere - CD



Thanks to Augusto Ferrari for help and information and to Alos for some details on discography.