Pino Ferro (guitar, vocals)
Nino Costantino (guitar, flute, vocals)
Mario Barigazzi (keyboards)
Guerrino Franchini (sax, flute)
Oreste Ferro (bass, vocals)
Adamo Biello (drums, vocals)

Franchini replaced by
Antonio Balsamo (sax, recorder)

Often described as a prog group, Capricorn College are much closer to the standard early 70's Italian melodic pop groups than to anything progressive. 
Led by composer Mario Barigazzi, much active since the 60's under the surname Barimar, the group released two albums on the Kansas label, both containing an unimpressive mix of commercial pop with trivial lyrics and instrumental parts with light prog influences.

The first one, Orfeo 2000, is the best of the two, especially in the instrumental tracks, while the second one, released as Barimar & Capricorn College, contains 12 shorter songs.

The band also released some singles, two of which in 1974 taken from both their albums. After some years of silence the name Capricorn College was used again in 1978 for a disco-styled single, then it disappeared.


Orfeo 2000 Kansas (LDM 17004) 1972 single cover
  Cinedelic (CNPL 809) 2021 reissue of the 1972 LP - 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 in various colours
LP di primavera Kansas (5300 502) 1974 single cover - as "Barimar & Capricorn College"


LP di primavera Vinyl Magic (VM 026) 1991 reissue of 1974 album
Orfeo 2000 Mellow (MMP 234) 1994 reissue of 1972 album

(with picture sleeve)
Capricorn college
Bentler (BE NP 5060) 1971 both tracks unreleased - released as "The Capricorn College Brass"
Mab, mystic woman
Bentler (BE STR 8018) 1972 both tracks unreleased
Domani č festa
La cittā
Kansas (K 507) 1972 four tracks EP - all unreleased tracks
Kansas (DM 1158) 1972 both tracks unreleased
Ho incontrato lei
Amore dammi la mano
Kansas (K 525) 1974 both tracks from Orfeo 2000 with different titles - released as "Barimar & his group"
Una donna come te
La vita
Kansas (5100 407) 1974 both tracks from Lp di primavera
Start music
Ball Fire (LD 100) 1978 group's name wrongly spelled as "Copricorn College" on the labels

(with blank cover)
Mab, mystic woman
Bentler (BE STR 8018) 1972 white label jukebox single


Both the original albums by Capricorn College are now very rare and expensive. Both were reissued on CD but only the first on LP, by Cinedelic in 2021. No foreign issues exist.
Issued on a single in 1972, Donna is the remake of Woman Is the Nigger of the World by John Lennon, translated by Domenico Serengay.

The 1974 single Ho incontrato lei, credited to Barimar & His Group, contains two tracks already included on the first Capricorn College album, with new titles but in the same version as on the LP. Ho incontrato lei was entitled Orfeo 2000 and was one of the most complex and progressive songs on the album, while Amore dammi la mano was on the album with the title Corri corri corri. This single is very rare and has only been found with no picture cover.

Orfeo 2000 - LP

LP di primavera - LP

Capricorn college - 7" single

Story - 7" single

Oramai - 7" EP

Donna - 7" single

Una donna come te - 7" single



Thanks to Giuliano Semprucci, John Elvis Gualtieri, Simone Corsi, Roberto Ravera and Corrado Magnano for pictures and information contained in this page