Silver Scivoli (keyboards, vocals)
Luciano Spotti (guitar)
Gigi Puzzo (bass)
Roberto Caroli (drums)

Around 1971-72
Puzzo replaced by:
Giuliano Quarantotto (bass, vocals)

This melodic pop band was formed in Cremona around 1967, and had a rather anonymous career with the early production, their only interesting album being the nice Pensando from 1972.

Their first album Cercando la vita contains the typical Italian melodic pop of that era, with the voice in evidence and the organ as the main instrument, a short (around 30 minutes long) LP that includes eight tracks all around three minutes with the sole exception of the long title track; the album was re-released a year later as Hydra with just an extra track.

Pensando is a surprisingly good album, mainly organ-driven and with some fuzz guitar. Vocal parts are good despite some melodic influences and not great lyrics typical of the Italian post-beat groups. There are very nice tracks on it like Un pugno di mosche, also on single, Maria and Amo mia madre, but the 10 tracks, all in the 3-4 minute range could have better instrumental developments.

Since the following album, simply entitled Flashmen, the group went back to a more melodic style. This album contains 3 english tracks covers, Eve and Don't be a hero (in Italian Fai come credi) by Jim Capaldi and Roxy Music's Virginia plain.

The band disbanded around 1975 and their last production was again in a commercial direction, their last single Piccolo amore was presented at that year's Disco per l'Estate contest.


Cercando la vita Kansas (SLP 8) 1970 single cover
Hydra Kansas (LDM 17001) 1971 single cover
Pensando Kansas (LDM 17003) 1972 gatefold cover
  Cinedelic (CNPL 808) 2022 reissue of the 1972 LP with gatefold cover - 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 in various colours
Flashmen Kansas (LDM 17005) 1973 single cover
Sempre e solo lei Kansas (LDM 17012) 1974 single cover
I Flashmen Kansas (5300 501) 1974 single cover

Cercando la vita Vinyl Magic (VM 025) 1991 reissue of 1970 album
Pensando Mellow (MMP 222) 1994 reissue of 1972 album
Flashmen Mellow (MMP 301) 2007 reissue of 1973 album

SINGLES (with picture cover)
Il mondo aspetta te
La donna che ho
Decca (C 17005) 1969  
Una parola
Kansas (DM 1133) 1970 both tracks from Hydra and Cercando la vita
╚ tardi ormai
Kansas (DM 1142) 1971 existence unconfirmed - side A taken from Hydra and Cercando la vita
Puoi dirmi t'amo
Un anno nero
Kansas (DM 1149) 1971 both tracks from Hydra 
Ma cosa fai
Non sei solo
Lunapark (28008) 1971  
Sogni e delusioni
Fortuna e ragione
Lunapark (28020) 1972 both tracks from Pensando
probably a promo
Un pugno di mosche
Ciao felicitÓ
Kansas (DM 1153) 1972 side A taken from Pensando
Mes amis
Kansas (DM 1157) 1972  
╚ la vita
Una ragazza semplice
Kansas (DM 1163) 1973 both tracks from Flashmen (1973)
Sempre e solo lei
I giorni del sole
Kansas (DM 1167) 1974 side A taken from Sempre e solo lei
Vestita di ciliege
E restare con te
Kansas (5100 405) 1974 both tracks from I Flashmen (1974)
Amare lei
Dolce amica mia
Magic (MRNP 1000) 1975  
Piccolo amore
La stagione dei fiori
Joker (M 7190) 1975 issued with two different covers

Il mondo aspetta te
La donna che ho
Decca (C 17005) 1969 jukebox single
Una ragazza semplice
Non sento le tue mani
il mio posto è con te
Credere di essere qualcuno
Minestra fredda
Ed.Musicali Stop (ES 001) 1973 promotional EP with "Omaggio alle orchestre" and "Vietata la vendita" text on the labels - all tracks from Flashmen (1973)


All the Flashmen albums are very rare, with Pensando, reputedly their best and Hydra, with the nicest cover, being the most expensive. Some of them have been reissued on CD, but only Pensando had a vinyl reissue at the beginning of 2022 by Cinedelic.
Hydra and Pensando have also been reissued on CD in Japan (Edison ERC-29238 and ERC-29239 respectively).

Their last single, 1975's Piccolo amore, was issued with two different covers.

No counterfeits exist, nor foreign vinyl reissues.

Cercando la vita - LP

Hydra - LP

Pensando - LP

Flashmen (1973) - LP

Sempre e solo lei - LP

I Flashmen (1974) - LP

Il mondo aspetta te - 7" single

Una parola - 7" single

Puoi dirmi t'amo - 7" single

Un pugno di mosche - 7" single

Guarda - 7" single

╚ la vita - 7" single

Sempre e solo lei - 7" single

Amare lei - 7" single


Piccolo amore - 7" single (two different covers)



Thanks to Giuliano Semprucci and John Elvis Gualtieri for pictures and information contained in this page