Donatella Luttazzi (vocals)
Federico D'Andrea (vocals)
Gianni Mereu (guitar)
Francesco Ventura (guitar)
Claudio Barbera (bass)

A band that only released an album and a single on the PDU label, along with Cincinnato this was one of the very few rock and prog releases by a label not so interested in these musical styles.

The trio composed by singer Donatella Luttazzi and guitarists Mereu and Ventura was formed in Rome in 1970, and under the name Genesi was signed to RCA subsidiary Delta, that gave them the chance to record some tracks for an album. 
The three musicians were helped by bass player Claudio Barbera along with some experienced Scottish sessionmen who were then living in Rome, singer Alex Ligertwood (from Camel), keyboardist Mike Fraser and drummer Derek Wilson. 
Their style was a R&B-tinged rock, and even organist Brian Auger, who was often in Italy, was so impressed by the band, that he offered singer Ligertwood the singer role in his new band Oblivion Express, and Genesi disbanded.

A new contract was found with the PDU label, and a new line up with singer Federico D'Andrea (previously appearing on singles by Manuel De Sica & gli Ancients, and Myosotis) was formed, the band being helped by drummer Jean Paul Ceccarelli and various studio guest musicians, including keyboardist Toto Torquati.

Their only album was released in 1972, sung in English and with the dual male-female voice interplay of Donatella Luttazzi and Federico D'Andrea, but also including three tracks (on a total of seven) taken from the 1970 sessions with the old Genesi line-up fronted by Alex Ligertwood. 
For this reason, the album is rather fragmented and not particularly original, bearing a strong resemblance of foreign models, especially some American mainstream rock, and is marred by orchestral arrangements in some tracks. 
A good opening track, named Logan Dwight, was also released as a single, coupled with the orchestrated Moments of eternity.

After the band split, singer/guitarist Federico D'Andrea formed Libra.


Logan Dwight PDU (PLD A 5054) 1972 fully laminated gatefold cover - lyric insert
  Akarma (AK 1014) 1999 reissue of the above, but two inserts with lyrics and information are included

Logan Dwight Akarma (AK 1014) 1999 reissue of 1972 album with mini gatefold cover

(with picture sleeve)
Logan Dwight
Moments of eternity
PDU (PA 1076) 1972 both tracks from Logan Dwight

Logan Dwight
PDU (PA JB 102) 1972 jukebox single - backed with Mina/Fiume azzurro - picture cover


A very rare album, Logan Dwight has been reissued by Akarma with the same gatefold cover as the original. 
Along with the lyric sheet the reissue also contains a second 12x12"  insert with information on the group, written in Italian and English.

No counterfeits exist nor foreign issues.

Logan Dwight - LP

Logan Dwight - 7" single

Logan Dwight - 7" promotional single



Thanks to Valerio D'Angelo for the promo single scan.