Augusto Daolio (vocals, guitar)
Franco Midili (guitar)
Beppe Carletti (keyboards)
Gianni Coron (bass)
Gabriele Copellini (drums)

Coron and Copellini replaced by
Umberto Maggi (bass)
Giampaolo Lancelotti (drums)

Midili replaced by 
Chris Dennis (keyboards, guitar, violin)

Not a prog band, and a marginal inclusion here, the Nomadi have been in their long career, that still lasts today with a different line up, one of the most loved Italian groups, with a cult following that has given them many hits.

Sometimes their albums are mentioned in foreign dealers' lists as "prog", but be warned, they're by no means a progressive band!

I Nomadi started in 1963 and their first single came in 1965 with Donna la prima donna. With a repertoire initially based on cover versions (by the likes of Dion, Sonny Bono, Moody Blues) the band had many hits in the 60's playing a beat inspired pop. Their first album in 1967, Per quando noi non ci saremo, is usually considered as one of the most important Italian beat albums, also notable for being not just a singles compilation (as it was the case with most Italian artists' LP's at the time) but a concept album on youth problems. The album has slight psych influences, mostly in the group image as demonstrated by the nice cover. 

Between late 60's and early 70's the band veered towards pop, and gradually abandoned the protest songs that made them famous in their early days, despite being always close to left-wing movements. According to some critics, a slight prog influence can be heard in their 1971-73 production.

Leader Augusto Daolio died in 1992, and the group still exists with new musicians around the only remaining member Carletti and has the usual intense live activity.



LP (up to 1973)
Per quando noi non ci saremo Columbia (CPSQ 530) 1967 gatefold laminated cover with inner opening
  EMI () 1992 gatefold cover - limited reissue with two bonus tracks
I Nomadi Columbia (SCPSQ 545) 1968 single cover
  EMI () 1992 as above - limited reissue with two bonus tracks
Mille e una sera EMI/Columbia (3C062-17797) 1970 laminated single cover - later issue has a non-laminated thinner single cover
Un giorno insieme EMI/Columbia (3C064-17880) 1973 gatefold cover with right-side flap - early copies include poster
All albums have been reissued on CD

(with picture sleeve - up to 1973)
Donna la prima donna
Giorni tristi
Columbia (SCMQ 1891) 1965  
Come potete giudicar
Racconta tutto a me
Columbia (SCMQ 1926) 1966  
Come potete giudicar
La mia libertÓ
Columbia (SCMQ 7006) 1966  
Noi non ci saremo
Un riparo per noi
Columbia (SCMQ 7021) 1966  
Dio Ŕ morto
Per fare un uomo
Columbia (SCMQ 7046) 1967  
Un figlio dei fiori non pensa al domani
Vola bambino
Columbia (SCMQ 7076) 1967  
Ho difeso il mio amore
Canzone per un'amica
Columbia (SCMQ 7093) 1968  
Il nome di lei
Per quando Ŕ tardi
Columbia (SCMQ 7112) 1968  
Vai via cosa vuoi
L'auto corre lontano
Columbia (SCMQ 7135) 1969  
Mai come lei nessuna
Un autunno insieme poi
Columbia (SCMQ 7159) 1969  
Un pugno di sabbia
Io non sono io
Columbia (17397) 1970  
Mille e una sera
Ala bianca
Columbia (17648) 1970  
Non dimenticarti di me
Tutto passa
Columbia (17743) 1971  
So che mi perdonerai
A beautiful day
Columbia (17757) 1971  
Columbia (17796) 1971  
Io vagabondo
Columbia (17817) 1972  
Quanti anni ho
Columbia (17851) 1972  
Un giorno insieme
Columbia (17883) 1973  
Mamma giustizia
Il caso Ŕ felicemente risolto
Columbia (17927) 1973  
Voglio ridere
Ieri sera sognavo di te
Columbia (17946) 1973  


First two albums by Nomadi are very expensive and the hardest to find in their vast production. They've been reissued by EMI in 1992 in a limited numbered pressing with extra tracks, with help from the band's fan club.
Mille e una sera was originally issued with a fully laminated single cover, later replaced by a non-laminated one. The two versions can be identified by the Columbia logo on front cover, which is dark purple/blue on the original and blue (like the EMI logo) in the reissue.
Un giorno insieme has a gatefold cover with a flap on the right side. Early copies also included a poster.

No counterfeits exist not foreign issues.

Per quando noi non ci saremo - gatefold cover

I Nomadi - LP

Mille e una sera - LP
Un giorno inseieme - LP



Thanks to Danilo Cortellazzi for pictures and information