Franco Rossi (vocals, bass)
Nello Sinisi (guitar)
Nando Lattanzi (keyboards)
Luciano De Angelis (drums, vocals)

Despite a very progressive-sounding name, this quartet from Rome played in a melodic pop style with love-inspired lyrics, releasing an album and a handful of singles in 1973-74. 
Prenestum Blocco 452 were formed around 1972 and weren't involved in the usual open air concert circuit as many other bands of that era, being mostly a studio band. 
Their production was concentrated in the years 1973-75, with their only album, the 12-tracks Dolce tenera amica issued in 1974.
The band split around 1976 when members Rossi and Lattanzi formed Epoca, another melodic pop band that had a big hit in some south American countries with their first single Volerai volerņ, but another single, this time in disco music style appeared in 1978 with the name Praenestum 452, Soul Dracula, and it was also released abroad.

The difficult band's name was changed to Praenestum 452 on the album cover, while it was spelled as Prenestum (not Praenestum) on the first, second and fourth single.


Dolce tenera amica Universal Sound (USA LP 2004) 1974 as Praenestum 452 

SINGLES (all with picture covers)

E lui chi č
Occhi chiari
Universal Sound (USA 001) 1973 as Prenestum Blocco 452 
Tra le braccia di una donna
Diventi viola
Universal Sound (USA 002) 1973 as Prenestum Blocco 452 
Dolce tenera amica
Donna donna
Universal Sound (USA 1023) 1974 as Praenestum 452 
Candy baby
Silver clouds
Euro International (EUR 1939) 1975 as Prenestum 452 
Soul Dracula
Reggae like it used to be
Universal International Music (6508 657) 1978 as Praenestum 452 


A very rare album, Dolce tenera amica has never received a reissue, on vinyl nor on CD.
No counterfeits exist, nor foreign issues. Only their fifth and last single, the disco-styled Soul Dracula, was released abroad, in Germany on Metronome for example.

A single under the name " Luciano e i Prenestum 455" was issued by singer-songwriter Luciano De Angelis on his own L.D.A. label (cat. no.HD001). Prenestum 455 sing on the A-side, Handicap, while Diverso da me, on the B-side, is sung by De Angelis. It's likely that these Prenestum 455 are the same mentioned in this page with a slightly altered name.

Dolce tenera amica - LP

E lui chi č ? - 7" single cover

Tra le braccia di una donna - 7" single cover

Dolce tenera amica - 7" single cover

Candy baby - 7" single cover

Soul Dracula - 7" single cover


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Praenestum Blocco 452 in the 70's (left) and in 2013 (right)


Many thanks to Fabio Rossi for the precious information on the band and the pictures. Also thanks to Giacomo Beatrici and Pietro Falasca for information and scans.