Ricky Gianco (guitar, vocals)
Ninni Carucci (vocals)
Nanni Ricordi (vocals)
Gianfranco Manfredi (vocals)
Ivan Cattaneo (vocals)
Sergio Farina (guitar)
Claudio Bonechi (keyboards)
Hugo Heredia (sax)
Gigi Cappellotto (bass)
Tullio De Piscopo (drums)
Ellade Bandini (drums)

Not a proper group, Ultima Spiaggia was the title of an album released to launch the eponymous label, created by guitarist Ricky Gianco (a famous 60's rocker from the Italian scene that had also founded the Intingo label in 1972). In fact many consider this a Gianco album rather than a group effort (though the record notes only mention him as composer and player).

A bunch of good sessionmen was assembled for this album, that was composed by Gianco himself along with singer/songwriters Ninni Carucci and Gianfranco Manfredi and keyboardist Claudio Bonechi.

A well-known record among foreign collectors (much more sought after than it is in Italy), Ultima spiaggia (disco dell'angoscia) is musically varied, being a mix of different styles and not entirely convincing.
Gianco's love for rock'n'roll emerges in some parts, while there are some prog-oriented moments, though the album is a bit too fragmented.
The good lyrics are all connected in a concept theme, and as the subtitle suggests (it's called "anguish record") they contain the story of a man that has an accident and a long state of unconsciousness.



Ultima spiaggia (disco dell'angoscia) Ultima Spiaggia (ZLUS 55181) 1975 gatefold cover with booklet


Though not particularly expensive, Ultima spiaggia (disco dell'angoscia) is not easy to find, and has never been reissued on vinyl nor on CD. 
It came with a nice gatefold cover and with a giant 12-page booklet containing the lyrics.

Ultima spiaggia (disco dell'angoscia) - gatefold cover

Ultima spiaggia (disco dell'angoscia) - inner gatefold and booklet

Ultima spiaggia (disco dell'angoscia) - LP label



The record is also mentioned in Ricky Gianco's website at in the artist's own discography.