1967-70 (as Anonima Sound)
Ivan Graziani (guitar, vocals)
Walter Monatti (bass)
Velio Gualazzi (drums)

1971 (as Anonima Sound Ltd.)
Massimo Meloni (guitar, vocals)
Walter Monatti ( bass)
Velio Gualazzi (drums)

Richard Ingersoll (vocals, flute)

Massimo Meloni (guitar, vocals)
Lamberto Clementi (guitar)
Peter Dobson (guitar)

Piero Cecchini (bass, vocals)
Velio Gualazzi (drums)
Claudine Reiner (percussion, vocals)

Formed in Urbino, Marche in 1964, Anonima Sound were a beat-pop trio that released four singles until 1970, when their leader Ivan Graziani (from Teramo, Abruzzo) left to pursue a very successful solo career that lasted until his death in 1997. Their first single Fuori piove was a hit at the time.

The others reformed the band in 1971, changing their name to Anonima Sound Ltd. and with a new member in guitarist Massimo Meloni, and released a good Italian-sung single in 1971, Io prendo amore. A year later a radical change in the line-up transformed the band into a seven-piece with two americans, singer/flutist Richard Ingersoll and percussionist Claudine Reiner, and englishman Peter Dobson on guitar, and a music heavily influenced by the English prog of the time. Their only album, on Arcobaleno label, is strongly influenced by the likes of Jethro Tull, with a good use of flute and totally sung in English, so it's not particularly representative of the Italian prog music.

Richard Ingersoll, singer in the last line-up, had a long and celebrated career as architectural historian until his death in 2021.


Red tape machine Arcobaleno (ARC 000111) 1972 gatefold cover
  Akarma (AK 1006) 1999 as above
  AMS/BTF (AMS LP 139) 2018 as above


Red tape machine Mellow (MMP 178) 1993 reissue of 1972 album
  Akarma (AK 1006) 1999 as above - digipack cover

Quelli della Numero Uno
(with Girotondo impossibile and Ombre vive)
Numero Uno (CFD 01080-10) 1999 10 CD - box set with tracks from singles

SINGLES (all with picture covers)

Fuori piove
Parla tu
CBS (CBS 3048) 1967 as Anonima Sound 
L'amore mio, l'amore tuo
I tetti
CBS (CBS 3418) 1968 as Anonima Sound 
Mille ragioni
CBS (CBS 4212) 1969 as Anonima Sound 
Ombre vive
Girotondo impossibile
Numero Uno (ZN 50006) 1969 as Anonima Sound 
Io prendo amore
Arcobaleno (ARC NP 2071) 1971  


Fuori piove
Parla tu
CBS (JB 3048) 1967 as Anonima Sound  - jukebox issue with white label
L'amore mio, l'amore tuo
CBS (JBH 88) 1968 as Anonima Sound - jukebox single - backed with Mini Molly/L'ultima preghiera
Ombre vive Numero Uno (ZJN 50021) 1970 as Anonima Sound - jukebox single - backed with Tony Renis/Canzone blu


Red tape machine is a very rare album that commands high prices, being released on the small Arcobaleno label probably in a limited quantity. It came in a gatefold sleeve.

No counterfeits should exist, nor foreign issues.

Red tape machine - LP

LP label

Fuori piove - 7" single

Josephine - 7" single

Ombre vive - 7" single

Io prendo amore - 7" single



Thanks to Federico Bordo, Corrado Magnano and Michele D'Alvano for information