A very popular artist still in the 2000's, Angelo Branduardi can be somehow considered a progressive artist due to his great love for folk and classical music, that have always inspired his music. During his long career he's always been very coherent with his style and never fell into commercial productions.

The eponymous first album, from 1974, can be the most appealing for prog fans, but the great success came with Alla fiera dell'est, his first on Polydor, in 1976. Both the single and the LP were top hits in Italy, and also gave the artist a great notoriety in other european countries, like in Germany and France where most of his albums have been issued, often in different versions than the originals, and Branduardi constantly toured.

Combining traditional folk tunes (often from northern Europe) with classical music, Branduardi, a trained violinist, has created a distinctive style that's still very popular nowadays.
He has worked with many other Italian artists during the years, and his collaboration with Banco del Mutuo Soccorso is noteworthy for prog fans, with Branduardi playing violin on Come in un'ultima cena and translating the lyrics for the English-sung version of that album, As in a last supper, and Banco's members playing with him on the live Concerto 3-LP box set.



LP (up to 1980)
Angelo Branduardi RCA (TPL1-1004) 1974 gatefold glossy cover with inner and lyric insert
  RCA (TPL1-1004) 1975 reissue of the above with single cover, some copies with lyric insert
  Polydor (2448 103) 1980 reissue with single cover
  Polydor (2448 104) 1980 English sung issue with single cover
La luna RCA (TPL-1 1160) 1975 single cover
Alla fiera dell'est Polydor (2448 051) 1976 gatefold textured cover with glued 12 page booklet
La pulce d'acqua Polydor (2448 062) 1977 original issue included 9 drawings housed in an envelope
Cogli la prima mela Polydor (2448 094) 1979 gatefold laminated cover with inner
Concerto Polydor (2675 200) 1980 3-LP box with 12-page booklet and inners - records numbered 2448 112-3-4
Concerto - promo 12" Polydor (5001 602)
Luna Musica (0001)
1980 8 track 12" promo LP taken from the Concerto box set - picture sleeve
Gulliver, la luna ed altri disegni Polydor (2448 115) 1980  
  All the albums have been reissued on CD

1979: Il concerto
(with Il funerale)
Cramps (5203 001) 1979 2LP - gatefold with inner - from the Demetrio Stratos tribute concert - also features Area, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Francesco Guccini, Antonello Venditti, Roberto Vecchioni, Roberto Ciotti, Eugenio Finardi and others
  Edel (CRA 013653-2) 2002 single CD reissue of the above - digipack cover
  Akarma (AK 1026) 2002 single CD reissue of the above - mini gatefold cover
  Cramps (CRS BOX001) 2009 2CD + DVD box set with 40 page book
  Cramps/De Agostini (5203 001) 2018 2 LP - gatefold cover and 8-page insert - no.12 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series

(with picture sleeve - up to 1980)
Re di speranza
RCA (TPBO 1002) 1974  
La luna
Tanti anni fa
RCA (TPBO 1141) 1975  
Il dono del cervo
Alla fiera dell'est
Polydor (2060 131) 1976  
  Polydor (2060 131) 2014 reissue with same catalogue number
La pulce d'acqua
Il poeta di corte
Polydor (2060 151) 1977  
Il marinaio
Ballo in fa diesis minore
Polydor (2060 152) 1977  
Cogli la prima mela
Se tu sei cielo
Polydor (2060 207) 1979  
Merry we will be
Polydor (2060 215) 1979  
Per creare i suoi occhi
Polydor (2060 220) 1980  

(with blank covers except where noted)
Alla fiera dell'est
Polydor/RSO (JB AS 5000 363) 1976 juke box - backed with Bee Gees / Boogie child
La serie dei numeri
Polydor (...) 1976 promo with picture sleeve - backed with Mario Acquaviva / Lupo lupo
La pulce d'acqua
Polydor (JB AS 5000 397) 1977 juke box - backed with Panda / Notturno
Il marinaio
Ballo in fa diesis minore
Polydor (JB AS 5000 429) 1977 juke box single
Il ciliegio
Il poeta di corte
Polydor (JB AS 5000 492) 1977 juke box single
Cogli la prima mela
Se tu sei cielo
Polydor (JB AS 5000 550) 1979 juke box single
Il signore di Baux
La strega
Polydor (JB AS 5000 559) 1979 juke box single
Per creare i suoi occhi
Polydor (JB AS 5000 567) 1980 juke box single

Most Branduardi releases are still common to find, but some of these are a bit scarcer in their original issues.
The first one originally had a thick gatefold glossy cover, that was almost immediately replaced by a single one. Apparently only a few hundreds copies were printed of this first issue.
Alla fiera dell'est had a giant 12-page booklet with lyrics and black & white pictures glued to the cover. Design and pictures were by Caesar Monti, and one of the photos has the same subject as on the Rocky's Filj album cover.
La pulce d'acqua contained in its first pressing an envelope with 9 drawings inspired by the songs' lyrics, and painted by Mario Convertino.
The Concerto 3-LP live album, featuring
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso members in many tracks, was released in a box set including a 12-page colour booklet, the records having differently coloured inner covers. A single promo album was extracted from the box set, apparently 2 different versions exist of this, the most common on Polydor and a rarer one on the Luna Musica management's own label.

Most of these albums have been released in various european countries, where many singles have also appeared. 
In France there were French sung versions of Angelo Branduardi (but this was only released in 1981), Alla fiera dell'est (called A la foire de l'est, on Arabella), La pulce d'acqua (as La demoiselle, also on Arabella) and Cogli la prima mela (as Va ou' le vent te mene, on Musiza, with blue laminated gatefold cover).
In other european countries English-sung versions of Angelo Branduardi (in England on RCA in 1974, Germany in 1979 and Italy in 1980), Alla fiera dell'est (called Highdown fair, gatefold cover, with lyrics by Pete Sinfield, also issued in Italy by Polydor), La pulce d'acqua (as Fables and fantasies) and Cogli la prima mela (as Life is the only teacher, on Musiza, again with a different coloured, red cover), most of these were on Musiza/Ariola.

No counterfeits exist.

Angelo Branduardi - LP

Angelo Branduardi - inner gatefold picture

La luna - LP

Alla fiera dell'est - LP

Alla fiera dell'est - open cover with booklet

Alla fiera dell'est - German issue gatefold cover

La pulce d'acqua - open cover with prints

La Demoiselle (La pulce d'acqua) - French issue LP

Cogli la prima mela - Italian, French and English issues

Concerto - box set cover

Concerto - box set inners and booklet

Concerto - promo LP cover



Being a very popular artist throughout Europe, Angelo Branduardi has attracted much interest on the Internet. 
His official website is

A very good one in Italian is
A very nice multilingual site on Branduardi is at 
The site of the "europAMICI di Angelo Branduardi" fan club is at, while another good one in French only, can be found at 



Thanks to Carmine Musella for help and suggestions with the discography, and to Valerio D'Angelo, Maurizio Fulvi and Manuel da Achada for some of the scans.