Danilo Franchi (classical guitar, vocals)
Vittorio Giorgetti (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Oliviero Talamo (acoustic and electric guitar, vocals)

More progressive for its packaging than for its musical content, Il vento ha cantato per ore tra i rami dei versi d'amore was the one and only album by Franchi Giorgetti Talamo, a trio of guitarists whose musical style has strong influences by the West Coast singer-songwriter sound. They were based near Varese, but Franchi came from Fiume and Talamo from Naples, and had previously played with future PFM keyboardist Flavio Premoli in the beat group I Cuccioli, releasing in 1967 a single with a version of The Who's classic The kids are alright entitled Tu non sai.

The album is made by eleven songs connected into four separate movements, entitled Oppressione, Liberazione mancata, Intolleranza and Amore, musically is based on acoustic guitars with harmony vocals, but there is an electric rhythm section on most tracks and interesting keyboards and orchestral arrangements by Nicola Piovani (Oscar winner for the score of Roberto Benigni's Life is beautiful).

The album is beautiful in its style, an unconventional singer-songwriter album with good lyrics and complex musical themes. 
After an early single taken from the LP, the group released a second one, In cinque m'han legato le mani, that also participated in the Disco per l'Estate 1973 contest, before disbanding.
One of the three musicians, Danilo Franchi, passed away in 2016.

A nice CD including 16 unreleased recordings of the trio has been privately released in 2006 and freely distributed at the Varese Record Fair.
Another album with an unreleased live recording from 1975 was issued on LP in 2024.
An odd tribute to the album by Franchi Giorgetti Talamo came from a group from Parma, called FGT Project, that rearranged some of the tracks from the 1972 LP in their CD Il mistero di Franchi Giorgetti Talamo.


Il vento ha cantato per ore tra i rami dei versi d'amore Produttori Associati (PA/LP 44) 1972 gatefold cutout cover with plastic insert including screws, springs, pepper, chili etc... - lyric inner
In concerto 26/7/1975 Area96 (AREA96 LP1) 2024 limited 110 numbered copies issue - unreleased live recording

Il vento ha cantato per ore tra i rami dei versi d'amore On Sale/ Off (2861-1) 1997 reissue of 1973 album with 1 bonus track - now deleted
  Area96 (AREA96 003) 2011 new reissue with digipack cover - 2 bonus tracks - limited issue of 1000 copies
Buongiorno felicitÓ, bentornata tristezza Area96 (AREA96 001) 2006 unreleased recordings - limited issue of 500 copies given free to the visitors of Varese Record Fair

(with picture sleeves) 
L'amore racconta
Troppo fredda la notte
Produttori Associati (PA/NP 3215) 1972 both tracks from Il vento ha cantato per ore tra i rami dei versi d'amore
In cinque m'han legato le mani
Lettera bianca
Produttori Associati (PA/NP 3221) 1973 Side B from Il vento ha cantato per ore tra i rami dei versi d'amore

Tu guardi una donna Produttori Associati (PA/JB 8007) 1972 juke box white label single - backed with Santo & Johnny/Raindrops keep falling on my head


A very rare album, Il vento ha cantato per ore tra i rami dei versi d'amore has never been reissued on vinyl and had a very limited distribution. It came with an odd gatefold cover with a large cutout in which a thin plastic box appeared, containing hardware and spices. This was very delicate and often found with the plastic broken and bits missing.

The Off label CD reissue includes an extra track, In cinque m'han legato le mani, from their second single, but it's unfortunately now deleted. The new reissue from 2011, made by Associazione Area96, contains as bonus the same track along with another one, the unreleased Primavera.
No counterfeits exist of this album nor foreign issues.

The jukebox single Tu guardi una donna was used as main theme for the TV show "Pokerissimo". The song is on the LP with the title L'amore racconta, and with this title was also commercially issued as a single.

The CD Buongiorno felicitÓ, bentornata tristezza was released in a limited pressing of 500 copies by Associazione Culturale Area96 and given for free to the visitors of the April 2006 edition of Varese Record Fair. The same cultural association issued on LP In concerto 26/7/1975 in 110 copies numbered copies in 2024.


Il vento ha cantato per ore... - front cover

Il vento ha cantato per ore... - inner gatefold

In concerto 26/7/1975 - LP

L'amore racconta - 7" single

In cinque m'han legato le mani - 7" single
Buongiorno felicitÓ, bentornata tristezza - CD



Thanks to Alos and Pierluigi Gargiulo for information on the discography. A big thank you to Rocco Cosentino and Area96.