Mauro Pagani (vocals, flute, violin)
Franco Mussida (guitar, vocals)
Flavio Premoli (keyboards, vocals)
Giorgio Piazza (bass, vocals)
Franz Di Cioccio (drums, vocals)

Piazza replaced by:
Patrick Djivas (bass, vocals)

Bernardo Lanzetti (vocals, guitar)

Pagani quits, replaced by:
Greg Bloch (violin)

Bloch quits

Much has been written and said in Italy about Premiata Forneria Marconi, and they have surely been the most popular band here for many years. No one who was in his teens in Italy during the 70's, doesn't know È festa or Impressioni di settembre. They were also the first (and last, probably) Italian band to have some success abroad, playing some good european and American tours, and even playing the popular Reading festival in England.

The band was formed in Milan around 1970 when the ex-Quelli (a popular beat band during the 60's) Mussida, Premoli, Piazza and Di Cioccio met multiinstrumentalist Mauro Pagani from Dalton
The four Quelli had a change in their musical style near the end of the 60's and even made a single as I Krel, before the new name was adopted.

The new band had a long name, as it was the tendency for the prog-oriented Italian bands of the time, and were usually referred to as "La Premiata" and later PFM. Their live beginnings, recently documented in the 10 anni live 71/81 box set, included many covers, especially by the likes of King Crimson and Jethro Tull that were among their strongest influences.

In June 1971 Premiata Forneria Marconi were invited at the first "Festival d’Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze" in Viareggio, and they won it, along with Osanna and Mia Martini.

But their first single, coupling La carrozza di Hans with Impressioni di settembre, began a highly original musical style, where the foreign influences had been mixed with classical music and some typical mediterranean sounds, creating the distinctive "italianprog" sound that has been later perfectioned by many others.

First album, Storia di un minuto in 1972 is a milestone in the genre, the quintessence of the Italian prog, and few others can be compared with this that's surely one of the top five Italian LP's for its contents and energy. Tracks like the two on the single, È festa and Dove.. quando are still among the finest example of their distinctive sound. The fine playing of Mauro Pagani, Franco Mussida and Flavio Premoli, despite the lack of a good role singer (always one of their limits), create a highly regarding sound that's still valid today.

The same year saw the release of their second LP, Per un amico, containing the same elements as the previous one with cuts such as the title track, Generale, Il banchetto. Both the albums were very successful and, along with the first Banco del Mutuo Soccorso album, opened the way to a large audience recognition of the new musical style.

Third album, Photos of ghosts, contained mostly reworkings of old tracks in English version, and represented the first attempt by Italian rock bands to break the foreign markets. The LP was released abroad by ELP label Manticore (just like Banco's fourth eponymous album) and gave the band a huge success in the USA.

In 1974 the fourth album, L'isola di niente, also had an English version released with the same track listing, called The world became the world. A new bass guitarist had joined the band, Patrick Djivas from Area (Giorgio Piazza formed the short-lived Crystals), and English lyrics were by Pete Sinfield. The album was again very successful and the band embarked in their first US tour, documented in their Live in USA album.

The lack of a lead singer in the band had always been marked by the press as PFM's main defect, and for this reason the group enroled Bernardo Lanzetti from Acqua Fragile. Lanzetti had lived in the States and with his distinctive voice could solve the major problems for the band, singing and speaking English! The first (and sadly the only) release by the new six-piece was Chocolate kings, the first album only released with English lyrics (and their least successful so far for this reason in Italy). Containing some very good songs such as the title track and Out of the roundabout, the album had probably lost some of the typical Italian feel of their previous works, going closer to the foreign markets' taste. A successful album abroad, it gave the band new chances to play in foreign countries, with new tour in Europe, USA and Japan.

But after the long tour, Pagani, tired of the hard life on the road, decided to quit the band. The band tried to replace him with American violinist Greg Bloch (from Flock and It's a Beautiful Day) but their decline had started. Jet lag, released in 1977 on the new Zoo label, still has very discordant reviews, its sound being very far from past glories, and Passpartù in 1978, with lyrics written by Italian songwriter Gianfranco Manfredi, saw a strong turn towards pop music. 

In 1979 a successful tour brought PFM all over Italy as backing band to the singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André, and two live albums were released by Ricordi (Fabrizio De André e la PFM In concerto voll. I & II).

The band released the good Suonare suonare  in 1980 with new member Lucio Fabbri (on violin and keyboards, from Piazza delle Erbe) but some low level albums followed during the 80's, wit the group still continuing its successful live activity in Italy, and members Mussida and Di Cioccio also released solo albums. 
After Miss Baker in 1987, PFM members concentrated on their solo activities, without ever officially declaring the end of the group.
The reunion of the basic four piece of Mussida, Premoli, Djivas and Di Cioccio came in 1997 with the Ulisse LP, and the band had some successful tours in the following years, well documented by the live, a sort of "live greatest hits" album as stated in its subtitle Il Best.

A new studio CD, Serendipity, came out in 2000, followed by another double live CD, Live in Japan 2002 (better than the previous 1998 live), is another nice document of the group's concert energy, and this also includes two new studio unreleased recordings, a cover of Franco Battiato's Bandiera bianca (following Battiato's remake of Impressioni di settembre in his 2002 album) and a great Sea of memories with vocals by Peter Hammill. 
Summer 2003 sees the group playing all over Italy with renewed energy, with Mauro Pagani, Peter Hammill and other artists guesting in some dates. Another live album PFM+Pagani - Piazza del Campo was released in 2004: the live albums released by PFM during these years are surely better than the studio records.
In 2006 the group, always playing live all over Italy, had no less than three different shows going on, the classic PFM canta De André, the new Stati d'immaginazione, featuring improvisations built on original videos, and the rock opera Dracula. From these shows came three separate CD's, issued between 2005 and 2008.
In 2007, during the Stati di immaginazione promotional tour, keyboardist Flavio Premoli has left the group, which carried on its live activity, with the latest record releases being A.D.2010 – La buona novella in 2010, remake of the popular album by Fabrizio De Andrè from 1970 which the PFM musicians played on, and the 2013 box set PFM in Classic - Da Mozart a Celebration, containing new orchestral arrangements of many of their classic compositions.
In 2014 an ambitious project started, entitled Il suono del tempo, which includes 5 albums sold separately and later in a box, with the live versions, recorded in Japan in May 2014, of their first five studio LP's.
In 2015 another founder member, Franco Mussida, announced his decision to leave the band. The group, including now Franz Di Ciocco as the only remaining original member along with old cohorts Patrick Djivas and Lucio Fabbri and four other musicians (Marco Sfogli on guitar, Alberto Bravin and Alessandro Scaglione on keyboards, Roberto Gualdi on percussion) kept playing live regularly and released in 2017 an album with 11 new tracks entitled Emotional tattoos. The album, clearly aimed at international markets for the presence of English and Italian language versions and issued by the German label InsideOut, contains a very modern blend of melodic prog, rock and pop with no particular references to the past.

Since 2004 Di Cioccio has played from time to time with Slow Feet, a blues band featuring Lucio Fabbri, Paolo Bonfanti, Reinhold Kohl and at the beginning Vittorio De Scalzi from New Trolls. The band is still active and released just one CD in 2007, Elephant memory, containing cover versions of rock classics with bluesy arrangements.
Original bass player Giorgio Piazza started playing again after almost 40 anni years and in 2016 tours with a group of young musicians called Per Fare Musica with the early years PFM repertoire.



Storia di un minuto Numero Uno (ZSLN 55055) 1972 gatefold cover with inner opening - later with single cover
  Numero Uno/BMG (NL 74059) 1989 gatefold cover with side opening
  Sony Music/BMG (88985 36561 1) 2017 new remastered reissue with gatefold cover
  Numero Uno/De Agostini (ZSLN 55055) 2017 gatefold cover and 8-page insert - no.1 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
Per un amico Numero Uno (DZSLN 55155) 1972 gatefold cover - later with single cover
  Numero Uno/BMG (NL 71784) 1989 as above
Photos of ghosts Numero Uno (DZSLN 55661) 1973 gatefold laminated cover - later with single cover
  Numero Uno/BMG (NL 71785) 1989 gatefold cover
  Sony/BMG (5013929410916) 2011 new reissue with gatefold cover
L'isola di niente Numero Uno (DZSLN 55666) 1974 single cutout cover with inner
  Numero Uno (DZSLN 55666) 1975 second issue with standard cover
  Numero Uno/BMG (NL 71782) 1989 single cover with inner
The world became the world Numero Uno (DZSLN 55669) 1974 single cutout cover with inner
Live in USA Numero Uno (DZSLN 55676) 1974 single cover, early copies with booklet
  Sony/BMG (88883 70173 1) 2013 reissue with single cover
  Sony/BMG (88985 34718 1) 2016 as above with yellow vinyl - numbered issue
  Numero Uno/De Agostini (DZSLN 55676) 2018 single cover and 8-page insert - no.14 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
Chocolate kings Numero Uno (ZSLN 55684) 1975 single cover with poster - two different versions exist
  Numero Uno (ZSLN 55684) 1981 single cover with titles and recording notes printed on back cover – no poster - grey label
  Numero Uno (CL 71781) 1988 as above with green label
  Numero Uno/De Agostini (ZSLN 55684) 2018 single cover with poster and 8-page insert - no.21 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
Jet lag Zoo (ZPLZ 34008) 1977 single cover with inner
Passpartù Zoo (ZPLZ 34032) 1978 single cover with inner - also exists with Numero Uno logo on back cover and 34032
Suonare suonare Numero Uno (ZPLN 34092) 1980 gatefold cover with inner
Come ti va in riva alla città Numero Uno (ZPLN 34140) 1981 single cover with inner
Performance Numero Uno (ZPLN 34161-2) 1982 2LP - gatefold cover
PFM? PFM! Numero Uno (ZL 70442) 1984 single cover with inner
Miss Baker Ricordi (SMRL 6372) 1987  
Ulisse RTI (1146-1) 1997 single cover with inner
A.D.2010 - La buona novella Edel/Aereostella (02504951AER) 2010 2LP - new studio album
Celebration (1972-2012) Sony (887254 95951) 2012 3LP box set with booklet, including the two 1972 albums and a third LP with unreleased live recordings
PFM in classic. Da Mozart a Celebration Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1020) 2013 3LP box set
Un'isola Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1027 LP) 2014 live in Japan, May 2014 - LP+ bonus CD, also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
Un amico Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1028 LP) 2014 live in Japan, May 2014 - LP+ bonus CD, also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
Un minuto Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1029 LP) 2015 live in Japan, May 2014 - LP+ bonus CD, also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
A ghost Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1030 LP) 2015 live in Japan, May 2014 - LP+ bonus CD, also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
The world Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1031 LP) 2015 live in Japan, May 2014 - LP+ bonus CD, also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
Il suono del tempo Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1032BOX LP) 2015 5LP box containing the 2014-2015 albums Un'isola, Un amico, Un minuto, A ghost, The world, also released separately
Marconi bakery Sony/BMG (88985 36456 19) 2016 4LP box set with photo book, contains Photos of ghosts, L'isola di niente, The world became the world and an additional LP with 7 unreleased live recordings
Emotional tattoos (Italian version) InsideOut () 2017 2 LP - gatefold cover and orange vinyl and 2 bonus CD's with both the Italian and English versions - limited 500 copies pressing only sold by mail
Emotional tattoos (English version) InsideOut (88985 47313 1) 2017 2 LP - gatefold cover - 2 bonus CD's with both the Italian and English versions
Live in Roma Immaginifica (ARS IMM/10082 LP) 2018 2 LP - gatefold cover - already issued on CD in 2012
All albums reissued on CD

OFFICIAL CD'S (relevant issues)
10 anni live 71/81 RTI (RTI 0217-2)  1996 box set with mostly unreleased live tracks (Il Best) RTI (RTI 92002)  1998 new live recording
Serendipity Sony (S4 498901-2) 2000 new studio album
Live in Japan Sony (S4 505106-2) 2002 2CD -live recordings from May, 2002 + 2 studio unreleased tracks
PFM + Pagani - Piazza del Campo Sony (5194362000) 2004 live CD recorded in 2003
  Sony (5194363000) 2004 as above, CD + DVD version - digipack cover
Dracula - Opera rock Musiza (82876 72306 3) 2005 CD taken from the theatre play of the rock opera - also released in a limited issue as double CD
Stati di immaginazione Sony (88697026489) 2006 new studio CD + DVD
PFM canta De André Edel/Aereostella (0194502AER) 2008 CD + DVD recorded live in 2008
River of life - The Manticore years anthology 1973-1977 Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 21004) 2010 2CD compilation with unreleased live and studio tracks
The world became the world Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 1005) 2010 reissue of the 1974 album with 3 bonus tracks
Photos of ghosts Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 1006) 2010 reissue of the 1973 album with 6 bonus tracks
Jet lag Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 1007) 2010 reissue of the 1977 album with 1 bonus track
Chocolate kings Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 21008) 2010 2CD - reissue of the 1975 album with a bonus live CD
A.D.2010 - La buona novella Edel/Aereostella (0204902AER) 2010 new studio album - digipack cover
Cook Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 31011) 2010 3CD box set - reissue of the Live in USA 1974 album with two bonus CD's from the same concerts
Amico Faber Edel/Aereostella (0205604AER) 2011 box set with 2CD+1DVD including the albums PFM Canta De André and A.D.2010 - La buona novella
L'isola di niente Sony/BMG (88697-97689-2) 2011 reissue of the 1974 album with mini-LP cover
Live in Roma Immaginifica (ARS IMM 1008) 2012 live recording from 2010 Prog Exhibition
Celebration (1972-2012) Sony (887254 95942) 2012 3CD box set with booklet, including the first two studio albums and a third CD with unreleased live recordings
PFM in classic. Da Mozart a Celebration Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1019) 2013 2CD - digipack cover
Paper charms - The complete BBC recordings 1974-1976 Esoteric/Manticore (MANTCD 31014) 2014 2CD+DVD - taken from the "In concert" recordings made by BBC
Un'isola Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1027 CD) 2014 live in Japan, May 2014 - mini-LP gatefold cover - also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
Un amico Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1028 CD) 2014 live in Japan, May 2014 - mini-LP gatefold cover - also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
Un minuto Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1029 CD) 2015 live in Japan, May 2014 - mini-LP gatefold cover - also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
A ghost Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1030 CD) 2015 live in Japan, May 2014 - mini-LP gatefold cover - also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
The world Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1031 CD) 2015 live in Japan, May 2014 - mini-LP gatefold cover - also included in the 5LP box Il suono del tempo
Il suono del tempo Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1032BOX CD) 2015 5CD box containing the 2014-2015 albums Un'isola, Un amico, Un minuto, A ghost, The world, also released separately
Concerto live @ RSI NAR International (80442 91171 522) 2015 CD+DVD box with a 1980 concert on the Swiss TV RSI
Marconi bakery Sony/BMG (88985 34121 29) 2016 3CD box with photo book, includes Photos of ghosts, L'isola di niente and The world became the world with 7 unreleased live recordings
Emotional tattoos (Italian version) InsideOut (88985 47371 2) 2017 standard Italian version
Emotional tattoos (Italian and English versions) InsideOut (88985 47312 29) 2017 2CD with digipack cover - Italian and English versions

BOOTLEG CD'S (relevant issues)
Live in concert Harlequin (HCD 101) - USA 1991 BBC live recordings from 1974-75
Impressioni vent'anni dopo Anthology (ANT 2112)  1994 live recordings from Modena 1971
  Aulica (A 2161)  ???? same as above
Bobo Club 2000 - 1972 Prehistoric (PR 02)  1994 live recordings from Modena 1971
Is my face on straight? Le Matango (LM 98005) - Japan 1998 live recordings from New York 1974
A celebration - Live Recall (SMDCD 130)  1998 2CD - live recordings from ???
London 1975 Spiral (003) 199? BBC live recordings from 1975 + US TV from 1974
Blowing from the Mediterranean PAR (52775 A/B) 199? 2-CD -  live recording from Paris 1975
Four holes in the chocolate ?? (ZA43) 199? live recording from Ravenna 1976
Anytime, anywhere TNT (90133/4) - Japan 199? 2CD - Japanese live recordings from 1975
Celebration TNT (90167/8) - Japan 199? 2CD - Japanese live recordings from 1975
The far east experience Le Matango (LM 96001/2) - Japan 199? 2CD - Japanese live recordings from 1975 + BBC tracks
Cool Highland (HL 376/7) - Japan 199? 2CD - Japanese live recordings from 1975
Cadence & cascade Il Yarinige ()  2000 2CD - live recordings from 1973 with Pete Sinfield and Mel Collins
Il concerto 2001 Highland (HL 546/7) - Japan 2002 2CD - live recordings from Rome 2001

Qui giovani
(with È festa, Dove...quando parte I)
Numero Uno (2G2KY 19279) 1972 compilation, also featuring Demetrio Stratos, Alberto Radius, Formula 3, Adriano Pappalardo
Quelli della Numero Uno
(with La carrozza di Hans, Impressioni di settembre, Dove...quando, È festa, Il banchetto, Per un amico, Dolcissima Maria)
Numero Uno (CFD 01080-10) 1999 10 CD - box set with tracks from singles and albums
Prog Exhibition - 40 anni di musica immaginifica (with La luna nuova, Il banchetto, Harlequin, La terra dell'acqua, Intro Bach, Bourée, My God, Out of the roundabout, Maestro della voce, Cyber alpha 3.1, Impressioni di settembre, La carrozza di Hans, È festa, , Se le brescion, La tentazione) Immaginifica (ARS IMM 1004) 2011 7 CD + 4 DVD box set also featuring Sinestesia, The Trip, La Maschera di Cera, Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton, Periferia del Mondo, Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Osanna, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

SINGLES (with picture sleeve)
La carrozza di Hans
Impressioni di settembre
Numero Uno (ZN 50126)  1971 both tracks also on Storia di un minuto, but in different versions
Dolcissima Maria
Via Lumière
Numero Uno (ZN 50326)  1974 both tracks from L'isola di niente
Chocolate kings
Numero Uno (ZN 50342)  1975 both tracks from Chocolate kings, but Harlequin is in a shorter version
Come ti va
Chi ha paura della notte?
Numero Uno (ZBN 7229)  1981 both tracks from Come ti va in riva alla città
Impressioni di settembre
È festa
RTI (RTI 3327)  1998 both tracks from (Il Best) - issued on 7-inch vinyl with gatefold cover and as CD single

La carrozza di Hans
Impressioni di settembre
Numero Uno (ZJN 50126)  1971 jukebox single with orange label
Il banchetto Numero Uno (JBZN 50270)  1972 jukebox single, backed with Formula Tre - Aeternum
Old rain
Numero Uno (JBZN 50315)  1973 jukebox single
Four holes in the ground Numero Uno (JBZN 50331) 1974 jukebox single, backed with Il Volo - Il calore umano
Cerco la lingua
Numero Uno (ZBZ 7021)  1977 promo-only single from Jet lag
Si può fare Numero Uno/Una Sors Coniunxit (JPB 6456)  1980 jukebox single, backed withGoran Kuzminac/Ehi ci stai
Come ti va Numero Uno/Spaghetti (JPB 6530)  1981 jukebox single, backed with Marco Ferradini/Schiavo senza catene
Capitani coraggiosi
Numero Uno (PB 6780)  1984 promo-only single from PFM? PFM!
Un amore vero
Ricordi (JB 329)  1987 jukebox single, backed with Dori Ghezzi/Cercarti
Un amore vero
Prima che venga la sera
Ricordi (SRLM 2072)  1987 promo-only 12" - both tracks from Miss Baker
Il cavallo di legno RTI (FMJB 15048)  1997 jukebox single, backed with Ambra/Ritmo vitale
Viaggio RTI (PFM 276-2)  1997 promo one-track CD single for radio stations
Impressioni di settembre
È festa
RTI (FMJB 15056)  1998 jukebox single - both tracks from (Il Best)
Automaticamente ‎S4 (SAMPCS 009338 1) - Austria 2000 promo one-track CD single
Automaticamente ‎S4 (S 15591) 2000 jukebox single, backed with Daemonia/Profondo rosso



Quelli Ricordi (SMRP 9305) 1969 glossy single cover
  Ricordi/Orizzonte (ORL 8165) 1978 reissue with three different tracks and new cover
  Sony Music (88697 51247 1) 2009 new reissue with the original cover design

SINGLES (with picture sleeve)
Via con il vento
Ora piangi
Ricordi (SRL 10409)  1966  
Una bambolina che fa no no no
Non ci sarò
Ricordi (SRL 10443)  1966  
Per vivere insieme
La ragazza ta ta ta
Ricordi (SRL 10459)  1967  
Tornare bambino
Questa città senza te
Ricordi (SRL 10479)  1967  
Mi sentivo strano
Dettato al capello
Ricordi (SRL 10502)  1968  
Lacrime e pioggia
Nuvole gialle
Ricordi (SRL 10525)  1968  
Ricordi (SRL 10544)  1969  
Dietro al sole
Quattro pazzi
Ricordi (SRL 10590)  1970  



SINGLES (with picture sleeve)
Fin che le braccia diventino ali
Il mondo cade giù
Ricordi (SRL 10573)  1970 also released in jukebox issue, with white label and blank cover

Sanremo 70
(with Pà diglielo a mà)
Ricordi (SMRL 6070) 1970 Sanremo Festival compilation, also featuring Bobby Solo, Supergruppo, Donatello, Roberto Soffici, Franco Say, Ricky Gianco, Fiammetta, Tony Del Monaco, Dik Dik, Antoine



All the PFM albums have printed in large quantities in Italy and are all still easy to find now. No particular rarities exist, nor any counterfeits. 
The first two albums were originally issued with gatefold cover, but later pressings came with single covers and same catalogue numbers (which was shortened to
ZSLN 55155 in the case of Per un amico).
The first issue of Storia di un minuto was dated 1/72 on the back cover, lower left corner. A second issue came out a month later with the date 2/72, and others came out in the following years dated 2/74 and 1/75. In 1976 the album was reissued with a single cover and the date 7/76. The 1972 issues can also be identified by a deep groove, with a 7cm diameter, on the label.
Per un amico in its original issue had the date 11/72 on back cover, and a second issue was dated 10/73, still with the deep groove on the label. Like its predecessor, the album was reissued with a single cover in 1976.

The original issue of Chocolate kings had a single cover and a poster with lyrics and notes. Two different versions exist of this album: the most common one has the same fat woman image on both sides of the cover but smaller on the front side, the other version has two slightly different images on the two sides but with the same size and the PFM name is much larger. Even the posters included in these issues have some differences, one of them having the song titles and lyrics on the colour side while the second one only has the lyrics under the album title and a different text layout on the back. As the first of these two versions has the date 10/75 near the printers' name on the backcover, we may guess this is the original issue.
The album was reissued in 1981 with no poster and all the credits printed on the back cover; this issue had a label with the traditional Numero Uno design but a grey background. A later reissue came out in 1988 with a new catalogue number, same design as the previous one but again with a green label.

Some copies (probably promotional) of Jet Lag contained a 12-page illustrated booklet entitled Comunicante n.1, with information on the album, on the group's history and discography.

Storia di un minuto has been reissued on CD in March 2003 by BMG with mini-LP cover and obi, as part of their "Dei di un perduto rock" series, and later repressed in October of the same year when a second batch of those CD's came out.
The CD was announced by BMG as being also available with standard jewel case ( 74321-98784-2) but was probably never issued in this form.
A new edition of this CD came out in 2011, again with a mini-LP cover (BMG 88697-85368-2).
All the albums are now easy to find on CD.

They've also been issued abroad, in Japan, USA, and various European and Southamerican countries. 
Per un amico
even had a brazilian issue, Photos of ghosts, The world became the world and Chocolate Kings were issued in UK on Manticore, Live in USA was issued abroad as Cook (in USA on Manticore MA6-502-S1 distributed by Motown!), while Chocolate kings and Jet lag had international releases with different covers. An US-only compilation, called The Award winning Marconi bakery (that's the English translation of the band's name) was also released by Peters.
A canadian issue of Photos of ghosts also exists, on Atlantic (MC 66668).
In Brazil Live in USA (RCA - 104.7059 , released in 1977) and Chocolate kings were released on both LP and CD, while Storia di un minuto and Photos of ghosts came out on CD only.
Venezuelan issues exist of Storia di un minuto (Historia de un minuto on label, RCA LPVS 1556, issued in 1975 with gatefold cover), L'isola di niente (RCA Victor LPVS 1471, with a gatefold cover containing Italian and Spanish lyrics), Per un amico (reversed gatefold cover containing the original issue's inner picture on the front) and Chocolate Kings (RCA LPVS-1592, again a gatefold with a band picture in the inner, some copies with poster; the cover contains the lyrics in Italian, though the record is sung in English!).
Storia di un minuto (AVS 4577), Per un amico (AVS 4476), Photos of ghosts (AVS 4546), Live in U.S.A. (AVSS 4479) and Chocolate Kings (AVS 4440) all came out in Argentina on RCA Victor with single cover, no inserts and, as usual with Southamerican releases, Spanish translation of the song titles (still sung in Italian).
The world became the world was reissued in 2013 by the UK label Cherry Red (CRP114LP) with the original cutout cover.
Old Korean bootleg reissues of The world became the world ( 14) and Storia di un minuto ( also exist, both with single cover (unknown label reproduced original designs).

As for their first album issued by Numero Uno, even the Italian singles had various releases. At least five different issues are reported of the debut single, La carrozza di Hans/Impressioni di settembre, recognizable by the date on the cover, which also carries the printer's name U.Pinto: "10/71", then "12/71", "2-72" and two variations with the date "5-72", while the label is initially dated 10/71, then on all the following releases 11/71.

A single with Celebration and Mr 9 till 5 was released in USA on Manticore (MC-2002) in 1973.
Another single with a nice picture sleeve, coupling Celebration with Old rain from the Photos of ghosts album, was released in France and England (HEVY2 - the original UK issue exists with many cover variations) by Manticore in 1973; a second English issue with K 13501 came out soon later with Manticore company sleeve.
The same single, with different cover, appeared in Spain (12.275 A) and Japan (P-1283M). Another issue of the same single came out in Chile in 1974, reputedly in a limited pressing of just 250 copies (RCA Victor XXPBO 702) with blank cover
A single containing The world became the world backed with an unreleased live version of La carrozza di Hans (it is in fact a 1973 recording with fake audience effects), was issued in 1974 in the UK (Manticore K 13505 - with company sleeve), in Spain (Manticore 13268) and France (Manticore 13505 - B-side erroneously written as La carroza di Hans with a single "z").
Four holes in the ground and The world became the world appeared together on single in 1974 in Germany (Manticore 13 439 AT, picture sleeve) and in the UK (Manticore K 13506 - company sleeve). The latter also exist in a few misprinted copies, used as promos and carrying the "Demonstration record - Not for sale" text, which have the correct labels but both sides play Four holes in the ground again, in a slightly longer version on the B-side.
Manticore released in the UK in 1973 a three-track promo single with You know by Stray Dog, Under the sky by Pete Sinfield and PFM's Photos of Ghosts. The single, with, was contained in a tin box along with inserts and pictures of the artists.

The box set 10 anni live 71/81 has also been released in Italy as four separate CD's, and also had a Japanese issue as Absolute live 1971-1978 on King label.
The 2005 CD Dracula, taken from the rock opera composed by the band, has also been issued in a limited release box set with 2CD's entitled Dracula Opera Rock - Original Cast Recording, and includes the entire play.

The 2017 album Emotional tattoos was issued by InsideOut in various versions sung in Italian and English language; the first Italian-sung 2LP version had a limited pressing of 500 copies on orange vinyl only sold through the record company's online store.

In the Quelli/Krel discography almost everything is rare, expensive and sought after. 
The top rarity is their 1969 Ricordi LP, that mostly included tracks from singles and mainly covers of foreign hits (among them Deep Purple's Hush and Aphrodite's Child's Rain and tears
translated in Lacrime e pioggia). 
Even the LP reissue on the budget price series Orizzonte is now particularly rare, but it includes only nine of the original LP's 12 tracks, along with three more from singles, and has a revised cover design.
Both tracks from the Krel single, Fin che le braccia diventino ali and Il mondo cade giù appear on a Japanese 9-track promo compilation on Nexus, called Nexus International Italian Rock Special ( that also includes singles' tracks by Hunka Munka, New Trolls, Ricordi d'Infanzia and Patrizio Alluminio (Alluminogeni).
I Krel also appeared on the Sanremo 70 compilation singing Pà diglielo a mà, that was originally performed during the Festival by Rosalino Cellamare.

An oddity in the PFM discography is a single from 1981, Flash...Gordon...Flash, theme of the Italian TV series Flash Gordon (RCA BB6501), sung by one Donno but surely played by the band members. On the B-side the nice instrumental Far away is credited to the Ianpatrick Group (Ian and Patrick are the first names of bassist Djivas!).

Storia di un minuto - gatefold cover

Per un amico - gatefold cover

Per un amico - Venezuelan issue LP

Photos of ghosts - LP

Photos of ghosts - Argentine issue LP

L'isola di niente - cutout cover and inner

The world became the world - cutout cover and inner

Live in USA - LP and booklet

Cook (US issue) - LP

Chocolate kings  - LP (two different covers)

Chocolate kings - poster

Chocolate kings - US issue LP

Chocolate kings - Venezuelan issue inner gatefold

Jet lag - LP

Jet lag (US issue) - LP

Jet lag - Promotional booklet

Passpartù - LP

Suonare suonare - LP

Come ti va in riva alla città - LP

Performance - LP

The award winning Marconi bakery (US-only compilation) - LP

La carrozza di Hans - 7" single

Dolcissima Maria - 7" single

Harlequin - 7" single


Celebration/Old rain - 7" single (France/UK), front and back cover


The world became the world - 7" single (Germany)

The world became the world - 7" single (Spain)

Celebration - 7" single (Chile)

Manticore promotional box set with single - UK

10 anni live 4CD box set - CD

Live in Japan 2002 - CD

PFM+Pagani Piazza del Campo - CD

Dracula - standard issue CD and Original Cast Recording box set

Stati di immaginazione - CD

A.D.2010 - La buona novella - CD

PFM in classic - CD
Paper charms-The complete BBC recordings 1974-1976 - CD+DVD
Bobo Club 2000 - 1972 - CD

Quelli - LP and label

I Krel - Finché le braccia diventino ali - 7" single

Donno/Ianpatrick Group - Flash...Gordon...Flash - 7" single


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Live in Mondavio (PU) 
Live in Mondavio (PU)
Live in Mondavio (PU)
11-jul- 2003
Live in Mondavio (PU)
11-jul- 2003 
with Peter Hammill on vocals
Live in Mondavio (PU)
11-jul- 2003
Live in Siena
with Mauro Pagani
Live in Siena
with Mauro Pagani and Solis string quartet
Live in Siena
with Mauro Pagani and Piero Pelù
Franz Di Cioccio with Enrico Capuano
in Gubbio (PG)
Franz Di Cioccio at 70's Flowers Festival, Fano (PU)
"PFM canta De André" - Città di Castello (PG)
"Stati di immaginazione" - Terni
"PFM canta De André" - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Live in Quebec City, Canada
Photos by Charles Terenzio
"35 e... 1 minuto" - Pietrafitta (PG)
Promotional photo 2010
Live at ProgExhibition 2010
Teatro Tendastrisce, Roma, 5-nov-2010
PFM with Ian Anderson at ProgExhibition 2010
Teatro Tendastrisce, Roma, 5-nov-2010
Giorgio Piazza/Per Fare Musica (guest Bernardo Lanzetti)
Castiglione del Lago (PG) 27-sep-2016



The band has an official website at in Italian and English with detailed discography, information, lyrics.

The band's official fanclub also has its own website at
Founder member Mauro Pagani has an official website at  
Bernardo Lanzetti's official fanclub website is at
Franz Di Cioccio's own label Immaginifica has a website at, and they've released the second album Prismosfera by Italian band Stereokimono.
In the summer of 2005 Franz Di Cioccio guested in some concerts of the rock singer-songwriter Enrico Capuano, whose own website is 



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