Giulio Camarca (guitar)
Aldo Sperti (bass)
Mauricio J.Chiappeta (drums)

Riccardo Zegna (keyboards)
Aldo Sperti (bass)
Giancarlo Pillot (drums, percussion)

since 1982
Pillot replaced by:
Claudio Endimione (drums, percussion)
Piero Cotto (vocals)

A Turin trio whose name derives from the initials of the three original members, Gialma 3 played jazz with brazilian influences, very far from most the groups mentioned in this website.
In the second album the line-up changed, with the entrance of the former Corte dei Miracoli keyboardist Riccardo Zegna, though the musical style remains the same as their first album, with instrumental-only compositions and large use of piano and upright bass.
While their first two albums are similar, the third one saw the entrance of a new drummer and the singer Piero Cotto from Piero e i Cottonfields, with a musical style closer to this artist's own releases.

Around 1990 the original line-up reunited with the name Gialma for an album with the same title as their second LP.
Original guitarist Camarca released in the 70's a bossa-styled album entitled Samba do amigo (American Records AMRLP 001) under the name Giulio Camarca & Trinidad.



Rain's dream Drums (EDL 2010) 1976 single cover
L'isola del Tonal Drums (EDL 2043) 1979 gatefold cover
Gialma planet Drums (EDL 2072) 1982 single cover with inner
Isola del Tonal Drums (EDL 2248) 1990 single cover - released as "Gialma"

L'isola del Tonal Mellow (MMP 146) 1993 reissue of 1979 album
Rain's dream Mellow (MMP 364) 2000 reissue of 1976 album


All the Gialma 3 albums are rather scarce, though not particularly expensive. No foreign issues exist.


Rain's dream - LP

L'isola del Tonal - LP

Gialma planet - LP

Isola del Tonal 1990 - LP



Thanks to Paolo Manca, Giada Ragoni and John Elvis Gualtieri for information and pictures