Graziano Zippo (vocals)
Alessio Feltri (keyboards)
Michele Carlone (keyboards)
Gabriele Siri (bass)
Flavio Scogna (drums, percussion)

Carlone replaced by
Riccardo Zegna (keyboards)

With a distinctive line-up featuring two keyboard players and no guitars, Corte dei Miracoli from Savona released just an album on the small Grog label, with the help of New Trolls' guitarist Vittorio De Scalzi (also involved in the label). 

They had been formed around 1973 by past members of Tramps, like keyboardist Alessio Feltri, that had previously played with Il Giro Strano, a band that's strictly connected with Corte dei Miracoli.
Original second keyboardist Michele Carlone left the group just before the recordings for their debut album, and was replaced by the experienced jazz pianist Riccardo Zegna.

The album is obviously a symphonic oriented prog album, where the keyboards interplay dominates but vocal parts are the weakest point, sometimes a bit too distant from the musical background. A good album but not among the best in the genre.

The group kept playing until the summer of 1976, its last line-up also including guitarist Valerio Piccioli. 
After the band's demise, a new edition of Il Giro Strano was formed by Feltri, Siri and Piccioli, but the group was not successful.

A posthumous album, Dimensione onirica, recorded in 1973-74 by the first line up of the band, has been released by Mellow on CD, and is good.

Keyboardist Riccardo Zegna later formed the jazz trio Gialma 3.



Corte dei Miracoli Grog (GRL 04) 1976 gatefold cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 26LP) 2010 reissue of 1976 album -gatefold cover


Dimensione onirica Mellow (MMP 104) 1992 recorded in 1973-74
Live at Lux Mellow (MMP 138) 1993 live recordings from 1976
Corte dei Miracoli Vinyl Magic (VM 040) 1994 reissue of 1976 album

Progressive voyage
(with Plinto, Lontano da qui, Xaito, Il silenzio di cristallo)
Mellow (MMP 164) 1993 CD compilation also including Quella Vecchia Locanda, Il Giro Strano, Dietro Noi Deserto, Zauber and others


One of only five albums released by the small Grog label, Corte dei Miracoli is probably the easiest to find, but never cheap!
The LP has a gatefold cover, and has only been reissued in Italy in 2010 by AMS. Vinyl reissues had previously been made in Japan (King K22P326 - later with single cover) and Korea (Si-Wan SRML 2004 - year 1993).

No counterfeits exist.
As it's the case with many other albums, the original issue on Grog exists with two labels differing for the text layout.. The words "Ed.Elettra" and "33 giri" are swapped in the two label variations, but it'ìs extremely difficult to point out which one came first.

Corte dei Miracoli has had a 2003 CD reissue by the Japanese label Arcangelo (ARC-7022) with a mini-LP cover.

The four tracks included in the compilation Progressive voyage credited to Corte dei Miracoli are from 1978 and were in fact played by the last three-piece line-up (Alessio Feltri, Silvio Melloni, Beppe Aleo) of Il Giro Strano.

Corte dei Miracoli - gatefold cover


LP label in two different variations

Dimensione onirica - CD

Live at Lux - CD



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Corte dei Miracoli - promo picture 1975



Thanks to Juan Carlos Lopez and Luiz Claudio Cals Brügger for pictures and information