Piero Salis (keyboards, vocals)
Pietro Carrus (guitar)
Ciccio Solinas (guitar)
Paolo Carrus (bass)
Tore Corazza (drums)

One of the few professional bands to come from Sardinia, Gruppo 2001 were formed around 1971, with a commercial single in the same year for the small King label.
After a successful appearance at the Disco per l'Estate TV festival with Messaggio, the band released their only album in 1972, that, starting from their typical melodic pop style, had more ambitious and prog-inspired arrangements. 

Mainly acoustic but with some good keyboard parts by the leader Piero Salis, the album went totally unnoticed, and the group followed its career with some other commercial singles. 
Salis left in 1974 for a solo career (as Piersalis, with the album Plancton in 1974 again on King, and later as Piero Marras), while the others kept playing until late 70's. 
Their last singles were released on the local label La Strega that also produced the first and only album by Pierpaolo Bibb˛.



L'alba di domani King (NLU 62019) 1972 gatefold cover and inner

L'alba di domani AMS/BTF (AMS 198CD) 2012 reissue of 1972 album with gatefold mini-LP cover

SINGLES (with picture sleeve)
Avevo in mente Elisa
Quella strana espressione
King (NSP 56127) 1971  
Una bambina... una donna
King (NSP 56134) 1972 both tracks from L'alba di domani
Angelo mio
King (NSP 56140) 1973  
Addio primo amore
Mercury (6027 004) 1974  
Per un momento
Nella tua mente solo lui
Mercury (6027 008) 1975  
Il mio paese
Mercury (6027 009) 1975 also exists on CP label (CPNP 03)
Chi sei?
La Strega (CM 0015) 1978  
To Jimi
La Strega (CM 0016) 1979  

Avevo in mente Elisa King (???) 1971 jukebox single - backed with Peppino Gagliardi/Come le viole
Addio primo amore Philips/Polydor (AS 282) 1974 jukebox single - backed with James Brown/My thang


L'alba di domani is a very rare album, that hasn't so far gained an Italian vinyl reissue. The original album had a gatefold cover and lyric inner.
It's been issued in Japan by Nexus/King, both on vinyl (K25P 413 - gatefold) and CD (KICP 2835).
The record has been reissued on CD in Korea in 2008 by the Media Arte label (no.MI-0001) with mini-LP cover in a limited 500 copies pressing.

No counterfeit exists.

L'alba di domani - LP

Avevo in mente Elisa - 7" single cover

Messaggio - 7" single cover

Angelo mio - 7" single cover

Addio primo amore - 7" single cover



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Thanks to Flavio Tassinari for some information