Lydia (vocals)
Piero Giavini (guitar)
Claudio Ferrario (keyboards)
Giovanni Lomazzi (bass)
Claudio Belletto (drums)

Piero Giavini (guitar, vocals)
Chicco Conti (keyboards)

Piero Caccia (mini-moog)
Gigi Pariani (sax)
Alfredo Pagani (bass)
Mauro "Bobo" Salmoiraghi (drums)

Two bands from Lombardy, from the Legnano/Busto Arsizio area, that had in common one of the founders (guitarist Piero Giavini) and the fact that they released some great singles that are in every high-level Italian prog collector's dreams. The composers of these singles were the same (Fernando Lattuada and Complex, the nickname of Rinaldo Prandoni).

Both issued around 1973, the Hellua Xenium singles have a distinct dark prog style led by the voice of Lydia, with intense and dramatic atmospheres that few groups could reach. Guai a voi and Invocazione, from their Rusty label single, deserve a high rank in the top Italian prog tracks.
Due to the similarity of the female voice and some doomy atmospheres with Jacula/Antonius Rex works, added to the fact that their second single was released on Radio label (as Antonius Rex's Zora), some thought that the singer Lydia could be Doris Norton. In fact this girl, whose identity remains unknown, was a backing singer found by producer Lattuada, who gave her the name Lydia.

The only single by Scorpyo, issued in 1977 again by Radio Records, was in the same style, two mainly instrumental compositions with choral voices and dark atmospheres.
Both tracks had been in fact recorded in 1974/75 at Milan's Regson studio
by a group called La Corte dei Miracoli (no relations with the well-known group from Savona), whose line-up is reported here. According to one of the musicians it seems that Destinazione infinito and Visioni were first issued on a single under this group's name and reissued in 1977 under the name Scorpyo, a group formed by guitarist Giavini around a year before after the break of the previous band.




Conoscevo un uomo
Radio (RRS 1063) 1973 company sleeve
  Tsunami (TEM 008) 2015 reissue of the above, released in 300 copies as bonus with the special edition of book Terzo grado-Indagine sul pop progressivo italiano
Guai a voi
Rusty (RR 204) 1973 picture sleeve, lyrics on back
  AMS/BTF (AMS 4505) 2017 reissue with red vinyl - limited release for Record Store Day 2017




Destinazione infinito
Radio (RRS 2075) 1977 picture sleeve - probably already issued under the name "La Corte dei Miracoli"



Among the rarest and most researched singles in the whole Italian production, both Lydia singles command incredibly high prices, having been released on small labels. 
Both sides from the first single were included in the Meteora CD compilation, privately released in 1997.

The single Diluvio was only released with a company sleeve. The tracks were registered at Siae (Italian Copyright Society) in December 1972, so the single may have been issued around that time. A reissue of this single has been included as bonus with the 300 copies special edition of the book Terzo grado-Indagine sul pop progressivo italiano by Alessio Marino and Massimiliano Bruno (Tsunami 2015).

The Scorpyo single is also very rare and never reissued.


Guai a voi (Lydia & gli Hellua Xenium) - 7" single cover - front and back

Guai a voi (Lydia & gli Hellua Xenium) - label

Lydia & gli Hellua Xenium/Diluvio - 7" single

Lydia & gli Hellua Xenium/Diluvio - label

Destinazione infinito (Scorpyo) - 7" single cover

Destinazione infinito (Scorpyo) - label


Thanks to Rockground ( and Marco Silvestrini for scans and information on these groups.
The history of Scorpyo and some of the pictures here are published thanks to JJ Martin of the John's Classic Rock website,