Luciano Maiozzi (vocals)
Gianni Barbati (guitar)
Luigi Canini (trumpet)
Vincenzo "Bitto" Bentivegna (sax)
Randolfo Canini (bass)
Bruno Dionisi (drums)

A six-piece from near Rome, Officina Meccanica deserve a mention because judging from their Bambini innocenti single and the TV clip that was released at the time, they could have been a very important group had they ever had the chance of recording an album. 

The band only released five singles, the first three on the elusive Picci label that also produced  La Seconda Genesi. They mixed brass rock influences (including in the line-up a horn section) like in Stranger in his country or Signora Marisa, with a dramatic prog feeling, like in the marvellous Bambini innocenti or Un prato e poi sognare.

The band came to its end in 1978, and three of the original members (Maiozzi, Barbati and Bentivegna) formed rock band Stazione Termini (from the name of Rome central railway station) with three new members, being augmented by Officina Meccanica bass player Canini in 1985.
Guitarist Gianni Barbati now plays in Genesis cover band Estro.

A nice tribute to this group has arrived in 2007 with the release of the La follia del mimo di fuoco CD (also issued on vinyl in 2015), that includes some of the singles tracks and many unreleased recordings and shows their strength, unfortunately unnoticed at the time.


La follia del mimo di fuoco AMS/BTF (AMS LP 98) 2015 LP version of the compilation of singles tracks and unreleased recordings issued on CD in 2007 - gatefold cover

La follia del mimo di fuoco AMS/BTF (AMS 116CD) 2007 compilation of singles tracks and unreleased recordings - mini-LP gatefold cover

(with picture sleeves)

Signora Marisa
La mia strada in periferia
Picci (LG 3014) 1972 red label
The land of a thousand dances
Un prato e poi sognare
Picci (LG 3020) 1973 red label
Bambini innocenti
Bambini innocenti (strumentale)
Picci (LG 3029) 1973 black label
Stranger in his country
Un attimo di vita
BASF (06-13306Q) 1974  
Amanti di ieri
Insieme al sole
Vedette (VVN 33285) 1977  

(with blank covers)

Signora Marisa Picci/Bla Bla (JB 102) 1973 jukebox single - backed with Zeudi Araya/Oltre l'acqua del fiume
Stranger in his country BASF (03-17002) 1974 jukebox single - called Strangers in his own country on the label - backed with The Soul's Soul/Guardian angel
Amanti di ieri
Insieme al sole
Vedette (VVN 33285) 1977 promo white label single


All the singles by Officina Meccanica are very rare, especially the first three on Picci. The third single was also included in the Meteora CD compilation privately released in 1997.

Two unreleased tracks by former Officina Meccanica members Luciano Maiozzi and Gianni Barbati have been included in 2008 in the bonus CD sold with the ItalianProg book, published by AMS/BTF.

Signora Marisa - 7" single cover

The land of a thousand dances - 7" single cover

Bambini innocenti - 7" single cover

Strangers in this country - 7" single cover

Amanti di ieri - 7" single cover

La follia del mimo di fuoco - CD



Guitarist Gianni Barbati's current band Estro, a Genesis tribute band, has a website,,with a full Officina Meccanica story and pictures.