Franco Piccolini (keyboards)
Giuseppe Terribile (bass, guitar, vocals)
Gino Terribile (drums, vocals)

Giorgio Pagnacco (keyboards)
Roberto Giordana (guitar)

Il Cerchio d'Oro, from Savona, only released three singles at the end of their career, that had begun in 1974.

Their beginnings were as one of the many symphonic oriented bands active in their area, with a strong influence by Le Orme. In fact their surviving recordings even include some early tracks played as a trio of keyboards/bass/drums.

Unfortunately they couldn't manage to get a recording deal while still in their progressive years, and their only record releases are three singles, issued between 1977 and 1979, in a very commercial style.
Later line-ups of the band included guitarists Piuccio Pradal and Maurizio Bocchino.

Two posthumous releases are useful to know the sound of this group in the 70's, a 1999 CD by Mellow, with 12 tracks recorded around 1976, including their first single Quattro mura, and three later tracks in an almost disco-style.
Much better is the recent LP La quadratura del cerchio, issued in 2005, that contains 9 unreleased recordings, some of which are covers of tracks by Le Orme, New Trolls, The Trip, along with some originals, and though they come from rehearsal tapes, they show good quality and arrangements.

Some of the musicians later played with the hard rock group Black Out, with a single out in 1981, then since 1982 in the Beatles-cover band Cavern. Even this band released a single in 1988 and later two LP's. In two concerts in Turin, in December 1990, Cavern were augmented on stage by Francesco Di Giacomo and Rodolfo Maltese of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.
Keyboardist Giorgio Pagnacco played with the heavy metal band Vanexa (with three LP's between 1983 and 1994) on their third album.

Il Cerchio d'Oro was reformed in 2006 and released their first studio LP in 2008, a concept album entitled Il viaggio di Colombo, an interesting return to the 70's sound with a line-up featuring all original members: Franco Piccolini (keyboards), Giuseppe Terribile (bass, acoustic guitar and vocals), Gino Terribile (drums, vocals), Piuccio Pradal (12 string guitars and vocals), Roberto Giordana (guitar). The group also played many times in concerts and festivals.
The line-up expanded with the entrance of new guitarist Bruno Govone on the 2013 album, the nice Dedalo e Icaro. As its predecessor, it's a concept-album in 70's style, with the guest appearance in this case of some big names of those years, but the revived group shows here an improved energy and personality.
Latest album, Il fuoco sotto la cenere, once again a concept-album, was released in mid-2017.


La quadratura del cerchio Psych-Out (PO-33018) 2005 single cover - 300 numbered copies
Il viaggio di Colombo Black Widow (BWR 109) 2008 gatefold cover and inner
Dedalo e Icaro Black Widow (BWR 150) 2013 gatefold cover with lyric insert - also in limited gold vinyl issue with two extra inserts
Il fuoco sotto la cenere Black Widow (BWR 204) 2018 gatefold cover with lyric insert - also in limited red vinyl issue with an extra insert

Il Cerchio d'Oro Mellow (MMP 334) 1999 includes singles' tracks and 70's recordings
Il viaggio di Colombo Black Widow (BWRCD 109-2) 2008 digipack cover - 2 bonus tracks from the 1977 single
Dedalo e Icaro Black Widow (BWRCD 150) 2013  
Il fuoco sotto la cenere Black Widow (BWRCD 204-2) 2017  

(with picture cover)
Quattro mura
Futuro prossimo
Playphone (ABN 22) 1977  
Funky dream
L'amore mio
Golden (FC 1052) 1978  
Too many nights
Dolce strega
Golden (FC 1060) 1979  

(with blank cover)
Quattro mura
Futuro prossimo
Playphone (ABN 22) 1977 white label jukebox version


The original singles are not so common to find, though they will only interest completists, due to their commercial style.

The limited LP La quadratura del cerchio has been released by Psych-Out Records in a 300 copies numbered pressing, housed in a nice thick cardboard single cover.
The LP's on Black Widow all have gatefold covers. Dedalo e Icaro came out in the standard black vinyl version and in a limited yellow vinyl issue with two extra inserts. Il fuoco sotto la cenere exists in the standard black edition or as limited issue on red vinyl with an extra postcard insert..

After the first split, brothers Terribile, Pagnacco and Pradal with other musicians played in the hard rock group Black Out, releasing a single in 1981, Crisi/Numero uno (Golden FC 1066). A limited 100 copies LP entitled 33 (Ace Records AR004) was issued in 2014, including both tracks from the single along with eight demo recordings from 1981-82.
The Terribile twins, along with guitarist Roberto Giordana later formed Cavern, releasing a single in 1988, Dear John/Eleanor Rigby (Autostop AUT 112) and an LP, A lovin' mixture (Beat 3001) in 2010, the latter including a side with Beatles' covers and another one with originals. Another LP, The long way, with recordings from 1988 to 1994, was issued in 2020 in a limited pressing of 150 numbered copies on blue vinyl (Beat 3002).


La quadratura del cerchio - LP

Il viaggio di Colombo - LP

Dedalo e Icaro - LP

Il fuoco sotto la cenere - LP


Quattro mura - 7" single and standard and jukebox labels

Funky dream - 7" single

Too many nights - 7" single

Il Cerchio d'Oro - CD


Black Out / Crisi - 7" single

Black Out / 33 - LP

Cavern / Dear John - 7" single

Cavern / A lovin' mixture - LP

Cavern / The long way- LP



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Il Cerchio d'Oro
1974 promotional photo
Il Cerchio d'Oro
1977 promotional photo
Cavern with Francesco Di Giacomo and Rodolfo Maltese - 1990
Il Cerchio d'Oro - Alassio Prog 2012
Il Cerchio d'Oro with Giorgio "Fico" Piazza - Alassio Prog 2012



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Thanks to Gino Terribile for the friendship, the singles' covers and the pictures on this page with relative information
Also thanks to Corrado Magnano for information and pictures.