Vittorio De Scalzi (guitar, vocals)
Nico Di Palo (guitar, vocals)
Mauro Chiarugi (keyboards)
Giorgio D'Adamo (bass, vocals)
Gianni Belleno (drums, vocals)

Chiarugi quits

Maurizio Salvi (keyboards)

D'Adamo replaced by:

Frank Laugelli (bass)

1973-74 (N.T.Atomic System)
Vittorio De Scalzi (guitar, keyboards, flute, vocals)
Giorgio Baiocco (sax, flute)
Renato Rosset (keyboards)
Giorgio D'Adamo (bass)
Tullio De Piscopo (drums)

Vittorio De Scalzi (guitar, vocals)
Nico Di Palo (guitar, vocals)
Ricky Belloni (guitar, vocals)
Giorgio D'Adamo (basso)
Gianni Belleno (drums, vocals)

One of the hardest group's histories to compile, New Trolls' story is full of line-up changes, band name changes, struggles between band members... and great hits! In their long story New Trolls have been one of the most popular bands in Italy, and they crossed many different styles, passing through beat, slight psychedelia, progressive, hard rock and melodic pop.

The story begins in Genova around mid 60's, when the five musicians, among the best in town, decided to form a band, the name coming from the old band of Vittorio De Scalzi, I Trolls. After some dates as support band for the Rolling Stones, they released their debut single Sensazioni in 1967, the first of a very long series of singles. The band was one of the best live acts in Italy at the time, and Hendrix-inspired guitarist Nico Di Palo was one of the first Italian guitar heroes.

First album, Senza orario senza bandiera, came in 1968, with lyrics written for them by singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André, a good album, very successful at the time, but still tied to the beat sound of the early days. A second album, simply called New Trolls, followed two years later, in 1970, being a compilation of tracks from their singles. These were still the days in Italy where people preferred the singles to the less popular LP's, and these often were simple compilations of already known songs. 
At the end of 1970 the first line-up change, with original member Mauro Chiarugi leaving the band, that continued as a quartet. In the same year the band was also involved along with The Trip in the film Terzo canale - Avventura a Montecarlo, and a single from the soundtrack, the beautiful (and sadly unreleased on LP) Autostrada, was their only release on RCA.

In 1971 their greatest album, Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls, with music written by composer Luis Enriquez Bacalov with orchestral arrangements, an ambitious work that's still recognised as one of the most important Italian rock releases ever made. This album started the collaboration of keyboardist Maurizio Salvi with the group.

In 1972 the italo-canadian bass player Frank Laugelli, who had come to Italy in 1968 with his group Chriss & the Stroke, entered the band replacing Giorgio D'Adamo. With the new line-up the band released Searching for a land, another ambitious work. A double album, with a live side and mostly sung in English, this was a disjointed album and not a great success, as most of the English-sung albums by Italian prog artists. 

Later that year another album, Ut, with a heavier sound, closer to hard rock. A nice album to many, this caused the band to break in two parts, with the two leaders Di Palo and De Scalzi going in two different ways. A legal struggle followed, for the use of the famous name, and while Di Palo with the other three chose the Ibis way, in a hard rock direction, Vittorio De Scalzi formed a new band, called N.T.Atomic System to avoid contractual problems, and with a more polished sound. To help their fans to recognize this band as the real New Trolls, early copies of the album had a sticker on the sleeve covering the N.T. name with the full New Trolls brand.

N.T.Atomic System released their first album in 1973, a nice album with a large use of horn instruments, De Scalzi himself playing flute and keyboards along with guitar. A jazz influence can be heard, and it became stronger in their second album, Tempi dispari, a totally instrumental album recorded live in a jazz-rock vein, very far from the New Trolls sound.
Incidentally, the group's name on this album is again New Trolls and no musicians are mentioned, but this is in fact the same De Scalzi-led line-up as the previous album.
Tempi dispari was rather disappointing and unsuccessful, its two side-long tracks being more in an English jazz-rock style than in the usual mix of hard and melodic prog that New Trolls fans were expecting.
A good single was also released by the same line-up, with the band rendition of Mussorgsky's A night on bare mountain (Una notte sul Monte Calvo), and it was also included on their first album reissue with the same name.

N.T.Atomic System disbanded after the second album, with Rosset moving to England with Nova and De Piscopo starting a long career as talented session drummer and solo artist.
Incredibly, De Scalzi rejoined old friend/enemy Di Palo, bassist D'Adamo and drummer Belleno for a new chapter in New Trolls story. A fifth member was found in former Nuova Idea singer and guitarist Ricky Belloni, who gave even more strength to the always incredible multivocal parts of the group. This band released Concerto grosso n°2, an ideal prosecution to their best work, but it was a pale attempt to reproduce that masterpiece. Some parts are good, but the shorter tracks are in a melodic pop vein, and the album is far from their best efforts.

Magma label (founded by Vittorio De Scalzi) also released a live album, as the band has always been well known as one of the best live groups in Italy. New Trolls live, also in 1976, is a good album, even containing some excerpt from Concerto grosso n°2.

In 1978 another new recruit, also from Nuova Idea, was keyboardist Giorgio Usai, but the band slowly abandoned the rock track to a mainstream pop that gave them many more hits (Quella carezza della sera and Aldebaran among them). The band kept playing and releasing mediocre pop albums until early 90's, then came to a new split.

In late 90's Vittorio De Scalzi made a successful tour with ex-Latte e Miele drummer Alfio Vitanza and two younger members, playing old New Trolls songs, including a complete remake of the band's 1968 first album.
In early 1998 Nico Di Palo had a car accident which caused him heavy injuries and a permanent disability. In 1999, along with Belleno and Belloni he tried to reform New Trolls but had legal problems again with De Scalzi on the use of the band's name. History repeats itself... 

Two interesting new CD's have been released in 2001 credited to Vittorio De Scalzi - La storia dei New Trolls; both recorded live, the first one, La storia dei New Trolls (Saar CD 22228), includes reworkings of old tracks, the other, Concerto grosso live (La Stampa CDV 2001), is a very good rendition of Concerto grosso n.1 and 2 with an orchestra. 
This band still has an intense live activity in 2002 with a very good line-up of De Scalzi and Vitanza with Andrea Maddalone and Mauro Sposito (guitars) and bassist/singer Roberto Tiranti. They were usually playing a mix of 60's through 90's songs, but in some larger theatres they concentrated on the full orchestral version of the two Concerto Grosso's and a more prog oriented tracklisting.

Other past members, led by Nico Di Palo and also including Usai and Belloni, used in the same period the name Il Mito dei New Trolls, but they didn't release anything. Drummer Gianni Belleno played with a different group called Il Cuore dei New Trolls.

In 2007 De Scalzi's group, featuring Alfio Vitanza (drums, vocals), Andrea Maddalone and Mauro Sposito (guitars, vocals), Francesco Bellia (bass, vocals), reunited with  Nico Di Palo for some concerts.
The long waited reunion of the two group's leaders gave birth to a new chapter of their Concerto Grosso, subtitled The seven seasons. The album started where the previous one had ended, with strong classical music influences (even with help from a lyric female singer on one track) mixed with a typical rock sound. Some doubts come from the English-sung vocals, maybe intended to present the group to a wider audience of prog fans throughout the world, but the album is on a good level anyway.

In the same year, to increase the confusion between the various groups using the name New Trolls, no less than two box sets were issued, both based on the Concerto Grosso in live version.
The first one is TR3, released under the name "Il Mito New Trolls", a CD with six new studio tracks from a line-up including Ricky Belloni, Giorgio Belleno and Giorgio Usai, and the live recording of Concerto Grosso 1 & 2 from a concert in La Spezia in 2004, featuring Nico Di Palo, that is also included in DVD format.
The second album is Concerto Grosso Trilogy Live, and the line-up is the one with De Scalzi and Di Palo, from a concert in Trieste in 2007. This box set contains 2 CD's and a DVD with the three parts of Concerto Grosso.

In 2010, to add a new chapter to the renaissance of the New Trolls name in the 21st century, came the announcement of the reunion, after almost 30 years, of the classic line-up with Vittorio De Scalzi, Nico Di Palo, Giorgio D'Adamo and Gianni Belleno. The reunited line-up had a short life and the band broke up again in 2011.
Drummer Gianni Belleno along with Maurizio Salvi formed a new group called Ut - Uno Tempore and this band made its live debut at Rome's Prog Exhibition in 2011 and released in 2012 a live CD called Live in Milano and a studio album, Do ut des, in 2013. Their third album was released in 2015 with the title È, credited to Ut New Trolls.

2013 saw rhe release of Concerto grosso n°3, credited to La Leggenda New Trolls and again with help from Luis Bacalov. The album was recorded two years before by the line-up formed by the four historical members, but it didn't reach the levels of its predecessors.

In October 2015 bass player Giorgio D'Adamo, one of the founders of the group, passed away after a long disease. The other original members kept playing separately, De Scalzi with his solo career while Di Palo and Belleno formed Of New Trolls, with musicians from Ut New Trolls, releasing many records since 2018.
Vittorio De Scalzi, one of the band founders and considered by many fans as the symbol of New Trolls, died in July 2022.



Senza orario senza bandiera  Cetra (LPX 3) 1968 laminated gatefold cover with inside opening
  Fonit/Pellicano (PL 409) 1980 single cover 
  BTF (VM 130LP) 2008 gatefold cover - reissued again in 2022 with green vinyl
New Trolls  Cetra (LPX 7) 1970 laminated single cover - reissued in 1975 with the same number, different label with three small Cetra logos and non laminated cover
  Fonit/3000 (SFC 100) 1976 different single cover 
  Fonit/Pellicano (PL 410) 1980 different single cover 
  Fonit/Vinyl Magic (LPP 422) 1991 single cover, as original
  BTF (VM 133LP) 2008 single cover
Concerto grosso per i New Trolls  Cetra (LPX 8) 1971 laminated gatefold cover with top opening - later reissued with orange label
  Fonit/Pellicano (PL 644) 1982 single cover 
  BTF (VM 129LP) 2008 gatefold cover and black vinyl - later reissued with red (2017), pink (2020) and green (2022) vinyl
  Cetra/De Agostini (LPX 8) 2017 gatefold cover with 8-page insert - no.4 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
Searching for a land  Cetra (LPX 12/13) 1972 laminated gatefold cover with top flap
  Fonit (DPU 70) 1977 gatefold cover 
  Fonit/Vinyl Magic (LPP 429 ) 1991 gatefold cover 
  BTF (VM 139LP) 2009 gatefold cover 
Ut  Cetra (LPX 20) 1972 laminated gatefold cover
  Cetra (LPX 20) 1974 second issue with non-laminated gatefold cover
  Fonit/3000 (SFC 138) 1976 different single cover with no title
  Fonit/Pellicano (PL 411) 1980 single cover 
  Fonit/Vinyl Magic (LPP 430) 1991 gatefold cover 
  BTF (VMLP 138) 2009 gatefold cover - black vinyl, reissued in 2020 with red vinyl
N.T.Atomic System  Magma (MAGL 18003) 1973 as New Trolls Atomic System
six-page book cover - lyric insert - early copies had a stickered sleeve
  Azzurra (LP1017) 2022 gatefold cover
Tempi dispari  Magma (MAGL 18005) 1974 gatefold cover
  Azzurra (LP1018) 2022 gatefold cover
Concerto grosso n°2  Magma (MAL 02) 1976 laminated gatefold cover - black label
  Magma (MAL 02) 1979 as above with olive green label
  Fonit/Pellicano (PL 648) 1982 single cover 
New Trolls live  Magma (MAL 04) 1976 single cover
Aldebaran  Warner Bros (T 56589) 1978 single cover with inner
New Trolls  Warner Bros (T 56761) 1979 triple gatefold cover with inner
Una notte sul Monte Calvo  Magma (MAL 05) 1979 reissue of N.T.Atomic System with one extra track - single cover
F.S.  Fonit (LPX 93) 1981 single cover with inner
America OK  Fonit-Cetra (LPX 117) 1982  
Tour  Fonit-Cetra (LPX 141) 1985 single cover
Amici  Ricordi (SMRL 6384) 1988  
Quelli come noi  WEA (9017 7101) 1992  
Concerto grosso - The seven seasons Edel (0185681 AER) 2007 2LP - limited vinyl issue with gatefold cover - first 300 copies numbered and signed by the group
Concerto grosso n°3 Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1015) 2013 2LP - limited vinyl issue with gatefold cover - 999 copies - issued as "La leggenda dei New Trolls"

(relevant issues only)
Concerto grosso 1 & 2 Fonit Cetra (CDM 2034) 1989 reissue on a single CD for the 1971 and 1976 albums
  Warner/Fonit (3984 26602 2) 1999 as above
Searching for a land Fonit/Vinyl Magic (CDLP 429 ) 1991 1972 album reissue on single CD
  Warner/Fonit (3984 27166 2) 1999 as above
  BTF (VM 139 CD) 2009 mini-LP gatefold cover
N.T.Atomic System  Vinyl Magic (VM 060) 1996 1973 album reissue
Tempi dispari  Vinyl Magic (VM 061) 1996 1974 album reissue
Live N.T. Vinyl Magic (VM 068) 1996 1976 album reissue with different cover
Senza orario senza bandiera Fonit Cetra (CDM 2038) 1989 1968 album reissue
  Warner/Fonit (3984 26611 2) 1999 as above
  BTF (VM CD130) 2012 as above with mini-LP gatefold cover
  BTF (VM CD130) 2023 as above woth standard jewelcase
New Trolls Warner/Fonit (3984 26612 2) 1999 1970 album reissue
  BTF (VM 133 CD) 2012 new reissue with mini-LP gatefold cover
Ut Warner/Fonit (8573 82052 2) 2000 1972 album reissue
  BTF (VM 138 CD) 2009 new reissue with mini-LP gatefold cover
Concerto grosso per i New Trolls Gruppo Ed.L’Espresso (3) 2014 1971 album reissue with mini-LP gatefold cover- no.3 in the “Progressive Rock Italiano" series
Concerto grosso - The seven seasons Edel (0182912 AER) 2007 new recordings
TR3 BMA Music (BMA 00073) 2007 CD + DVD from "Il Mito dei New Trolls - live in La Spezia 2004
Concerto grosso Trilogy live Edel (0185688 AER) 2007 2CD + DVD - live in Trieste 2007 with the three parts of Concerto Grosso
F.S. BTF (VM 147 CD) 2010 1981 album reissue with mini-LP gatefold cover
Concerto grosso n°3 Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1014) 2013 new studio album issued as "La leggenda dei New Trolls"
Concerto grosso 1-2-3 Immaginifica (ARS IMM/1021) 2013 live issued as "La leggenda dei New Trolls"

Sanremo '69
(with Io che ho te and Un'avventura)
Cetra (LPP 127) 1969 includes songs from the 1969 Sanremo Italian Song Festival
Terzo canale - Avventura a Montecarlo
(with Autostrada and Il nulla e la luce)
RCA (PSL 10485) 1970 film soundtrack - also includes The Trip, Mal, Sheila, The Primitives, Four Kents, Jody Clark, Ricchi e Poveri

SINGLES (with picture sleeve -  up to 1981)
Prima c'era luce
Cetra (SP 1355) 1967  
Io ti fermerò
Cetra (SP 1369) 1968  
Cristalli fragili
Ehi tu ritorna
Cetra (SP 1381) 1968  
Io che ho te
Lei mi diceva
Cetra (SP 1392) 1969  
Davanti agli occhi miei
Quella musica
Cetra (SP 1398) 1969  
Cosa pensiamo dell'amore
Cetra (SP 1400) 1969  
Signore, io sono Irish
Cetra (SP 1408) 1969  
  Cetra/Warner (50541 97042 379) 2019 reissue on green vinyl - 500 numbered copies issued for the 2019 Record Store Day
Una miniera
Il sole nascerà
Cetra (SP 1415) 1969  
Allora mi ricordo
Cetra (SP 1427) 1970  
Una nuvola bianca
Corro da te
Cetra (SP 1428) 1970  
La più bella sei tu
Come Cenerentola
Cetra (SP 1445) 1970  
Il nulla e la luce
RCA (BM 3563) 1970  
Una storia
Il vento dolce dell'estate
Cetra (SP 1449) 1971  
Venti o cent'anni
Una vita intera
Cetra (SP 1453) 1971  
Cetra (SP 1456) 1971  
La prima goccia bagna il viso
part I & II
Cetra (SP 1460) 1971  
Black hand
Cetra (SP 1494) 1972  
Una notte sul Monte Calvo
Magma (MGL 48007) 1974  
Bella come mai
Magma (MAG 01) 1976  
Solamente tu
Let it be me
Magma (MAG 07) 1977  
Quella carezza della sera
Warner Bros (T 17282) 1978  
Anche noi
Prima del concerto
Warner Bros (T 17342) 1979  
Che idea
Accendi la tua luce
Warner Bros (T 17527) 1979  
Warner Bros (T 17654) 1980  
Il serpente
Quella luna dolce
Fonit (SP 1752) 1981  
Là nella casa dell'angelo
Il treno
Fonit (SP 1762) 1981  

PROMO-ONLY AND JUKEBOX SINGLES (with blank cover except where noted)
Prima c'era luce
Cetra (JB 241) 1967 juke box single
Cetra (JB 260) 1968 juke box single
backed with Sergio Endrigo/Marianne
Io ti fermerò
Cetra (JB 262) 1968 juke box single
Cristalli fragili
Ehi tu ritorna
Cetra (JB 279) 1968 juke box single
Io che ho te
Cetra (JB 299) 1969 jukebox single - backed with Sergio Endrigo/Lontano dagli occhi
Lei mi diceva
Cetra (JB 301) 1969 jukebox single - backed with Creedence Clearwater Revival/Walk on the water
Un'ora Cetra (JB 308) 1969 jukebox single - backed with Gianni Pettenati/Caldo caldo
Davanti agli occhi miei
Cetra (JB 309) 1969 jukebox single - backed with Creedence Clearwater Revival/Proud Mary
Cosa pensiamo dell'amore
Cetra (JB 312) 1969 jukebox single
Signore io sono Irish
Cetra (JB 320) 1969 juke box single
Una miniera
Il sole nascerà
Cetra (JB 322) 1969 juke box single\
Annalisa Cetra (JB 340) 1970 promotional single for record stores - backed with Gipo Farassino/Senza frontiere - also issued with promotional printed cover
Annalisa Cetra (JB 344) 1970 juke box single - backed with Gipo Farassino/Senza frontiere
Una nuvola bianca Fonit-Cetra (JB 346) 1970 promotional single, backed with Daniel/Brucia brucia and Gipo Farassino/Non devi piangere Maria
Una nuvola bianca Fonit-Cetra (JB 348) 1970 juke box single - backed with Daniel/Brucia brucia
Una nuvola bianca Fonit-Cetra (JB 349) 1970 juke box single - backed with Alluminogeni/Orizzonti lontani
Corro da te Cetra (JB 356) 1970 juke box single - backed with Gipo Farassino/Ballata per un eroe
La più bella sei tu
Come Cenerentola
Cetra (JB 367) 1970 juke box single
Il nulla e la luce
RCA (PM 3563) 1970 juke box single
Autostrada (excerpt) RCA (PM 3569) 1970 promotional picture sleeve single with short excerpts from the LP "Terzo canale-Avventura a Montecarlo"
Una storia Cetra (JB 371) 1971 juke box single - backed with Sergio Endrigo/Una storia
Concerto grosso
Cetra/America (JB 375) 1971 jukebox single - backed with Creedence Clearwater Revival/Molina
Venti o cent'anni
Cetra/Fonit (JB 376) 1971 juke box single - backed with Alluminogeni/Solo un attimo
Venti o cent'anni
Cetra (JB 382) 1971 juke box single - backed with Franco I & Franco IV/Gipsy Madonna
La prima goccia bagna il viso part I & II Cetra (JB 387) 1971 juke box single
La prima goccia bagna il viso
Cetra (JB 399) 1971 juke box three-track single - backed with Delirium - Preludio and Osanna - L'uomo
In St.Peter's day
Cetra/MAM (JB 408) 1972 juke box single - backed with Gilbert O'Sullivan/Alone again
In St.Peter's day
Fonit/Besana "Gran regalo" (JBF 417) 1972 free with Panettone Besana - custom picture sleeve - backed with J.S.Bach/Toccata e fuga in Re minore
Muddy Madelein
Fonit/Besana "Gran regalo" (JBF 418) 1972 free with Panettone Besana - custom picture sleeve - backed with L.van Beethoven/Canto pastorale
Black hand
Cetra (JB 424) 1972 juke box single
Una notte sul Monte Calvo Fonit/Besana "Gran regalo" (JBF 614) 1974 free with Panettone Besana - custom picture sleeve - backed with a classical music track
Una notte sul Monte Calvo Magma (JB 46) 1974 juke box single - backed with Luky Pistoia/Buonasera buonasera signorina
Concerto grosso n.2
Magma/Vanilla (JB 670) 1976 juke box single - backed with Ornella Vanoni/Più
Solamente tu Magma/Vanilla (JB 694) 1977 juke box single - backed with Gepy & Gepy/Blu
Quella carezza della sera Warner Bros (PROMO JB 063) 1979 juke box single - backed with Gerard Lenorman/L'enfant des cathedrales
Anche noi Warner Bros/Atlantic (PROMO 078) 1979 juke box single - backed with Terry Scott Jr/Disco hustler
Che idea
Accendi la tua luce
Warner Bros (JB 096) 1979 juke box single
Poster Warner Bros (JB 107) 1980 juke box single - backed with Richie Havens/Going back to my roots
Musica Warner Bros (JB 113) 1980 juke box single - backed with Loretta Goggi/Notti di agosto
Il serpente Cetra (JB 755) 1981 juke box single - backed with Eugenio Finardi/Valeria come stai?
La signora senza anelli Cetra (JB 757) 1981 juke box single - backed with Ottawan/Hands up
Là nella casa dell'angelo Cetra (JB 766) 1981 juke box single - backed with Stefano Sani/Lisa
Là nella casa dell'angelo Cetra (JB 767) 1981 juke box single - backed with Roberto Soffici/Strano momento


UT - Uno Tempore

Do ut des Immaginifica (ARS IMM 1013/LP) 2013 gatefold cover
È MaRaCash (MRC 09LP) 2015 as "Ut New Trolls" - LP+CD edition - gatefold cover - the CD contains 2 bonus tracks
È (box set) MaRaCash (MRC BOX 01) 2015 as "Ut New Trolls" - box set with LP, CD, signed poster and T-shirt - the CD contains 4 bonus tracks not on LP

Live in Milano Immaginifica (ARS IMM 1009) 2012 recorded live in Milan in 2012
Do ut des Immaginifica (ARS IMM 1012) 2013 new studio album
È MaRaCash (MRC 055CD) 2015 as "Ut New Trolls" - contains 2 bonus tracks not on LP
È in concerto Omega Entertainment (OA 7017) 2017 live CD+DVD set



Live 50.0 Omega Entertainment (OA7518LP) 2018 gatefold cover - recorded live in 2018
Le radici e il viaggio continua... Omega Entertainment (OA9021LP) 2022 gatefold cover

Live 50.0 Omega Entertainment (OA7518CD) 2018 recorded live in 2018
Le radici e il viaggio continua... Omega Entertainment (OA9021CD) 2022  

SINGLES (with picture cover)
Porte aperte
Domenica di Napoli
Omega Entertainment (OA8019NP) 2019 500 numbered copies
Fuori di qui
La mia musica
Omega Entertainment (OA8520) 2020 numbered 300 copies box set - white vinyl and bracelet



All the New Trolls albums have been released in large quantities and have had many reissues in later years, so they are easy to find, with a few notable exceptions.
Senza orario senza bandiera came out with a laminated gatefold cover with record inserted from the inside, later issues had a standard gatefold cover with side opening, and subsequent pressing lost the laminated cover.
The early pressing of this album had the BIEM logo on the label, replaced by the SIAE logo in 1969 and on both sides of the cover, near the catalogue number, didn't have the word STEREO, which was added soon.

Many variations of these labels exist, as demonstrated by the pictures below; presumably the earliest pressing had the text "MONO e STEREO" and the album title above the centre hole. Soon afterwards the title was moved below the centre hole: the same layout was kept for the first label with the SIAE text replacing BIEM; later the text "MONO e STEREO" was replaced by STEREO only.
One of the following reissues, released between 1975 and 1976 with the Fonit repeated three times, exists with both black and orange labels.

Oddly enough being a singles compilation, the second album New Trolls is one of the rarest in their.discography. The original pressing had a laminated single flipback cover, later copies had non-laminated cover, in some cases with a different design.

Concerto grosso per i New Trolls, one of their best sellers, had a gatefold laminated cover with record inserted from the top, later pressings had a standard side opening and in some cases non-laminated covers. The record also exists in the mid-70's reissue with orange label.

Searching for a land came with a large laminated foldout cover, the gatefold having a small flap creating a sort of poster. Records were inserted from the top, under the flap.

Ut initially had a laminated thick gatefold cover, that was subsequently replaced by a standard non-laminated thinner cover. Both issues had the same standard black label with large Cetra silver logo in the top side, but there are copies (presumably from 1974/75) with the new small triple Cetra logo, housed in some cases in the original thick laminated cover of the first issue.

The N.T.Atomic System album, one of the first on Magma label, came in a nice triple-fold cover (6-page book cover) and contained a lyric insert. On the very first copies it had the title covered by a sticker with the full name New Trolls Atomic System, that couldn't legally be used due to the controversy with former members. The same sticker appeared on the cassette and 8-track versions. Una notte sul Monte Calvo was in fact the same album plus the eponymous track in a different version to the single, and came with a new non-gatefold cover.

Concerto grosso n.2 originally had a glossy gatefold cover and black label; it was reissued in 1979-80 with a standard smooth cover (the cardboard used being thinner than the originals) and olive green label. From the same period came the two LP's issued by Magma with numbers MAL 05 (Una notte sul Monte Calvo, dated 1979 on the back cover) and MAL 06 (the compilation Revival has a cover design that seems to have the date "80").

The 2007 album, Concerto grosso - The seven seasons has also been released in a limited 2-LP vinyl edition with the same tracks as the CD. An early pressing of 300 copies was sold through the New Trolls Fan Club and the records are numbered and signed by the musicians.
Even Concerto grosso n°3 from 2013 had a limited vinyl pressing of 999 copies.

The book by Vittorio De Scalzi Una volta suonavo nei New Trolls, published in 2021, includes 2 CD's recorded live in 2019 with his group La Storia dei New Trolls and a DVD from a 2005 concert entitled Il suonatore Jones.

Japanese issues appeared for Concerto grosso (King GXF2043), Ut (Seven Seas/King GXF2050), Searching for a land (Seven Seas/King K19P429/30), N.T.Atomic System (King K22P241, including an extra track), Tempi dispari (King K22P279), Concerto grosso n°2 (King K22P181), New Trolls live (King K22P327, with different cover) and FS (King K28P214). There is also a Japanese version of Senza orario senza bandiera (Seven Seas/King DY 5804-01) with black & white cover, probably only issued as promo.

N.T.Atomic System, Tempi dispari and New Trolls live have had a 2003 CD reissue by the Japanese label Arcangelo (nos. ARC-7023, ARC-7024 and ARC-7025) with a mini-LP cover.

Si-Wan in  Korea has released N.T.Atomic System (SRML 2003 - exists with three panel foldout and single cover), Tempi dispari (SRML 2006), and New Trolls live (SRML 2008 - with different cover and title, it's called L.I.V.E.N.T.) and a limited 991 copies issue of Ut with Fonit Cetra label (LPP430). 
N.T.Atomic System
also had a previous Korean pressing on Magma label ( with a monochrome blue back cover typical of that country. The same treatment was given to
Concerto grosso with a grey back cover and Concerto grosso also came with a different design single sleeve on Fonit/SR label no.SZPR 107. 
Concerto grosso n°2 was issued in Korea with a single sleeve with monochrome back cover, on Fonit Cetra Pellicano (PL 648).
Also in Korea a double CD exists on the Sherman/Sungnam label, with mini-LP cover, containing Concerto grosso parts 1 and 2.

Concerto grosso, Concerto grosso n°2 and N.T.Atomic System have been released in Venezuela all with single covers. 
was released in Argentina in 1977 (Tennessee LP 5030) with the same cover design as the Italian Fonit/3000 reissue.
Concerto grosso
was also released in France on Les Disques Pierre Cardin label ( in a single cover with rounded corners, and a single from the album on the same label, with Adagio and Allegro had a black and white picture cover and catalogue number 25001.
The German release of this LP was distributed by Ariola (n.85924 IT) with a sticker to cover the Cetra logo.

Spanish label Zafiro issued in that country many New Trolls albums, like Concerto grosso n.1 in 1972, Searching for a land and Concerto Grosso n.2 in 1977, and singles, among which an unusual couple of extracts from the Concerto grosso LP featuring Allegro/Adagio (Zafiro 00X 245 - 1972) and Adagio/Shadows (Zafiro 00X 343 - 1977).
Moreover some later Spanish-sung singles exist on Hispavox, like Aquella caricia de otoño (Quella carezza della sera - 1979) and Que idea (Che idea - 1980). Hispavox also reissued Concerto grosso n°2 in 1981, with an orange label with triple Cetra logo.

Una notte sul Monte Calvo also appeared in Germany on the Pan label with the translated title Night on bare mountain.

Two odd singles were released in Lebanon on the Empire label, the first one had Muddy Madelein and In St.Peter's day, another one contained Adagio (Shadows) coupled with Shadows (for Jimi Hendrix) and had catalogue number EM 103.
The single Cristalli fragili/Ehi tu ritorna was released in Brazil in 1968 on Fermata (FB 33.310).

A track from a 1972 single, Black hand, unreleased on LP, appears on a Japanese 9-track promo compilation on Nexus, called Nexus International Italian Rock Special ( that also includes singles' tracks by Krel (pre-PFM), Hunka Munka, Ricordi d'Infanzia and Patrizio Alluminio (Alluminogeni).

No counterfeits exist of any New Trolls albums. 

Senza orario senza bandiera - gatefold cover


Senza orario senza bandiera - original labels with Biem logo,
three variations with the title above and below the centre hole


Senza orario senza bandiera - later labels with Siae logo and stamp, variations with the title below and above the centre hole



Senza orario senza bandiera - details of the original cover (on the left) and later issues with STEREO text (right)

New Trolls - LP

New Trolls - 3000 series reissue LP

New Trolls - Pellicano series reissue LP

Concerto grosso per i New Trolls - LP

Ut - LP

Ut - 3000 series reissue LP

Ut - inner gatefold


Ut - different label designs

Searching for a land - foldout cover


N.T.Atomic System - LP and cassette with stickered cover

N.T.Atomic System - triple gatefold cover

Una notte sul Monte Calvo - LP

Night on bare mountain (Una notte sul Monte Calvo) - German issue LP

Tempi dispari - LP

Concerto grosso n°2 - LP

New Trolls Live - LP, original Italian issue (left) and Korean reissue

Sensazioni - 7" single Visoni - 7" single
Cristalli fragili - 7" single Io che ho te - 7" single
Davanti agli occhi miei - 7" single Un'ora - 7" single
Signore, io sono Irish - 7" single Una miniera - 7" single
Annalisa - 7" single Una nuvola bianca - 7" single
La più bella sei tu - 7" single Autostrada - 7" single
Una storia - 7" single Venti o cent'anni - 7" single
Concerto grosso/Adagio - 7" single La prima goccia bagna il viso - 7" single
Black hand - 7" single Una notte sul monte calvo - 7" single
Bella come mai - 7" single Solamente tu - 7" single
Concerto grosso/The seven seasons - CD Concerto grosso/Trilogy live - CD
Concerto grosso n°3 - CD/LP
Ut Uno Tempore/Live in Milano - CD
Ut New Trolls/Do ut des - LP
Ut New Trolls/È - LP


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Vittorio De Scalzi /La storia dei New Trolls
20-Aug-2002 Isola del Gran Sasso (AQ)
Vittorio De Scalzi at 70's Flowers Festival, Fano (PU)
Vittorio De Scalzi /La storia dei New Trolls
28-Aug-2006 Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG)
Vittorio De Scalzi  and Nico Di Palo - New Trolls
Terni - Teatro Verdi
Alfio Vitanza, Andrea Maddalone, Vittorio De Scalzi - New Trolls
Terni - Teatro Verdi
New Trolls
Terni - Teatro Verdi
New Trolls - Concerto Grosso Trilogy
Foligno (PG) Auditorium San Domenico
New Trolls - Concerto Grosso Trilogy
Foligno (PG) Auditorium San Domenico
Ut (Uno Tempore)
Prog Exhibition 2011 - Roma 21-Oct-2011
Ut (Uno Tempore)
Le Radici del Rock - Viterbo 21-Jul-2012



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