Massimo Morante (guitar, vocals)
Claudio Simonetti (keyboards)
Fabio Pignatelli (bass)
Walter Martino (drums, percussion)

Martino replaced by:
Agostino Marangolo (drums)
Maurizio Guarini (keyboards)

Guarini quits

A peculiar group in the Italian progressive scene, Goblin had their record debut in 1975, when that musical style was having its downfall, building their long career on mostrly instrumental albums composed as soundtracks to horror films and promoted with very few limited exhibitions. Despite their singularity, the group had until today a huge following in Italy, where their name has always been strictly associated to the Dario Argento horror films' soundtracks they've played on, as well as abroad.

The roots of Goblin lay in a band called Oliver, formed by Claudio Simonetti and Massimo Morante. Simonetti had previously played with drummer Walter Martino in Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray and the short-lived Seconda Generazione. They recruited bass player Fabio Pignatelli and drummer Carlo Bordini. The group moved to England, and briefly had an English singer, Clive "Artman" Haynes on vocals. The band played in the UK in the university circuit and even had some sessions taped by Eddie Offord (long time ELP collaborator).
Coming back to Italy and with new singer Tony Tartarini (formerly known as Toni Gionta, from L'Uovo di Colombo), they had the chance of recording an album in April 1974, after a name change to Goblin, but the record wasn't issued.

Helped by the past experience of Claudio Simonetti by Cinevox as soundtrack sessionman, the band had a recording deal with that company and was offered to compose the soundtrack to the director Dario Argento's debut horror film, Profondo rosso
The original drummer Bordini was sacked, having refused to sign the contract, and replaced by Walter Martino, formerly with Simonetti in Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray, and this line-up recorded the official first album, while the previous LP was released under the name of Cherry Five in 1976.

The film was highly successful, like the dark, hypnotic title track that became an instant hit. Totally instrumental, mainly based on keyboards, Goblin's music was richly crafted in comparison to the rather anonymous soundtracks of the time. The album included on second side some orchestral themes by composer Giorgio Gaslini, that had initially been contacted for the soundtrack. The picture on the back cover shows the original five-piece line-up of the group with Tartarini.

Second album was Roller, featuring new members Marangolo (from Flea) and Guarini. Not intended to be a soundtrack, this album was a good one, very similar to the previous one and developing the band's style.

The band also composed in 1976 as Reale Impero Britannico another soundtrack to a film called Perche si uccidono an album with some similarities with Cherry Five and Goblin's works. Cherry Five's Tony Tartarini sung on the only vocal track. A short album (around 31 minutes), disjointed as most soundtracks, and also including some orchestrated themes by composer Willy Brezza, Perché si uccidono is by far the rarest item of the Goblin discography along with Cherry Five.

Third album Suspiria came again with the collaboration with Dario Argento. This time it seems that the band composed the music before the film was ready, so the director could make some changes to it to have the music perfectly suited.

Another non-soundtrack album Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark, from 1978, was the only Goblin album entirely sung, the others being instrumental only; a concept album about a flying bug, it's a good prog album with some pop leanings. The band also played some live dates to promote the LP, an unusual choice for a group that never had a strong live activity.

From now on a long series of soundtracks, with the sound gradually becoming more commercial and less inspired. Noteworthy additions are the entrance of guitarist Carlo Pennisi (also from Flea and the last line-up of Libra along with keyboardist Guarini) in 1979 and Simonetti creating the disco-oriented Easy Going and abandoning his main group in 1980 for a solo career (to join again his former colleagues for 1982 soundtrack to Tenebre).

After any kind of CD reissues (also with bonus tracks), year 2000 has seen the release of a CD compilation, The fantastic journey of Goblin (The best of Goblin) vol.I, that along with tracks from their Dario Argento's films soundtracks, included a very nice (and unique!) live CD taken from a 1979 concert. The same recording was issued on vinyl in 2016 with the title Live 1978.

The new millennium saw an intense activity by the band members, which gave birth to many projects: Back to Goblin 2005, self-produced by a line-up which included Maurizio Guarini, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo that later issued Four of a kind, the New Goblin with Morante, Guarini, Simonetti along with bass player Bruno Previtali and drummer Titta Tani (both previously with Simonetti in Daemonia), and Goblin World (later Goblin Rebirth) formed by Pignatelli and Marangolo with keyboardists Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni and guitarist Giacomo Anselmi.




Profondo rosso Cinevox (MDF 33/85) 1975 gatefold laminated cover - black label
  Cinevox/Orizzonte (ORL 8063) 1977 single cover
  Cinevox/Ciak (CIA 5004) 1980 different single cover
  Cinevox (MDF 200) 2000 reissue with same gatefold cover as the original
  Dagored (RED137LP) 2001 reissue with different gatefold cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 10LP) 2010 reissue with same gatefold cover as the original, coloured vinyl, poster - 666 copies limited edition
  AMS/BTF (AMS 10-P LP) 2013 new reissue on purple vinyl with gatefold cover
Roller Cinevox (MDF 33.101) 1976 gatefold cover 
  AMS/BTF (AMS 17LP) 2009 reissue of 1976 LP
Suspiria Cinevox (MDF 33.108) 1977 single cover - foldout inner with popup insert
  Cinevox/Ciak (CIA 5005) 1980 different single cover 
  Dagored (RED127LP) 2001 different gatefold cover 
  AMS/BTF (AMS 11LP) 2010 reissue with popup cover and inner
  AMS/BTF (AMS 11-P LP) 2013 as above - new reissue on purple vinyl
  BX MDF002/B 2017 40th Anniversary Edition box containing the LP with foldout inner, a 10" red vinyl LP with inreleased tracks, CD, DVD and 2 books - also in a 150 copies limited pressing with additional gadgets
Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark Cinevox (SC 33.37) 1978 gatefold cover with lyric inner
  AMS/BTF (AMS 12LP) 2009 reissue of 1978 LP with gatefold cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 12-B LP) 2013 new reissue on blue vinyl with gatefold cover
Zombi Cinevox (MDF 33.121) 1978 single cover
  Cinevox/Ciak (CIA 5035) 80's different single cover 
  Dagored (RED117LP) 2000 reissue with different gatefold cover, issued with the English title Dawn of the dead
  AMS/BTF (AMS 31LP) 2010 reissue of 1978 LP - the first 300 copies include a poster
Squadra antigangsters Cinevox (MDF 33.131) 1979 single cover - features Asha Puthli on vocals on two tracks
  AMS/BTF (AMS LP 93) 2018 reissue of the 1979 LP with different cover, two bonus tracks and blue vinyl - limited release for Record Store Day 2018
Amo non amo Cinevox (MDF 33.133) 1979 single cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS LP 69) 2014 reissue of the 1979 LP with different gatefold cover and extra tracks - also issued in limited 120 copies numbered issue with a different silkscreened cover and splattered coloured vinyl
Patrick Cinevox (MDF 33.134) 1979 single cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 37LP) 2012 reissue of 1979 LP
Contamination Cinevox (MDF 33.142) 1980 single cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 39LP) 2012 reissue of 1980 LP
Tenebre Cinevox (MDF 33.157) 1982 single cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 32LP) 2012 reissue of 1982 LP with poster
Volo Cinevox (SC 33.45) 1982 single cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 91LP) 2017 reissue of 1982 LP
Notturno Cinevox (MDF 33.151) 1983 single cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS LP 90) 2017 reissue with different cover, poster and blue vinyl - limited release for Record Store Day 2017
La chiesa Cinevox (MDF 33.182) 1988 single cover
Back to the Goblin 2005 Giallo Records (GM001LP) - Poland 2009 gatefold cover - 400 numbered copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on red vinyl with custom slip-mat
NonHoSonno AMS/BTF (AMS 33LP) 2011 reissue of 2001 CD - poster - limited edition on white, red, blue, yellow and clear vinyl (100 copies each) - standard black vinyl edition has slightly different cover
Buio Omega AMS/BTF (AMS 40LP) 2012 gatefold cover - reissue of 1997 CD
Live in Roma AMS/BTF (AMS 54LP) 2012 2LP - credited to "New Goblin" - live recordings from 2011 - issued on five different vinyl colours (red, yellow, clear, orange, blue)
Profondo rosso Deep Red (LPDR001) 2015 credited to “Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin” – 10” on red vinyl with new recordings of the 1975 album Goblin tracks
Four of a kind Back to the Fudda (BTTF 006) 2015 single cover with inner – standard black vinyl or limited edition on red or purple vinyl
Live 1978 AMS/BTF (AMS LP126) 2016 gatefold cover - recordings already issued on CD in 2000


Profondo rosso Cinevox (CD CIA 5004) 1987 reissue of 1975 album
  Cinevox (CD MDF 301) 1996 reissue with different cover and bonus tracks
  Cinevox (CD MDF 613-4) 2007 2CD new reissue with digipack cover, remastered and with 29 alternate recordings of album tracks
  Cinevox/Mondadori (3) 2018 reissue of 1975 album - mini-LP gatefold cover with booklet - no.3 in the Mondadori "Prog Italia" series
Suspiria Cinevox (CD CIA 5005) 1987 reissue of 1977 album - now deleted
  Cinevox (CD MDF 305) 1997 as above
  Cinevox (CD MDF 615) 2007 new reissue with digipack cover, remastered and with 1 bonus track
  Cinevox/Mondadori (9) 2019 reissue of 1977 album - mini-LP gatefold cover with booklet - no.9 in the Mondadori "Prog Italia" series
Zombi/Tenebre Cinevox (CD CIA 5035) 1990 reissue of the 1978 and 1982 albums - now deleted
Tenebre Cinevox (CD MDF 302) 1997 reissue of 1982 album - now deleted
  Cinevox (CD MDF 609) 2006 new reissue with digipack cover
Buio Omega Cinevox (CD MDF 304) 1997 now deleted
  Cinevox (CD MDF 631) 2008 reissue with digipack cover and two bonus tracks
Roller Cinevox (CD MDF 307) 1997 reissue of 1976 album
  Cinevox (CD MDF 634) 2008 reissue with digipack cover
  Cinevox (CD OST 715/S) 2012 new reissue
Zombi Cinevox (CD MDF 308) 1998 reissue of 1978 album
  Cinevox (CD MDF 606) 2006 new reissue with digipack cover, remastered and with 7 bonus tracks
La via della droga Cinevox (CD MDF 319) 1998  
Notturno Cinevox (CD MDF 320) 1998  
Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark Cinevox (CD MDF 323) 1999 reissue of 1978 album
  Cinevox (CD MDF 635) 2008 reissue with digipack cover
Squadra antigangster Cinevox (CD MDF 324) 1999 reissue of 1979 album
La chiesa Cinevox (CD MDF 329) 2000 reissue of 1988 album
Patrick Cinevox (CD MDF 330) 2000 reissue of 1979 album
The fantastic journey of Goblin vol.I Cinevox (CD MDF 336) 2000 2CD - gatefold digipack cover - 1 compilation CD + 1 live CD
Contamination Cinevox (CD MDF 340) 2000 reissue of 1980 album
NonHoSonno Cinevox (CD MDF 342) 2001  
Amo non amo Cinevox (CD MDF 347) 2002 reissue of 1979 album
Back to the Goblin 2005 Back to the Fudda (BTTF 001) - Canada 2005  
Live in Roma No Music No Life (NMNL 01/12) 2012 credited to "New Goblin" - recorded at Rome's Alpheus in 2011


(with Jennifer, The wind, Sleepwalking, Jennifer's friend)
Cinevox (MDF 33.167) 1985 LP - single cover - also includes tracks by Claudio Simonetti, Iron Maiden, Andi Sex Gang, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor, Simon Boswell
  Cinevox (CD CIA 5006) 1987 CD reissue of the above - now deleted
  Cinevox (CD MDF 303) 1997 as above
  Cinevox (CD MDF 618) 2007 new reissue with digipack cover

SINGLES (with picture sleeve)

Profondo rosso
Death dies
Cinevox (MDF 070) 1975 both tracks from Profondo rosso - first issue with black label, later with red label
  AMS/BTF (AMS 4501) 2014 reissue with the same cover as the original - red vinyl - limited release for the Record Store Day 2014
Snip snap
Cinevox (MDF 097) 1976 both tracks from Roller
part I & II
Cinevox (SC 1090) 1976  
  AMS/BTF (AMS 4502) 2015 reissue with the same cover as the original - white vinyl or limited 100 copies on clear vinyl - limited release for the Record Store Day 2015
Blind concert
Cinevox (SC 1107) 1977 both tracks from Suspiria
  AMS/BTF (AMS 4503) 2016 reissue with the same cover as the original - purple vinyl - limited release for the Record Store Day 2016
Un ragazzo d'argento
Opera magnifica
Cinevox (SC 1108) 1978 both tracks from Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark
..e suono rock
Cinevox (SC 1121) 1978 B-side from Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark
  AMS/BTF (AMS 4506) 2019 reissue with the same cover as the original - red vinyl - limited release for the Record Store Day 2019
Amo non amo
Funky top
Cinevox (MDF 121) 1979 both tracks from Amo non amo
Tenebre (extended disco remix)
Flashing (extended disco remix)
Cinevox (MDFX 10) 1982 12-inch - both tracks originally on Tenebre
Polvere blu
Cinevox (SC 1161) 1982 both tracks from Volo


Profondo rosso Cinevox (JB 499) 1975 jukebox single - backed with an excerpt from the soundtrack of the film Carambola filotto...tutti in buca
Profondo rosso
Death dies
Cinevox (JB 646) 1975 jukebox single
Snip snap
Cinevox (MDF 097) 1976 juke box single - same as regular issue but with white label and blank cover
Chi? Cinevox (JB 105) 1976 jukebox single - backed with Gianni Davoli/E mo'
We don't nobody
Cinevox (JB 228) 1982 jukebox single
Giarrettiere e rock'n'roll
Cinevox (JB 240) 1982 jukebox single
Death dies (film version)
Giaguaro (GRC 006) 2001 picture cover - bonus with the Il Giaguaro magazine




Perché si uccidono Cinevox (MDF 33/96) 1976 single cover - green label
  AMS/BTF (AMS 13LP) 2009 reissue of 1976 LP


Perché si uccidono Cinevox (CD MDF 321) 1999 reissue of 1976 album



Much collected by fans from all over the world, the original Goblin albums were pressed in large quantities and are rather common in Italy and not expensive. The only exceptions are the side releases, such as Cherry Five and Reale Impero Britannico albums.

The original Profondo rosso LP came in a gatefold laminated cover with black/silver label. The original album had in the inside gatefold, on the right side, a large writing "Musica di Giorgio Gaslini", replaced with "Musica di Goblin e Giorgio Gaslini" in a later issue with a gatefold non-laminated cover. It has been reissued in the Orizzonte low-price series, with single cover.
originally came with gatefold cover and custom label.
had a single cover including a foldout inner with the pop-up letters DA (film director Dario Argento's initials).
fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark came in a fantasy gatefold cover with a lyric inner and custom labels.

All the Goblin albums have had many reissues in lots of countries, as follows:

Profondo rosso was released in Japan (EMI/Odeon), Germany (Ariola), Holland (CNR), Portugal (Imavox) and Australia (Laser) and there's also been a bootleg with different track sequence called Deep red (probably from USA); a second Japanese pressing was issued with the title Suspiria 2 after that successful film came out. It also came out in Brasil with the title Preludio para matar on RCA Victor (204 4401, year 1976);
Also a single with Profondo rosso and Death dies was released in Germany by Ariola (no.16860) in 1976 with a different cover.

Roller was released in Japan (King/Seven Seas) and Canada (Attic, with two different labels);
Suspiria in Japan (EMI/Odeon), Canada (Attic), France (Barclay), England (EMI);
Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark in Japan (Nexus/King);
Zombi in Japan (Seven seas), France (Polydor), Germany (Polydor), USA (Varese) with the title Dawn of the dead.

A recent CD reissue of Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark has been released in Korea by M2U (limited 2000 copies, no. M2U 1001) with a mini-gatefold cover.
Also with mini-LP covers are the 2007 reissues on the Japanese Arcangelo label of Profondo rosso (ARC 7217/18 - 2CD with bonus tracks), Roller (ARC 7219), Suspiria (ARC 7220 - with bonus tracks), Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark (ARC 7221), Zombi (ARC 7222 - with bonus tracks)., which, along with Tenebre and Cherry Five are also included in a box set entitled Suspiria Box (Arcangelo ARC 173).

Another soundtrack performed by Goblin is for the film Solamente nero by Antonio Bido (1978, English title The bloodstained shadow), credited to Stelvio Cipriani as composer.

Back to the Goblin 2005 was issued on vinyl in 2009 by Giallo Music in a numbered pressing with gatefold cover and black (400 copies) or red vinyl (100 copies with a turntable slip-mat). The album contains the same tracks included in the CD version, but Magic thriller and Victor are in a different order.
Four of a kind was issued through a fundraising campaign held through the PledgeMusic site. The records was produced in an exclusive version on red vinyl reserved to the raisers, along with standard black vinyl, purple vinyl (limited to 500 copies) and CD.


Profondo rosso - LP
Roller - LP
Suspiria - LP
Il fantastico viaggio del "bagarozzo" Mark - LP
Zombi - LP
Perché si uccidono (by Reale Impero Britannico) - LP
Profondo rosso - 7" single cover (German issue)


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New Goblin
Prog Exhibition 2011 - Rome 22-Oct-2011


The official New Goblin website is at and
Keyboardist Claudio Simonetti has his own site at

Drummer Agostino Marangolo has a MySpace page at
A website/blog full of information dedicated to Goblin is at


Thanks to Roberto Attanasio, Valerio D'Angelo and Lorenzo Pittan for information