Giorgio Bettinelli (vocals)
Roberto De Giuseppe (vocals)
Lisi Gallini (vocals)
Andrea Bellani (guitar, vocals)
Michele Diliberto (flute, sax, vocals)
Lucio Fabbri (violin, keyboards, vocals)
Flavio Arpini (keyboards, cello, vocals)
Bruno Mori (bass, mandolin, vocals)
Stefano Erfini (percussion, guitar)
Mario Petrņ (drums, percussion)

A group formed in Cremona around 1973, and playing at III Festival d'Avanguardia in Naples in 1974, Piazza delle Erbe only arrived at their record release in 1977 with Saltaranocchio, a concept album born as a soundtrack for a theatre play by the group Teatro Zero from Crema.

The album is based on an E.A.Poe novel, and is a rather fragmented work with long vocal parts (eight of the ten band members were singers) and musically inspired by folk and medieval tunes. An unconvincing album, this has been their only record release.

Violinist/keyboardist Lucio Fabbri released a solo album on Cramps in 1978, Amarena, and has had a long career as composer and conductor as well as member of PFM.


Saltaranocchio Intingo (ITLM 14502) 1977 single cover with inner


Saltaranocchio is not particularly easy to find but not too expensive. It came on the small Intingo label and has never been reissued on CD.

No counterfeit exists nor foreign issues.

Saltaranocchio - LP