Nico Di Palo (guitar, vocals)
Maurizio Salvi (keyboards)
Frank Laugelli (bass)
Ric Parnell (drums)

aided by
Kamsin Urzino (vocals)

Jimmy Villotti (guitar)
Roger Mazzoncini (keyboards)
Gilberto Faggioli (bass)
Daniel Palella (drums)

Another mysterious chapter in the long New Trolls saga, Tritons were an offshoot of Ibis, as during the recordings of their Canti d'innocenza, canti d'esperienza first album, the band released a personal arrangement of the Rolling Stones' classic Satisfaction, and their record company Fonit decided to release it as a single under the new name Tritons. By the time the single was recorded, their drummer Gianni Belleno had left the band and was replaced by former Atomic Rooster Ric Parnell, who also played on Ibis' second album.

The single was an instant hit in Italy as well as in other countries, and when the band left Fonit for the release of an album on Polydor, again called Satisfaction, the old record company issued an LP called Country rock live by Tritons, that despite the title was not a live album nor by the real Tritons, being a collection of international cover versions played by an English group, the Roy Young Band, under a false name!

The Satisfaction LP was also a sort of divertissement for the musicians, being all made by covers of 50's and 60's rock classics with original and pleasant arrangements, but to make things more confused, another similar LP was released by the old drummer Gianni Belleno on Magma label as Johnny dei Tritons.

The "real" Tritons were in fact the ones on Polydor, a band composed by five musicians backing the four Ibis members.
In 1974, when Salvi and Parnell left Ibis, the remaining members Di Palo and Laugelli recruited two new musicians to record their third and last album, leaving Tritons to concentrate on their own work. The five remaining Tritons released a last single in 1976.




Satisfaction Polydor (2448 020 L) 1973  

Satisfaction Polydor (847072-2) 1994 reissue of 1973 album
  Universal (0602527316482) 2010 mini-LP single cover - part of the box set Progressive Italia - Gli anni '70 vol.3

SINGLES (with picture cover)

Fonit (IS 20124) 1973  
With a girl like you
Rock around the clock
Polydor (2060 065) 1974  
Ba ba ba
New York city
Polydor (2060 084) 1976  



Twist and shout with Satisfaction Magma (MAGL 18004) 1974  

SINGLES (with picture cover)

Twist and shout
My child
Magma (MGL 48005) 1973 Both tracks from Twist and shout with Satisfaction
Lady Pamela
Don't worry
Magma (MGL 48009) 1974  
Jumping fish
Sweet sweet love
Magma (MAG 004) 1976 Side A from Twist and shout with Satisfaction



Country rock live by Tritons Fonit International (ILS 9030) 1973 single laminated cover - first issue with 8 tracks
  Fonit International (ILS 9031) 1973 second issue with 7 tracks - 2 stickers on the cover
Rock on the road Fonit International (ILS 9038) 1974 front laminated single cover - as "Roy Young with the Tritons"
Satisfaction by Tritons Fonit/Pellicano (PL 423) 1980 reissue of the 1973 album with different title and cover

SINGLES (with picture cover)

I saw her standing there
Let it rock
Fonit (IS 20133) 1973 both tracks from Country rock live



Both Tritons albums (the real one and the one by the false band) are easy to find and not expensive. 
They have never been issued abroad nor counterfeited, but the Satisfaction single was issued in some foreign countries such as Spain (on Fonit Cetra/Zafiro), France (Barclay N 61860), Germany (Polydor 2121 193), all with different covers.

Even I saw her standing there by the fake Tritons was issued in France as a single, on Barclay (620 055).

The Country rock live by Tritons album was issued in two different versions: the first one (ILS 9030) contains eight tracks, among which two Beatles' hits, Got to get you into my life and Get back, were replaced by Satisfaction on a later 7-track issue. This second edition has the same cover as the first one, with a round sticker to promote the Satisfaction hit and another with the new catalogue number (ILS 9031).
The second issue of the LP was reissued in 1980 in the Pellicano budget series and als had a foreign release in Argentina in 1974 with the title Pais del rock (Barclay BLS-70016) and different artwork.
Along with the Country rock live by Tritons album, at least another LP played by the Roy Young Band with the name Tritons exists, Rock on the road from 1974. But Roy Young's website also lists another LP issued in 1973 by Fonit Cetra International, entitled If you could only see me now, on which there are no details.

Satisfaction - LP

Satisfaction - 7" single

Satisfaction - 7" single (Spain)

Satisfaction - 7" single (Germany)

Ba ba ba - 7" single

Johnny dei Tritons/Twist and shout with Satisfaction - LP

Johnny dei Tritons/Twist and shout - 7" single

Johnny dei Tritons/Lady Pamela - 7" single

Johnny dei Tritons/Sweet sweet love - 7" single

Country rock live by Tritons - LP

Roy Young with the Tritons/Rock on the road - LP

I saw her standing there - 7" single

I saw her standing there - French 7" single



Roy Young's website, featuring in the discography his records with the Tritons, is at



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