Bla Bla records was created in 1970 by Pino Massara and its first productions were pop-oriented singles and poetry albums. 
Since 1972, with the collaboration of Franco Battiato, it was mainly interested in producing avantgarde or progressive artists, even if they released commercial singles by actors Gino Bramieri and Zeudi Araya, along with some masterpieces of the Italian rock like Battiato's "Fetus" and "Pollution", Osage Tribe's "Arrow head" and Capsicum Red's "Appunti per un'idea fissa". 

Many Bla Bla products had deluxe gatefold covers, including many singles. Most albums had BBXL (the more avantgarde oriented) or BBL (prog-oriented) prefixes. The singles had BBR prefix numbers. The very scarce and little known first production has BBR numbers for albums and BC prefix for singles.

Last records on Bla Bla appeared in 1976.






BBXL 10001 Franco Battiato Fetus 1972 gatefold laminated cover with inner
BBL 11051 Capsicum Red Appunti per un'idea fissa 1972 gatefold laminated cover with inner
BBL 11052 Osage Tribe Arrow head 1972 gatefold laminated cover with inner
BBL 11053 Genco Puro & Co. Area di servizio 1972 single cover
BBXL 10002 Franco Battiato Pollution 1973 gatefold laminated cover with inner
BBXL 10003 Franco Battiato Sulle corde di Aries 1973 gatefold laminated cover
BBL 11054 Aktuala Aktuala 1973 gatefold cover
BBXL 10004 Aktuala La Terra 1974 single cover
BBXL 10005 Juri Camisasca La finestra dentro 1974 single cover with lyric inner
BBXL 10006 Franco Battiato Clic 1974 gatefold cover with booklet
BBXL 10007 Henry Wolff , Nancy Hennings with Drew Gladstone Tibetan bells 1974 single cover with inner
BBXL 10008 Franco Battiato M.lle le Gladiator 1975 single cover
BBXL 10009 Aktuala Tappeto volante 1976 single cover
BBXL 210010 Franco Battiato Feedback 1976 gatefold cover - compilation of tracks from his first four albums
BOP 90001 Various Artists Tarzan 1972 compilation with singles' tracks

BBR 007 Luciano Beretta e Walter Camurri Il Poeta e l'amore 1970 single cover, front laminated - orange label, two different versions exist with small variations
BOP 90002 Luciano e Fiorella Brandi ...e dopo ci facciamo un liscio 1973 single cover - green label







BBR 1303 Nicola Arigliano La prima notte
L'amore viene e se ne va
1970 two covers with different colours exist - orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1304 I Migrants In una sera
1970 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1305 Gino Bramieri Le mani
1970 orange label
BBR 1306 Capsicum Red Ocean
She's a stranger
1971 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1308 Black Sunday Flowers Hot rock
1971 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1309 Well's Fargo Run Billy run
Come around
1971 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1319 Gigi D'Auria Sacrilegio
'A santanotte
1971 orange label - no cover -
only issued as promo
BBR 1322 Capsicum Red Tarzan
1971 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1323 Osage Tribe Un falco nel cielo
Prehistoric sound
1971 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1324 Genco Puro & Co. La famiglia
Beato te
1972 orange label
BBR 1326 Nicola Arigliano L'improvvisata
Tirami su la testa
1972 orange label - no cover -
only issued as promo
BBR 1327 Flavia Farfalle nella notte
1972 orange label
BBR 1328 Genco Puro & Co. Sahara
1972 orange label - no cover -
only issued as promo
BBR 1329 H.E.I.Giona Tanto, tanto, tanto
Ho perso il treno con Nina
1972 orange label
BBR 1330 Franco Battiato Energia
Una cellula
1972 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1331 Colonnello Musch Cacao
Colonnello Musch
1972 green label - gatefold cover
BBR 1332 Capsicum Red In una sera
Un fiore
1972 orange label - no cover -
only issued as promo
BBR 1333 Franco Battiato La convenzione
1972 issued with both green and orange labels, with different recordings - gatefold cover
BC 201 Betty Curtis Donna
Innamorarsi no
1973 orange label
BBR 1334 Springfield Love
1973 green label
BBR 1335 Genco Puro & Co. Frontiere
A San Francisco
1973 green label
BBR 1336 Ixo Walk on my way
Don't look at me
1973 orange label - gatefold cover
BBR 1337 Gino Bramieri Quella sera con la luna
Tirami in su la vita
1973 issued with both green and orange labels
BBR 1338 Zeudi Araya Oltre l'acqua del fiume
1973 green label
BBR 1340 Peter Bewley It's alright Bill
Smile again
1973 green label
BBR 1339 Juri Camisasca La musica muore
1975 green label
BBR 1341Juri CamisascaHimalaya
Un fiume di luce
1975 green label



First production (1970-71) had an orange/yellow shaded label. LP's are very scarce and little is known about them, singles are more common. From 1972 a new label design was used, olive green with black writing (but some singles still used the old orange design). Most labels have the artist or the record title logo.

Some of the early LP's on this label (like the first three by Battiato) had a translucent blue/purple vinyl, only visible if the record is held against a strong light. This is caused by the vinyl used and doesn't indicate promotional copies.

The very first production was distributed by Phonogram, since 1972 Bla Bla passed under the Messaggerie Musicali / CGD distribution, later under Ricordi that reissued some of the label products in their Orizzonte budget price series.

Some of the Bla Bla albums were also released on cassette, among them Fetus (BBXL-M 10001) and Sulle corde di Aries (BBXL-M 10001) by Franco Battiato.

Among the rarities of the Bla Bla production some promotional singles whose existence was doubtful deserve to be mentioned, as they were traced in the RAI archives and their pictures are published below. These are In una sera/Un fiore by Capsicum Red (a single already published under the name Migrants), Sahara by Genco Puro (probably sung by Battiato) and Sacrilegio by the Neapolitan singer Gigi D'Auria (this particular song was banned by Rai), all singles that never had a commercial release and were only issued in promotional form without cover.

In the Bla Bla catalogue there are two odd releases issued under license of foreign companies:
-the LP Tibetan bells by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings with Drew Gladstone (issued in Italy in 1974, but recorded in 1971 and first released in the UK on Island, 3, in 1972) was the result of an agreement with the Island label that allowed Franco Battiato's album Clic to be issued in the UK.
-the single It's allright Bill by the Dutch singer Peter Bewley (real name Peter van Asten, singer of the groups Amsterdam and later Windjammer) had been originally issued in the Netherlands in 1972 on CNR ( The Italian issue, having a different picture sleeve, has the year 1973 on the label, even if, according to the Bla Bla singles numbering order should have been released in 1975.


BBR series LP (1970-71) - two different versions

Standard BBXL/BBL LP (1972 onwards)

Single - first design

Single - second design

Single - juke box white label first design

Single - juke box white label second design


rarities in the singles catalogue


Scarce BBR 007 and BOP 90002 album covers

Original blue/purple Fetus LP, as visible if held against a strong light



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Thanks to Valerio D'Angelo, Pino Orlandi, Alos, Lorenzo Pittan di Amarcord for pictures and information.