A small, little documented label, active in Italy between 1973 and 1974, releasing two of the most representative albums in the Italian prog scene of the 70's with Biglietto per l'Inferno and Semiramis
Trident was initially born in Milan as a management, in January 1973, and its founders were Angelo Carrara and Maurizio Salvadori, but it soon transformed to a small independent record company for the artists connected to the music agency. The record label's short life ended in early 1975.

Trident's name has been registered again in 2000 by Angelo Carrara and his Target Music agency, that along with BTF has re-released most of the old albums on CD.
Carrara sadly passed away in March 2012, committing suicide after a long time of depression.






TRI 1001 Dedalus Dedalus 1973 gatefold cover
also on cassette TRD 1001 and
8-track TRE 1001
TRI 1002 The Trip Time of change 1973 gatefold cover
also on cassette TRD 1002 and
8-track TRE 1002
TRI 1003 Eneide Uomini umili popoli liberi 1973 never released
TRI 1004 Semiramis Dedicato a Frazz 1973 gatefold cover
also on cassette TRD 1004 and
8-track TRE 1004
TRI 1005 Biglietto per l'Inferno Biglietto per l'Inferno 1974 single cover
also on cassette TRD 1005
TRI 1006 Opus Avantra Opus Avantra (Introspezione) 1974 gatefold cover
also on cassette TRD 1006
TRI 1007 Claudio Fucci Claudio Fucci 1974 single cover
also on cassette TRD 1007
TRI 1008 Dedalus Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico 1974 single cover
also on cassette TRD 1008


SINGLES: Only six of them are known, any help is welcome!






TRN 1001 Dedalus CT 6
1973   probably only issued with blank cover
TRN 1002 The Trip Corale
Formula nuova
TRN 1005 Biglietto per l'Inferno Una strana regina
TRN 1006 Opus Avantra Il pavone
Ah doleur
TRN 1007 Claudio Fucci La tua vita
Loro sanno dove?
TRN 1009 Biglietto per l'Inferno Vivi lotta pensa
L'arte sublime di un giusto
1975 probably never released



The third Trident album, by Eneide, was recorded but never released, and only had its official release in 1990 on the band's own label. Even the second 7" single by Il Biglietto per l'Inferno, which had already been given a catalogue number, was never commercially issued, and probably only exists as a test pressing.

The singles, which have a TRN prefix, had the same numbering as the corresponding LP's. So the single by Dedalus had number 1001 as the debut LP while both album and single by Biglietto per l'Inferno had no.1005. This explains why some numbers are missing from small singles catalogue.
The single no.1009 by Biglietto per l'Inferno, whose existence is unconfirmed, was announced by the Ciao 2001 magazine. The number 1009 would have probably been assigned to the second LP by the group, Il tempo della semina, scheduled for September 1975, that was never issued for the record company's premature closing.

The LP label has the Neptune logo on Side A and titles on Side B. Both sides have an electric blue background with silver writing.
Singles have a black label with silver logo and writing.

The albums were also released on cassette, with catalogue prefix TRD, and 8-track cartridge, with code TRE.

Lookout for counterfeits!!! Most of the albums on this label were reissued in the late 80's by an Italian dealer, and the reissues are so similar to the originals that many collectors are not aware their much expensive copies are fake!! The quality of these reissues is very good and presumably they were obtained from the same masters used for the CD reissues, but no one knows whether they have to be considered legal repressings or not.
Spot the differences in the scans, they are summarized in the following table:

  Original Counterfeit
1 rough paper smooth paper
2 electric blue background darker blue
3 machine stamped cat.number and date hand stamped details on run-off groove
4 SIAE blue stamp, taking an almost red/purple colour No SIAE stamp
5 embossed label border flat label
6 thinner silver circles around Poseidon's image thicker silver circles
7 smaller "33 giri Stereo" writing on B-side label bigger type on same writing


Original LP label - side A

Original LP label - side B

Counterfeit LP label - side A

Counterfeit LP label - side B

Original LP label with SIAE stamp and outer embossed edge visible

Original LP with machine stamped matrix number and date visible

7" single label

The complete series of Trident cassettes



Thanks to Claudio Fucci for info on this label.
A big thank you to Alessandro Cristini for pictures and information on the Trident cassettes.