Among the few Italian records dealing with electronics, these albums by the venetian composer/keyboardist Luciano Basso represent an interesting mix of classical-influenced progressive music and avant-garde. Basso had played in the group Il Mucchio recording their last two singles with them, before going solo.

Usually considered his best release, Voci, the first album from 1976, is a very good LP, containing five long instrumental tracks, with keyboards to the fore and backing electric instruments. Among the guest musicians on this album, the Nuvole di Paglia bass player, Mauro Periotto.
Later works increasingly went towards contemporary classical music.


Voci Ariston (AR/LP 12228) 1976 single cover, intially textured, later smooth
  AMS/BTF (AMS 04LP) 2008 reissue of the 1976 album
Cogli il giorno Ariston (AR/LP 12333) 1978 gatefold laminated cover
Frammenti tonali Ariston (AR/LP 12354) 1979 single cover
Luciano Basso (Arc-en-ciel) Ariston (AR/LP 12374) 1980 single cover


Improvvisi per pianoforte, fiati e percussioni Ariston (CL-CD 20) 1986  
Fantasie - Improvvisi Ariston (CL-CD 30) 1990  
Azygos quartet Ariston/Auditorio Classico (ARL-CD 31) 1993  
Luciano Basso (Arc-en-ciel) Ariston/Auditorio Classico (?) 1993 reissue of 1980 album
Voci Vinyl Magic (VM 043) 1994 reissue of 1976 album - now deleted
  AMS/BTF (AMS 123CD) 2007 new reissue with mini-LP gatefold cover and 1 bonus track
Notturni PM (7697-1) 1997  
Fogli d'album PM (9302) 2002  
Free fly AMS/BTF (AMS 124CD) 2007 mini-LP gatefold cover
Cogli il giorno AMS/BTF (AMS 142CD) 2008 reissue of 1978 LP with mini-LP gatefold cover
Open AMS/BTF (AMS 281CD) 2016 mini-LP gatefold cover
To tell AMS/BTF (AMS 340CD) 2023 mini-LP gatefold cover


All the Luciano Basso LP's were issued by Ariston and are now rare.
The original issue of Voci came out with a textured cover, soon replaced with a smooth one. The two versions can also be identified by a different text layout on the label and the date reported, "5-76" on the first issue, "1976" on the second. The album has been reissued again on vinyl in 2008.
No counterfeits exist, nor foreign issues on vinyl.
Voci and Cogli il Giorno were issued on CD in Japan in 2009 by Belle Antique with mini-LP covers (cat.nos.BELLE 091658 and BELLE 091659).

Voci - LP

Voci - LP, the textured and smooth cover compared


Voci - LP, two different label layouts

Cogli il giorno - LP

Frammenti tonali - LP

Luciano Basso - LP

Notturni - CD

Fogli d'album - CD

Free fly - CD



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Thanks to Fabio Bello and Luiz Claudio Brügger for information and pictures