Having had a good career as lyricist, singer-songwriter Gianni D'Errico, from Brindisi, released some singles in the early seventies that went unnoticed, and an album that was released only in 1976, after his death (in September 1975, run over by a car).

The LP, Antico teatro da camera, is usually considered as one of the best prog-inclined albums by solo artists, and a hard to find one! 
Produced by Equipe 84 leader Maurizio Vandelli (who also acted as producer for the first album by Reale Accademia di Musica), the ten tracks album has some good moments though the tracks are all in the 2-5 minutes range and contain little instrumental breaks, with the sole exception of the opening and closing short instrumental tracks called L'etrusca (part I & II)

Like in Franco Maria Giannini's LP case this is an album that won't probably satisfy the rich prog sound fans, being more in a classy melodic/soft prog direction.


Antico teatro da camera Ariston (AR/LP 12268) 1976 single cover
  Sony/BMG (88697-47336-1) 2009 reissue of 1976 LP

Antico teatro da camera BMG (82876-54404-2) 2003 reissue of 1976 album with mini LP cover
  Sony/BMG (88697-89998-2) 2011 as above


Sanremo '70
(with L'arca di Noč and Occhi a mandorla)
CGD (FGS 5062) 1970 gatefold cover - also features Marisa Sannia, Gianni Nazzaro, Sergio Leonardi, Niemen, Mario Tessuto, I Profeti, I Camaleonti, Gigliola Cinquetti, Sergio Menegale, Caterina Caselli, Betty Curti.

SINGLES (with picture sleeve)
Anima nera
Mi stracci il cuore mi stracci l'anima
CGD (N 9782) 1970  
La vestaglia
Precipitando verso Dio
Ariston (AR 0571) 1972  
L'ultima esperienza
La casa di roccia
Ariston (AR 0595) 1973  
Ariston (AR 00707) 1975 both tracks from Antico teatro da camera

Precipitando verso Dio Ariston (AR 0571) 1972 jukebox single - backed with Ornella Vanoni/Ma come ho fatto
La casa di roccia Ariston (AR/JB 002) 1973 jukebox single - backed with Ornella Vanoni/Sto male


An incredibly rare album, Antico teatro da camera was presumably only released by Ariston in very limited quantity.

The album was issued on CD for the first time in 2003 included in the "Dei di un perduto rock" series by BMG, soon deleted.
The only vinyl reissue was produced by Sony/BMG in 2009, in a limited series.

No counterfeits exist, nor foreign issues.

D'Errico was also included in the Sanremo '70 compilation album on CGD (he was signed with that label at the time) with two tracks that were originally sung by other artists. Also for the Sanremo Festival he wrote Il sorriso, il paradiso, sung by Sergio Menegale and Wallace Collection at 1971 edition.
His song Mi stracci il cuore, mi stracci l'anima also appears on the Cantagiro '70 compilation on CGD.



Antico teatro da camera - LP, front and back cover and label

Anima nera - 7" single

La vestaglia - 7" single

L'ultima esperienza - 7" single

Toccami - 7" single



Thanks to Valerio D'Angelo, Fabio Marchignoli, Gabriele Pierdomenico, Luciano Fassa, Giacomo Beatrici for some information and pictures included in this page.