Despite the name Genco Puro & Co. was not a group, but a solo artist from Sicily, whose real name was Riccardo Pirolli. 
Under the name Riccardo Rolli he released three singles for Durium and Decca in the late 60's, then was in Cristalli Fragili with Gianni Mocchetti and Gianfranco D'Adda and along with them played on Fetus, the first album by Franco Battiato, who, in return, helped him for the release of the Area di servizio LP. 

The album is mainly song based, built on keyboards and guitars, with Battiato singing in the best tracks Giorno d'estate and Nebbia, and seven of the 12 tracks on the LP composed by one Ed De Joy, who was, according to many sources, Franco Battiato himself.

After a later single taken from the LP, Pirolli has stayed in the musical world as arranger and sound engineer. He is not to be confused with the similarly named drummer Roberto Genco that released a jazz-rock LP in 1977.


Area di servizio Bla Bla (BBL 11053) 1972 single cover
  BTF/VinylMagic (VMLP 246) 2022 reissue of the above with red vinyl and poster - issued for Record Store Day 2022

Area di servizio Artis (ARCD 040) 1992 reissue of 1972 album with two bonus tracks from the first single - now deleted
  BTF/VinylMagic (VM CD 119) 2007 as above - new reissue with mini-LP cover

(with picture sleeves)
La famiglia
Beato te
Bla Bla (BBR 1324) 1972 both unreleased tracks
A San Francisco
Bla Bla (BBR 1335) 1973 both tracks from Area di servizio

(with picture sleeves)
Bla Bla (BBR 1328) 1972 both unreleased tracks - only released as promo


A very rare album, one of the very few on Bla Bla to be housed in a rather poor single sleeve, Area di servizio was reissued for the first time on vinyl in 2022. 
Both CD reissues also included the tracks from the first single La famiglia.

No counterfeit exists, nor foreign issues.

A very rare oddity, the Sahara single, only released as a promo, contains two tracks clearly sung by Franco Battiato!

Area di servizio - LP

La famiglia - 7" single LP

Frontiere - 7" single LP

Sahara - promo-only 7" single



Thanks to Valerio D'Angelo for information and scans.