A little known album, Storia mai scritta is definitely a much more progressive album than the works of similar singer-songwriters like the expensive Affresco by Franco Maria Giannini or Antico teatro da camera by Gianni D'Errico.

A singer-songwriter from Calabria, but raised in Bologna, Capuano released this, his debut album, for the just born small independent Divergo label, and it is a surprisingly good album. 
An eight-part 36-minute long suite, Storia mai scritta, is in fact mostly instrumental, vocal parts just covering the first 6 minutes and a final reprise, and based on Capuano's impressive 12 string and classical guitar playing, with good keyboards (mostly synth, but even organ) and a rhythm section. The result is not far from Alan Sorrenti's Aria or Claudio Rocchi's Volo magico n.1 suites on the albums of the same title, starting with vocal parts and evolving into a long instrumental with a complex musical structure.

Helping Enzo Capuano, on vocals, acoustic and classical guitar, synth, are keyboardist Mario Panseri (with which Capuano had collaborated in his Adolescenza album on RCA from 1973) and drummer Giovanni D'Aquila, while the bass parts are obtained with the synthesizer. 

After this LP, Capuano dedicated to composition of movies and cartoon soundtracks and to his singing studies, graduating at the Milan Academy of Music. Since 1989 he is a professional opera singer (vocal range: bass).


Storia mai scritta Divergo (DVAE 002) 1975 laminated single cover

Storia mai scritta Mellow (MMP 286) 1996 reissue of 1975 album


Storia mai scritta is rare to find, though not particularly sought after. It came in a laminated single cover on the newly born Divergo label.

No counterfeits exist.

Storia mai scritta - LP

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Thanks to Enzo Capuano for his friendly collaboration