Roby Facchinetti (vocals, keyboards)
Mario Goretti (guitar)
Mauro Bertoli (guitar)
Riccardo Fogli (bass, vocals)
Valerio Negrini (drums)

Bertoli quits

Goretti replaced by 
Dodi Battaglia (guitar, vocals)

Negrini replaced by
Stefano D'Orazio (drums, vocals)

1973 until now
Roby Facchinetti (keyboards, vocals)
Dodi Battaglia (guitar, vocals)
Red Canzian (bass, vocals)
Stefano D'Orazio (drums, vocals)

Like I Nomadi, even Pooh are a marginal inclusion here, name them to an Italian prog fan and you'll probably cause strange visual expressions. Anyway, they're highly regarded by some foreign collectors, especially from Japan and Korea, and smart dealers often describe their albums as "prog classics".

Another beat band, I Pooh started in 1964 in Bologna with an early repertoire, as common to many beat groups of that time, mainly based on Italian-sung covers of English and American hits.
Their first LP, Per quelli come noi, is an enjoyable beat classic, with covers of songs by the Who, the Kinks, Spencer Davis Group, along with original material.

Two later albums went in a more melodic pop direction, and at the turn of the 70's, with a line-up and record company change the band took their typical pomp pop style. In 1973 one of the founder members, Riccardo Fogli, left for a successful career and was replaced by former Capsicum Red guitarist Red Canzian, now on bass. The stable line-up lasts today, and Pooh are still in the 2000's one of the main live attractions in Italy with a long series of gold albums.

In the 70's production, prog fans can find something interesting in Parsifal and Un po' del nostro tempo migliore, but the multivocal falsetto parts and orchestral arrangements will sound disturbing to many.


LP (up to 1975)
Per quelli come noi Vedette (VRM 36033) 1966 single laminated cover
  Vedette / Scacco Matto (SM 7020) 1982 reissue in budget-price series
  Suoni Rari (SR5) 1995 picture disc with cutout cover - 1000 copies
Memorie Vedette (VPA 8083) 1968  
Contrasto Vedette (VRMS 358) 1969  
Opera prima CBS (64592) 1971 gatefold cover
Alessandra CBS (69023) 1972 gatefold with insert
Parsifal CBS (69043) 1973 gatefold with 12-page photo booklet
  BTF/Vinyl Magic (VM 161LP) 2014 reissue with the same cover as the original - orange vinyl
Un po' del nostro tempo migliore CBS (69118) 1975 gatefold with stapled 4-page lyric booklet
  BTF/Vinyl Magic (VM 162LP) 2014 reissue with the same cover as the original - orange vinyl
All albums have been reissued on CD

(with picture sleeve - up to 1975)
Vieni fuori
L'uomo di ieri
Vedette (VVN 33106) 1966  
Bikini beat
Quello che non sai
Vedette (VVN 33114) 1966  
Brennero '66
Per quelli come noi
Vedette (VVN 33121) 1966  
Nel buio 
Cose di questo mondo
Vedette (VVN 33138) 1967  
La solita storia
Nel buio
Vedette (VVN 33145) 1967  
Piccola Katy
In silenzio
Vedette (VVN 33148) 1968  
Buonanotte Penny
Il tempio dell'amore
Vedette (VVN 33159) 1968  
Mary Ann
E dopo questa notte
Vedette (VVN 33170) 1969  
Goodbye madama Butterfly
Un minuto prima dell'alba
Vedette (VVN 33182) 1969  
Tanta voglia di lei
Tutto alle tre
CBS (7216) 1971  
A un minuto dall'amore
CBS (7514) 1971  
Noi due nel mondo e nell'anima
Nascerņ con te
CBS (8054) 1972 initially with white gatefold cover, later with group photo on cover
Cosa si puņ dire di te
Quando una lei va via
CBS (8478) 1972  
Io e te per altri giorni
Lettera da Marienbad
CBS (1640) 1973  
Infiniti noi
Solo cari ricordi
CBS (1790) 1973  
Se sai se puoi se vuoi
Inutili memorie
CBS (2440) 1974  
Per te qualcosa ancora
E vorrei
CBS (2837) 1974  
Ninna nanna
E' bello riaverti
CBS (3530) 1975  


From a collector's point of view the first three albums by Pooh on Vedette are particularly rare and expensive, the hardest to find being Contrasto, released in a very limited quantity.
The first one has been reissued by Raro magazine on picture disc with a cutout cover. It includes a small insert with the song titles.

Later production on CBS is still very easy to find in Italy, though the early pressings often contained inserts or booklets. All these LP's were reissued on grey/orange CGD label.
Parsifal and Un po' del nostro tempo migliore were both reissued in 2014 by BTF with the same covers with booklets as the originals and on orange vinyl.

No counterfeits exist of these not foreign issues.

Per quelli come noi - front cover

Contrasto - front cover