Founder member of Formula Tre and well respected session guitarist, Alberto Radius also had a good solo career following his band's split. 

His first solo album, regarded as one of the Italian prog rarest though not particularly representative of the genre, was issued in 1972 when Formula Tre were still active, and was a sort of jam session with important Italian musicians of the time, including Franz Di Cioccio from Premiata Forneria Marconi and Area's Demetrio Stratos and Giulio Capiozzo along with Gianni Dall'Aglio and Vince Tempera that were later with him in Il Volo. The album was produced by Lucio Battisti under the fantasy name of Lo Abracek

Later works were halfway between pop and rock, with Nel ghetto from 1977 being a successful single.


LP (up to 1980)
Radius Numero Uno (ZSLN 55153) 1972 single cover
  BMG (88697 36958 1) 2008 reissue in limited numbered series
  Sony Music/De Agostini (54) 2019 single cover with 8-page insert - no.54 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
  Numero Uno/Sony Music (19439 85676 17) 2021 numbered issue - red vinyl - issued for Record Store Day 2021
Che cosa sei? CBS (81476) 1975 gatefold cover with inner
Carta straccia CGD (20008) 1976 single cover with inner
America goodbye CGD (20122) 1979 gatefold plastic window cover with and inner
Leggende CGD (20236) 1980 single cover with inner

Carta straccia CGD (9031 77232-2) 1990 reissue of 1976 album
  BTF/Vinyl Magic (VM 152CD) 2011 new reissue with mini-LP cover
Che cosa sei? CBS () 90's reissue of 1975 album
America goodbye CGD (8573 80700-2) 90's reissue of 1979 album
Leggende CGD (  ) 90's reissue of 1980 album
Radius BMG/Vinyl Magic (74321-26545-2) 1995 reissue of 1972 album
  BMG (74321-98506-2) 2003 as above with mini LP cover - now deleted
  BMG (88697-85361-2) 2011 as above with mini LP cover
  Numero Uno/Mondadori (19) 2019 mini-LP gatefold cover with booklet - no.19 in the Mondadori "Prog Italia" series

Qui giovani
(with Rock 1)
Numero Uno (2G2KY 19279) 1972 compilation, also featuring Demetrio Stratos, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Formula 3, Adriano Pappalardo
Quelli della Numero Uno
(with Il mio cane si chiama Zenone)
Numero Uno (CFD 01080-10) 1999 10 CD - box set with tracks from singles

SINGLES (with picture sleeve -  up to 1977)
Che cosa sei?
Il respiro di Laura
CBS (4529) 1975  
Nel ghetto
CGD (10004) 1977  


The first solo album by Alberto Radius is very rare and in many collectors' wantlists. Strange, because Numero Uno releases were never very limited, but probably this sold poorly at the time.
The album has been reissued on CD in March 2003 by BMG with mini-LP cover and obi, as part of their "Dei di un perduto rock" series, and later repressed in October of the same year when a second batch of those CD's came out.
The CD was announced by BMG as being also available with standard jewel case ( 74321-98505-2) but was probably never issued in this form.
The first Italian vinyl reissue was released in 2008 by BMG, in a limited numbered series.

The following Radius production is all easy to find in original issues.
Che cosa sei? and Carta straccia were issued in Japan, both on LP (King K22P-224 and K22P-367) and CD (Arcangelo ARC-7094 and ARC-7142).

No counterfeits exist.

Radius - LP

LP label



Thanks to Giorgio Meloni, Marcelo Bacha and Antonio Calcagno for information