Bruno Mosti (vocals, keyboards)
Franco Bettazzi (sax, flute)
Giorgio Gorini (sax, flute, vocals)
Giovanni Rondelli (bass, acoustic guitar)
Fabrizio Prussi
(drums, vocals)

I Santoni were formed in Florence in the second half of the 60's, the early line-up included bassist Marco Puggelli and drummer Wilson Lupi, later replaced by Giovanni Rondelli and Fabrizio Prussi.
In 1971 their first single was issued by Car Juke Box, Amico mio, which demonstrated the group's sound, based on the Hammond organ played by Bruno Mosti and the flutes and saxes of Bettazzi and Gorini.
The ultrarare only album by I Santoni was released in 1972, but like similar LP's from that period (I Boom, Laser, Raminghi, Il Mucchio) it's strongly influenced by a sixties sound. 
The starting track Quelli come noi (also on single) reminds of Delirium's Jesahel with good flute work. The rest of the album is on a good level, though never particularly exciting.
nine tracks (all in the 3-4 minute range with the sole exception of Verità at 5:33) show the good voice in evidence as was common practice in the 60's Italian pop.

The LP was not very successful, but gave the group the chance to play all over Italy and later in France and Switzerland, until their break-up in 1974.



Noi: I Santoni Car Juke Box (CRJ LP 00026) 1972 blue/black/red label
  Akarma (AK 1034) 2014 reissue of the above

Noi: I Santoni Mellow (MMP 263) 1995 reissue of 1972 album
  Akarma (AK 1034) 2003 as above - mini gatefold cover

(with picture sleeve)
Amico mio
Car Juke Box (CRJ NP 1066) 1971  
Che farei
Quelli come noi
Car Juke Box (CRJ NP 1086) 1972 both tracks from Noi


A very rare album as almost every other on Car Juke Box, Noi: I Santoni was reissued on vinyl for the first time on 2014. No counterfeit exists, nor foreign reissues.
Two different versions exist of the original label, one having the SIAE logo on the left side, the other has it on the right and adds the "Distribuzione Dischi Ricordi" writing in the bottom side. It's impossible to say which one came first.

The CD reissues by Mellow and Akarma have given the prog fans the only chance to hear an otherwise impossible to find album.
There is an odd cassette issue of this album, released around 1975 by the Selenia label (cat.SC 275).


Noi: I Santoni - LP


Noi: I Santoni - LP label, two different versions

Amico mio - 7" single cover

Che farei - 7" single cover



Thanks to Giovanni Ottone and Daniele Ubezio for pictures and information