Gigi Venegoni (guitar, bass, percussion)
Ludovico Einaudi (keyboards)
Luca Francesconi (keyboards)
Ciro Buttari (percussion, vocals, piano)
Pietro Pirelli (percussion)
Massimo Aimone (drums)

Formed by ex-Arti & Mestieri guitarist Luigi "Gigi" Venegoni and taking its name by him, this was an open band which more than twenty musicians collaborated with during the years. A stable nucleus of the six musicians above recorded the band's two LP's on Cramps, being augmented in the studio by guest musicians like sax players Claudio Pascoli and Maurizio Gianotti.

More jazz-rock oriented than Arti & Mestieri, Venegoni & Co. are always ideally close to the old group, as demonstrated by Memoria on their first album, a reworking of the Positivo/Negativo theme from the old band's Tilt album. Their music is instrumental, obviously dominated by Venegoni's fluid guitar playing.

Though definitely less impressive and prog-inspired than the first two Arti & Mestieri albums, both Rumore rosso and Sarabanda can be an interesting listen for jazz-rock fans.

Two later studio albums on CD by Venegoni, Nocturne (as a trio with Marco Cimino from Errata Corrige and Marino Paire) and Mosaico were more in a new-age style, while the recent live CD's Rumore rosso vivo and Live...somewhere in the seventies... feature live recordings from different line-ups in 1978 and 1979.

In 2001 Venegoni joined Arti & Mestieri for their Murales album, playing with them in many concerts. He also appeared on their 2013 double CD The live and their 2015 studio album Universi paralleli.

In 2007, with Planetarium, the Venegoni & Co. group was reformed with the original line-up musicians. Their last release is a double CD with new recordings issued in 2017, Canvas, an ideal compendium of their 40 years activity.


Rumore rosso Cramps (CRSLP 5503) 1977 single cover with inner
  Cramps (5205 503) 1978 as above
Sarabanda Cramps (5205 504) 1979 gatefold cover with inner


Nocturne Dynamo (DYN 8801) 1989  
Rumore rosso Cramps (CRSCD 024) 1994 reissue of 1977 album - now deleted
  Electromantic (TJRS 1963) 2004 as above with 1 bonus live track
Mosaico Electromantic (ARTS 9003) 2000  
Sarabanda Edel (CRA 0136562) 2002 reissue of 1979 album with digipack cover
Rumore rosso vivo Electromantic (ARTS 9012) 2002 live recordings from 1978/79
Live...somewhere in the 70's Edel (ERE 0151792) 2004 live recordings from 1979 - digipack cover
Ante Tilt Electromantic (AEMS 0983) 2007 old recordings from 1972 and 1973
Planetarium Electromantic (TJRS F002) 2007 new studio album
Canvas Canvas (CVS 001) 2017 2 CD

1979: Il concerto
(with Coesione)
Cramps (5203 001) 1979 2LP - gatefold with inner - from the Demetrio Stratos tribute concert - also features Area, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Francesco Guccini, Angelo Branduardi, Antonello Venditti, Roberto Vecchioni, Roberto Ciotti and others
  Edel (CRA 013653-2) 2002 single CD reissue of the above - digipack cover
  Akarma (AK 1026) 2002 single CD reissue of the above - mini gatefold cover
  Cramps/De Agostini (5203 001) 2018 2 LP - gatefold cover and 8-page insert - no.12 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
La musica dissennata degli anni '70
(with Coesione, Ubud)
Cramps (5208 004) 1980 released in the "Successo" series by Polygram - also includes tracks by Arti & Mestieri, Bella Band, Canzoniere del Lazio


Both the Venegoni & Co. albums are still rather common to find and cheap. No counterfeits exist.

During the 80's Venegoni collaborated as composer in some dance music 12-inch records, among which one released under the name Mike Up in 1986.


Rumore rosso - LP

Sarabanda - LP

Rumore rosso vivo - CD
Live...somewhere in the seventies... - CD
Canvas - CD


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Thanks to Lorenzo Pittan of Amarcord Records for information