Maurizio Rota (vocals, percussion)
Adriano Martire (keyboards)
Fernando Fera (guitar)
Glauco Borrelli (bass, vocals)
Marcello Vento (drums)

A five-piece of very good musicians from Rome, Alberomotore (this is how their name was written on their records, but many magazines called them Albero Motore) were aided and produced by 60's singer-guitarist Ricky Gianco who helped them with a recording deal with the newly born Intingo label. 
Their album had just been issued by the old Car Juke Box label and was soon re-released on the new label.

Il grande gioco seems one of those rock-inspired singer-songwriters' albums so popular in Italy during the 70's, with much more space to the voice than to lead instruments, prog influences are minimal, with honky piano and excellent but short American-styled guitar licks to the fore, helped by a good voice, and the album is a nice listening though with no particular merits. 
The only relevant tracks are Israele with lyrics on the Palestinian people and the closing ProvvisorietÓ,
introduced by a short instrumental (and much closer to a prog style, this time) called Capodanno '73.

After the LP, a single was released a year later, then the group disbanded. Some of the band members played in other artists' albums, with Fernando Fera being the most successful of them as a well known sessionman and film music composer. Fera also released an LP, entitled simply Fernando Fera Group (BB LP-8110) probably issued in 1981 and including 11 tracks between pop and library music.
Singer Maurizio Rota had a good solo activity until his death in 2010 and was also in a Beatles-tribute band that included former Libra and Buon Vecchio Charlie keyboardist Sandro Centofanti. He released a single in 1978, Un fiore contro il vento/Strade de borgata, (EMI 3C-006-18326), two tracks from the soundtrack of the film Non contate su di noi, that's interesting for the presence of all the members of Alberomotore.
Marcello Vento has played for a while with Canzoniere del Lazio and Jenny Sorrenti's band and had a relevant activity in the jazz field and as drum teacher. He passed away in 2013.
Bassist Glauco Borrelli kept playing as sessionman after the band split, then he joined the band of singer-songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli, later he opened a recording studio in Rome.



Il grande gioco Car Juke Box (CRJ LP 00035) 1974 single cover and lyric inner
  Intingo (ITGL 14001) 1974 second issue with single cover and lyric inner
  Akarma (AK 055) 1999 reissue of the 1974 LP with gatefold cover and inner
  AMS/BTF (AMS LP 141) 2018 as above


Il grande gioco Akarma (AK 055) 1999 reissue of 1974 album - digipack cover
  AMS/BTF (AMS 118) 2007 as above with mini LP gatefold cover

Progressivamente 1973-2003
(with Capodanno '74)
Progressivamente (GMP 002) 2004 CD compilation of unreleased recordings, also includes Gianni Leone/Leo Nero, Osanna, Metamorfosi, Semiramis and others

SINGLES (with picture sleeve)

Nel giardino dei lillÓ
Car Juke Box (CRJ NP 1092) 1974 both tracks from Il grande gioco
Messico lontano
Intingo (ITG 401) 1975 two unreleased tracks


Il grande gioco has been issued on two different labels in the same year, and is easier to find in the second issue on Intingo (distributed by Ricordi), though never cheap.
The original issue on Car Juke Box, was released in a very small quantity before the label ceased to exist and is very rare. The record had an unusual CJB label probably only used in the latest days of this record company (see scan below).
By the way the Intingo issue was taken from the same master as the Car Juke Box original and carries the CRJ 00035 number stamped on vinyl.
Both labels were distributed by
Ricordi and probably for this reason some copies were sold with a Car Juke Box vinyl and the cover with the Intingo logo.
No counterfeits nor foreign issues.

The unreleased Capodanno '74, included in the CD compilation Progressivamente 1973-2003, is in fact a slower and longer remake of the nice instrumental track Capodanno '73 from the LP Il grande gioco.

Il grande gioco - front cover

Car Juke Box and Intingo LP labels

Close-up of the original cover with Car Juke Box logo, masked on the Intingo reissue

Landru - 7" single cover

Messico lontano - 7" single cover



Bass player Glauco Borrelli has a website,, documenting all his musical past and present activity



Thanks to Alex Acquarone for some of the information in this page