Another musician from Naples, Antonio "Toni" Esposito is an ever present guest in many 70's albums by artists from that city. 
He played with neapolitan artists like singer-songwriter Edoardo Bennato, his brother the folk-researcher Eugenio Bennato, Alan Sorrenti (on his first three albums), Luciano Cilio and on first Saint Just LP, then also appeared on other Italian artists' records such as Francesco Guccini, Francesco De Gregori, Perigeo and international names like Shawn Phillips and Don Cherry.

Starting as a drummer he slowly evolved as an inventive percussionist, well-known in Italy for his use of any kind of home tools as a musical instrument. 
His solo albums are mainly jazz-rock oriented, mostly instrumentals and with Toni's percussions in evidence, but his production level has gone worse in later records, always in a more commercial way.


LP (up to 1978)
Toni Esposito (Rosso napoletano) Numero Uno (ZSLN 55677) 1974 gatefold cover - later copies with single cover
  Numero Uno/De Agostini (ZSLN 55677) 2018 single cover with 8-page insert - no.18 in the De Agostini "Prog Rock Italiano" series
  Numero Uno/Sony Music (19439 85679 1) 2021 reissue of the 1974 LP - numbered issue with gatefold cover and red vinyl
Processione sul mare Numero Uno (ZSLN 55686) 1976 single cover
  Numero Uno/Sony Music (19439 85684 1) 2021 reissue of the 1976 LP - numbered issue with blue vinyl
Gente distratta Numero Uno (ZPLN 43015) 1977 single cover
  Numero Uno/Sony Music (19439 91456 1) 2021 reissue of the 1977 LP - numbered issue with and red vinyl
La banda del sole Philips (6323 056) 1978 gatefold laminated cover with inner
  Philips (811 001) 1984 reissue with single cover in the Successo series
  RadiciMusic (RMR-401LP) 2015 reissue with gatefold cover - 300 numbered copies
All the above albums have been reissued on CD

Trianon 75 - Domenica musica
(with Rosso napoletano)
RCA (TCM2-1178) 1975 2LP - gatefold cover - live album including Antonello Venditti, Mario Schiano, Perigeo, Rino Gaetano, Lucio Dalla, Stradaperta and others
Parco Lambro
(with L'alba nei quartieri)
Laboratorio (LB/LP 201) 1976 live recordings from the 1976 Parco Lambro festival - also features Sensations' Fix, Ricky Gianco, Area, Canzoniere del Lazio, Paolo Castaldi, Eugenio Finardi.
  Stampa Alternativa (RP 02) 2005 CD reissue of the above with different mini LP cover - only sold with the book Area/Musica e rivoluzione by Gianpaolo Chiaric̣

(with picture cover)
Processione sul mare
Mercato di stracci
Numero Uno (ZN 50347) 1976 both tracks from Processione sul mare


All the Toni Esposito albums are still easy to find and not expensive.
No counterfeits exist, the only LP to have a foreign release was Processione sul mare, issued in the USA with the title translated to Procession of the hierophants on the Peters label (no.PILPS 9012).

Toni Esposito (Rosso napoletano) - LP

Processione sul mare - LP

Procession of the hierophants - LP (USA)

Gente distratta - LP

La banda del sole - LP