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45 - Waterloo/Fuochi artificiali (Equipe EQ 0133 - 1971)
45 - Pensione Pineta/L'americano Wright (Condor TV 22 - 1972)
45 - Stanotte sto con lei/Un uomo che lavora (Condor TV 24 - 1973)
+ others

Many singles for this group, in a pop/rock style with a horn section, not far from the Showmen sound.



Alessio Tognetti (vocals, guitar)
Vito Carrara (keyboards)
Riccardo Ciardelli (bass)
Paolo Randazzo (vocals, drums)

45 - Onorata societÓ/Un letto caldo (RCM AB-72159 - 1971)

45 - Onorata società/Un letto caldo (Edizioni 777 FG - 2017 - reissue of the above)

A group from Pisa, active in Tuscany, especially in the Versilia area between 1966 and 1974. The style of their only single is close to 1969/70 New Trolls, with Italian lyrics. The nice cartoon cover contains, among the others, the faces of the group members.
The original single is very rare; it was was reissued in a 30 numbered copies pressing in 2017, which is also very hard to find.
Not to be confused with a beat group with similar name, The Why, that released a single in 1969.



Paolo Perazzini (vocals, guitar)
Mimma Caldirola (vocals, percussion)
Umberto Calice (vocals, percussion)
Marco Bertani (guitar, vocals)
Mauro Bertani (guitar, vocals)
Franco Di Biase (mandolin)
Riccardo Luppi (flute)
Attilio Zanchi (bass, guitar, accordion, vocals)
Ettore Gobbato (percussion)

LP - Pietre della mia gente (L'Orchestra OLP 10002 - 1975)
LP - Pietre della mia gente (I Dischi dello Zodiaco VPA 8308 - 1976 - reissue of the above, different cover)
LP - In piazza (I Dischi dello Zodiaco VPA 8370 - 1977)
LP - Feste, danze e balli popolari (I Dischi dello Zodiaco VPA 8417 - 1978)

LP - Il pifferaio (Madau D02 - 1980)

Despite being essentially a folk group, Yu Kung deserve to be mentioned in this site for the musical technique and nice arrangements in their production, that goes beyond a simple reworking of traditional songs.
This group from Milan, active since 1971 with the name "Come Yu-Kung rimosse le montagne" (with which they appeared on two singles) and close to the political left-wing youth movements, took part in some festivals like Parco Lambro and Licola in 1975, and released a first album for L'Orchestra, reissued a year later by I Dischi dello Zodiaco. In their music, on the second and fourth album in particular, there are interesting instrumental parts, not too far from the Stormy Six of Un biglietto del tram.
The line-up featured some talented and popular musicians such as Attilio Zanchi (previously with Come le Foglie and later in Maad), who played in the first album, and his replacement Marco Ferradini, who had been in Drogheria di Solferino and later a popular singer-songwriter.




Andrea Tamassia (guitar)
Paolo Casu (percussion)
Paolo Chiavacci (violin)
Giampiero Rezoagli (acoustic bass)
Grazia Scaramelli (percussion)

LP - Un giorno in una piazza del mediterraneo (Materiali Sonori MASO 009 - 1979)
LP - Il cerchio degli antichi colori (Materiali Sonori MASO 015 - 1981)

LP - Un giorno in una piazza del mediterraneo (Black Sweat BS032 - 2017 - reissue of the 1979 album)
LP - Il cerchio degli antichi colori (Black Sweat BS033 - 2017 - reissue of the 1981 album with bonus 7" live single)

A group based in Florence, active between 1979 and 1981, as others they tried to mix traditional folk tunes with typical mediterranean and eastern-flavoured atmospheres. Their albums are close to the "world music" experiments made in the same period by Mauro Pagani.
Both albums have been reissued for the first time on vinyl in 2017 by the Black Sweat label, the second one also includes a bonus single with two unreleased live tracks, Kolo e Variazione and Corde D'Amore.


LP - Zucchero (Fonit LPX 33 - 1974)

Not the popular Zucchero Fornaciari, but a different artist whose real name was Giulio "Franco" Zuccaro, he was from Brindisi but moved to Rome for his musical career.
He only released an album in 1974 with help from Nanni Civitenga of Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, and it contains good rock tracks with brass arrangements and female backing vocals.




Thanks to Maurizio Fulvi and Riccardo Ciardelli for some of the pictures and information in this page.



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