While the compilation LP's have always been very popular in Italy since the early sixties, the rock and progressive scene of the 70's didn't produce many interesting titles, especially for what unreleased material is concerned.

Below there is a small number of various artists' LP's and CD's with (where available) recording details and track listings.
Along with official releases, even two “private pressing” CD’s have been included, being the first (and probably the best) of a long list of rarities’ compilations created by collectors, and among the very few to have been released in multiple, numbered copies.


PIPER 2000
LP - ARC ALPS 11020 - 1969

A nice beat/pop compilation, this includes an unreleased track by The Trip, Bolero blues. Also interesting because it includes some British artists that had a successful career in Italy, Mal (from the Primitives), Camel, The Senate.

The Trip - Bolero blues
Patty Pravo - Nel giardino dell'amore
The Four Kents - Tu non sai
Camel - Where is my mind
Mal dei Primitives - Pensiero d'amore
Patty Pravo - Ballerina ballerina
The Senate - L'ombra di un lontano amore
Mal dei Primitives - Hei dove sei
The Four Kents - Sing a rainbow, love is blue
Camel - Sitting on top of the world

All studio recordings, many of these were released on singles.


LP - RCA PSL 10487 - 1970
(also on CD RCA/BMG 74321 36426-2 - 1997)

Another beat/pop compilation, this includes two tracks by The Trip from their first album, Incubi and Riflessioni. Three of the tracks are also included on other RCA/Arc compilations mentioned here.
The LP was issued in promotional form, allegedly in 2000 copies, to promote the Piper 2000 club in Viareggio, which appears on the cover.
The 1997 CD was released in a limited numbered issue and is now difficult to find.

The Trip - Incubi
The Trip - Riflessioni
Jody Clark - L'amore va, l'amore viene
Mal - Tu sei una donna ormai
Mal - Favolosamente
The Primitives - Mama rock
Patty Pravo - Il mio fiore nero
Patty Pravo - Per te
The Four Kents - Come neve al sole
The Four Kents - Sing a rainbow, love is blue

All studio recordings, many of these were released on singles. The two tracks by The Trip were also included in their first LP.


MC - RCA LPK 21105 - 1970

One of just two cassette-only releases included in this page, Sound '70 is a rare compilation, very important because it includes the first recordings ever released by Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, which were later reissued on vinyl only in 1989. Along with these, the compilation, one of many issued by RCA with a rather dull artwork, contains an interesting selection of tracks by Balletto di Bronzo, The Trip and The Showmen.
It's likely, but not confirmed, that Sound '70 was also issued on 8-track cartridge.

The Trip - Visioni dell'aldilà
The Trip -Incubi
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Meditazione
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Eh eh ah ah
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Neve calda
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Vedo il telefono
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - La mia libertà
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Padre Francesco
The Showmen - Mi sei entrata nel cuore
The Showmen - Ci crederesti se...
The Showmen - Solo te, solo me, solo noi

All studio recording, many of them had already been issued on LP or on singles.
The three Banco del Mutuo Soccorso tracks were unreleased at the time and were later released on vinyl on an eponymous 12" EP and the Donna Plautilla LP (both from 1989).

The Showmen track Solo te, solo me, solo noi is unreleased in this group's version, having only been released by Stevie Wonder.


LP - Numero Uno ZSLN 55012 - 1970
(also on LP Numero Uno/Sony Music 01943 97967 418 - 2020)

One of many samplers issued by record companies to promote their artists, this is rather rare in its original form but significant because it was reissued to launch the newly-born Numero Uno in 2020.

Formula 3 - Io ritorno solo
Edoardo Bennato - 1941
La Verde Stagione - Milioni di domande
Annamaria Rame - Un brivido
Bruno Lauzi - Mary oh Mary
Flora Fauna e Cemento - Superstar
Bruno Lauzi - ...e penso a te
Jumbo - In estate
Computers - Bella
Formula 3 - Nanananò

All tracks taken from singles.


LP - RCA PSL 10485 - 1970

Released as soundtrack of the eponymous film, the album is worth mentioning because it includes some good tracks, only available on singles, by The Trip (that are the main characters in the film) and New Trolls, along with some mainstream pop.

New Trolls - Il nulla e la luce
Jody Clark - L'amore va, l'amore viene
The Trip - Travellin' soul
Ricchi e Poveri - Primo sole, primo fiore
Mal - Oggi mi apri le braccia
The Four Kents - Lovely girl
Mal - Da lei
Sheila - Adios amor
New Trolls - Autostrada
The Primitives - Mama rock
The Four Kents - There's a dream
The Trip - Fantasia

All studio recordings, many of these were released on singles.
A promo-only single (RCA PM 3569) with similar cover was also released, containing
short excerpts of the album tracks.


LP - Ariston AR/LP 12053 - 1971

Usually considered one of the most important festivals of the time, the 1st "Festival d'Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze", held in Viareggio in June 1971 was used by Ariston as a title for this LP aimed at promoting some of the label's progressive artists. In fact the LP offers a very limited picture of the festival, only including three groups. 
Nuova Idea track, the side-long Come, come, come was also included in the group's first album, In the beginning, released the same month as this compilation, while tracks by Stormy Six (with La manifestazione, a concert favourite, here in a longer different version than on their second album L'unità) and I Top 4 (2 of the 3 songs included) are unreleased. 
Particularly interesting are the tracks by I Top 4, a group that had only released three commercial singles in 1970-71 on Victory label; the three tracks included here could have been the start of a new career, but the band disappeared from the musical scenes.

Nuova Idea - Come, come, come
Stormy Six - La manifestazione
I Top 4 - È stata lei
I Top 4 - Lady natura
I Top 4 - Immagine

All studio recordings, the Nuova Idea track was also released on their first album In the beginning, while Immagine by I Top 4 was also on a Victory single.
Stormy Six track, La manifestazione, originally 5:18 long on the second album L'unità, is present here in the longer 7:50 minutes earlier demo version.


LP - Fonit LPQ 09060 - 1971

A very rare compilation dedicated by Fonit to Radio Montecarlo, a very important source of good music for Italian fans. 
This popular radio station organised a rock contest for unknown artists in 1971 and some of the bands that took part in it were featured in this compilation, most of them with otherwise unreleased tracks. The only well known band in this album are Delirium (still in their beginnings back in 1971) with their first single Canto di Osanna, but there are some very interesting moments like Nel giardino di Tamara by La Quinta Faccia or the 8-minute long Mi è cascato addosso by Le Macchine per Sognare with an extended organ-led instrumental part.

Delirium - Canto di Osanna
La Quinta Faccia - Nel giardino di Tamara
Valerio Valerisce Group - Il volo del calabrone
Le Macchine per Sognare - Mi è cascato addosso
Jimmy M.E.C. - Il Messia
I Tibù con Piero Montanaro - Il pieno
Le Mummie - Hey Joe
Gli Aspidi - Forse amore non è
I Clifters - Bimba mia

All studio recordings, the tracks by Delirium, Le Macchine per Sognare, Jimmy M.E.C. were also released as singles.


MC - IRT TS5 20 - 1971

Another cassette-only compilation (but an 8-track cartridge also exists with no. I8T 120) for the unknown IRT label, connected with other minor companies such as Ventotto, Cooper, Grand Prix.
O.K.complessi (not to be confused with another with a similar name, OK complessi, issued on LP in 1972 by CBS and featuring I Pooh, I Profeti, I Califfi, I Camaleonti, The Tremeloes and Christie) is a very rare and interesting compilation including many tracks from singles (though some of them credited to other artists) and some unreleased covers of British groups' tracks.

Alta Società - Occhi chiari
Alta Società - Non hai capito
Alta Società - Butterfly
Jutta & Ice - Here's to you
Jutta & Ice - Black sheep of the family
Jutta & Ice - Toast and marmelade for tea
III Classe - Animal love
III Classe - It brings a tear
III Classe - In the wake of Poseidon

Chattanooga - Chicago
Chattanooga - Per un flirt
Chattanooga - Up on the ground

Most tracks here were released in 1971 on singles. Only three of them were unreleased: Black sheep of the family, Up on the ground (both remakes from Quatermass' LP) and In the wake of Poseidon, a cover of the King Crimson's track.
The first two songs by Alta Società, were on their Ventotto label single, the third appeared on a promo-only single (Gran Prix
CPI 7009) but credited to Gianni Di, that included on the B-side Per un flirt, appearing here with the Chattanooga group name.
Here's to you came out on single by Juta & Ice (Juta with a single "t") on Cooper, while Toast and marmelade for tea was on a single by Blue Sharks (Gran Prix CPI 7010) along with Graham Nash's Chicago, again credited here to Chattanooga.
The first two tracks by III Classe appearing here were taken respectively from their first single and a jukebox single, both on Ventotto.

LP - Bla Bla BOP 90001 - 1972
(also on CD Artis ARCD 043 - 1992
and CD BTF/Vinyl Magic VM120 - 2007)

Conceived as a budget price sampler of the newly born Bla Bla label, the Tarzan compilation has gradually become one of the rarest and most expensive items on that collectible label. It includes singles tracks by the likes of Capsicum Red and Osage Tribe along with the lesser known Well's Fargo and Black Sunday Flowers
Whether the compilation is worth the high price demanded is up to you, the CD reissue is much cheaper.
A new CD reissue on BTF, with gatefold mini-LP cover and 6 bonus tracks, has been released in 2007 to replace the old Artis re-edition, which was now impossible to find.

Capsicum Red - Tarzan
Capsicum Red - Shangrj-la
Well's Fargo - Run Billy run
Well's Fargo - Come around
Osage Tribe - Crazy horse
Osage Tribe - Prehistoric sound
Capsicum Red - Ocean
Capsicum Red - She's a stranger
Black Sunday Flowers - Hot rock
Black Sunday Flowers - Madness
Osage Tribe - Hajenhanhowa

bonus tracks (only on CD reissue by BTF):
Osage Tribe - Un falco nel cielo
Colonnello Musch - Colonnello Musch
Colonnello Musch - Cacao
Ixo - Walk on my way
Springfield - Soldier
Springfield - Love

All the tracks by Capsicum Red, Well's Fargo and Black Sunday Flowers came from singles released by Bla Bla. 
Prehistoric sound by Osage Tribe was also from a single, while their remaining two tracks,
Hajenhanhowa and Crazy horse were excerpts from album tracks (the latter originally called Soffici bianchi veli).


LP - RCA CKAY 27134- 1973

A sampler of most avantgarde-oriented RCA releases, Free Dimension included tracks by four bands, the Italian Living Music, N.A.D.M.A. and Perigeo and the international group Brainticket that was based in Italy at the time.
Not too rare to find and including tracks already on the LP's, this album is interesting because it has a newspaper cover in the same style as Jethro Tull's Thick as a brick.

Living Music - Haiku
Living Music - Lisergic acid
Perigeo - Grandangolo
Perigeo - Aspettando il nuovo giorno
N.A.D.M.A. - Atlantide Maya Veda Rhyton
Brainticket - Visions
Brainticket - Celestial ocean

All the tracks come from the albums released by the above artists on RCA in 1972-73.


LP - RCA TCM2-1178 - 1975

A mid-price double album with gatefold cover, this included all live recordings (all in mono and not great sound quality) taken from a series of concerts held at Rome's Trianon in 1975 to promote young artists. 
Some of these have since then become very popular (Antonello Venditti, Lucio Dalla, Paolo Conte, Ron that was then known as Rosalino Cellamare, Francesco De Gregori, the late Rino Gaetano), others disappeared with no trace. There's very little rock or prog in this compilation, but some interesting jazz-rock tracks by the likes of Perigeo and Toni Esposito and a good appearance by Stradaperta both on their own and as backing musicians for a young Antonello Venditti.

Perigeo - Via Beato Angelico
Ernesto Bassignano - Sto pensando
Nicoletta Bauce - Tre bocche nel cuore
Saro Liotta - Goa
Stradaperta - Maida Vale
Rosalino Cellamare - Esperienze
Paolo Conte - La ragazza fisarmonica
Antonello Venditti - Compagno di scuola
Silvia Draghi - Non ho finito di sognare
Rino Gateano - Ad esempio a me piace il sud
Francesco De Gregori - Pablo
Toni Esposito - Rosso napoletano
Mario Schiano - Just married
Renzo Zenobi - Silvia
Carmelita Gadaleta - Evviva per gli studenti
Lucio Dalla - Passato, presente

All unreleased live recordings.


LP - Laboratorio LB/LP 201 - 1976
CD - Stampa Alternativa RP02 - 2005 (sold with book Area - Musica e rivoluzione)

Taken from the 6th edition of the "Festa del proletariato giovanile" organized in Milan, at Parco Lambro in June 1976 by the Re Nudo magazine, the album is a faithful document of what open-air festival were about in mid 70's, with strong political contents going over the music. Included are some good rock and prog tracks (Sensations' Fix, Ricky Gianco, Eugenio Finardi), folk (Taberna Mylaensis and Canzoniere del Lazio), jazz-rock (Area, Toni Esposito and Agorà), protest songs (Carrozzone) and avantgarde (Paolo Castaldi), with the musical tracks being separated by spoken extracts from the meetings held on the four days of the festival. The result is very fragmented and can be boring at times for the rock fans.
The album was only reissued on CD in 2005, with a different cover, as a free bonus with Gianpaolo Chiarichò's book Area - Musica e rivoluzione (see Books page)

Ricky Gianco - Questa casa non la mollerò
Eugenio Finardi - Musica ribelle
Carrozzone - Cuba sì, yankee no
Taberna Mylaensis - Monzu lu povireddu
Agorà - Cavalcata solare
Canzoniere del Lazio - Tarantella dei baraccati
Sensations' Fix - Just a little bet on the curve
Toni Esposito - L'alba nei quartieri
Paolo Castaldi - Solfeggio parlante
Area - Gerontocrazia
Collective jam session

All unreleased live recordings.


LP - Cramps 5203 001 - 1979
(also on 2 LP Cramps/De Agostini 5203 001 - 2018,
CD Akarma AK 1026 - 2002 and Edel CRA0136532 - 2002
and on 2CD+DVD box set Edel CRS BOX 001 - 2009)

Organised to raise funds to help Area's singer Demetrio Stratos in his expensive treatments against his illness, the concert became a tribute to the singer after his sudden death. 
Held in Milan, at Arena Civica on 14th June 1979, it was attended by around 60,000 people.
Many of the artists were last minute additions to the concert set, and the overall feeling coming from both the double LP and the TV broadcast released at the time is of an improvised happening. Once again, as in the Parco Lambro LP, the musical contents seem to play a minor part, in this case against the sadness that emerges from many artists' exhibitions. 

Kaos Rock - Basta basta
Area - Danz(A)nello
Francesco Guccini -Canzone per un amica
Eugenio Finardi - Hold on
Roberto Ciotti - Shake it
Venegoni & Co. - Coesione
Angelo Branduardi - Il funerale
Carnascialia - Europa minor
Adriano Bassi & Italo Lo Vetere - Nero sul bianco
Antonello Venditti - Bomba o non bomba
Skiantos - Ehi sbarbo, ehi Bubba Loris, come faccio a farmi fare
Gaetano Liguori & Tullio De Piscopo - Tarantella del vibrione
Giancarlo Cardini - Novelletta
Giancarlo Cardini - Solfeggio parlante per voce sola
Roberto Vecchioni - Figlia
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - E mi viene da pensare
Area - L'internazionale

All unreleased live recordings.


LP - L'Orchestra OLPS 55555 - 1981

A rare and little-known label sampler especially made by L'Orchestra for radio stations to promote some of the Italian artists signed to the label, along with the international group Art Bears. All the tracks come from LP's except Uccellin del bosco by Picchio Dal Pozzo, only issued on a rare flexi-disc included with the early copies of their second LP Abbiamo tutti i suoi problemi.

Art Bears - Moeris, dancing
Art Bears - Rats and monkeys
Mamma Non Piangere - Un cactus nel bidè
Stormy Six - Pianeta
Picchio Dal Pozzo - La sgargianza
Picchio Dal Pozzo - Uccellin del bosco
Alessandro Carrera - Piazza S.Ambrogio
Strumentoconcerto - La ville de La Rochelle
Ensemble Havadià - El kolo go balà

All the tracks are taken from LP's and singles.


CD - Vinyl Magic VMBOOK01 - 1990

A rare to find beautiful CD compilation that was included with one of the first pressings of Paolo Barotto's book Il ritorno del pop italiano, and sadly never reissued.

Gli Alluminogeni - Orizzonti lontani
Panna Fredda - Strisce rosse
Free Love - Sandy
Zauber - Musica
Dalton - La donna e il bambino
Panna Fredda - Delirio
Officina Meccanica - Amanti di ieri
Gli Alluminogeni - L'alba di Bremit
Panna Fredda - Una luce accesa troverai
Free Love - Il tempo di pietra
Dalton - Il vuoto
Officina Meccanica - Insieme al sole
Panna Fredda - Vedo lei

All tracks from singles and unreleased on LP.


CD - Mellow MMP 164 - 1993

An out of print sampler from Mellow, mixing old and new Italian prog artists, this includes, among the others, the rare Dietro Noi Deserto (Antonius Rex) single tracks.

Quella vecchia locanda - Io ti amo
Il Giro Strano - Shadow of a dream
Corte dei Miracoli - Plinto
Corte dei Miracoli - Lontano da qui
Corte dei Miracoli - Xaito
Corte dei Miracoli - Il silenzio di cristallo
Notturno Concertante - The ghost of the sun at sunset
Mirage - Madre dei pensieri
Unicorn - After before
Unicorn - Your last denial
Zauber - Il sogno
Zauber - Le vele
Dietro Noi Deserto - Dentro me
Dietro Noi Deserto - Aiuto
Atmo - Falling star
Sithonia - Il canto notturno delle stelle


CD - Materiali Sonori MA.SO.90055 - 1993

(also on 2 LP Spittle SPITTLE98 - 2019)

A compilation CD with an accompanying book on the evolution of rock in Florence since the 70's, this mainly concentrates on the late 70's-early 80's new wave scene but also includes tracks by Sensations' Fix and Bella Band.
Reissued as double LP in 2019, without the book.

Sensations' Fix - Music is painting in the hair
Insieme - Picchia e ripicchia
Bella Band - Mattutina
Antonio Aiazzi interview
Litfiba - Anniversary
Diaframma - Illusione ottica
Federico Fiumani interview
Cafè Caracas - Tintarella di luna
Alcool - Situation
Mugnion's Rock - Deborah
Mr. Blues - Caledonia
Ernesto De Pascale interview
Lightshine - Let's get four funky steps
Naif Orchestra - Fratelli italiani
Rinf - Was besonders
Alexander Robotnick - Problemes d'amour
Neon - Informations of death
Maurizio Dami interview
Avida - La bustina
Collettivo Victor Jara - Pazzum pazzia
Neem - L'Italia che vola
Magazzini Criminali - Tijuana, frontiera a nord-est
Zeit - Una danza infinita


CD - Sony/Columbia 50997 47565 328 - 1994

A not particularly interesting compilation, which includes album and singles tracks, this is aimed at beginners on their first approach to the Italian Prog style. It was also released on cassette at the time.

Premiata Forneria Marconi - Impressioni di settembre
Le Orme - Sospesi nell'incredibile
Garybaldi - Maya Desnuda
Jumbo - Gil
De De Lind - Voglia di rivivere
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Ma che idea
Città Frontale - Solo uniti ...
Area - L'elefante bianco
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Primo incontro
Delirium - Dolce acqua
Osage Tribe - Prehistoric sound
Capsicum Red - Ocean
Osanna - Ce vulesse
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Traccia III


CD - Vinyl Magic VM 058 - 1995

A compilation of singles' tracks from Ariston archives, this CD compilation can be your only chance to hear some very good tracks like the debut singles by Nuova Idea and Claudio Rocchi.

Claudio Rocchi - I cerchi
Claudio Rocchi - Grazie
Claudio Rocchi - La televisione accesa
Claudio Rocchi - Indiscutibilmente
I Top 4 - Immagine
I Top 4 - Ascolta il tempo
Nuova Idea - Pitea, un uomo contro l'infinito
Nuova Idea - Uomini diversi
Nuova Idea - Sarà così
Simon Luca - Spegni la luce
Simon Luca - Com'è fatto il viso
Simon Luca - Niente di più facile
Simon Luca - Da tremila anni


CD - Vinyl Magic VM 059 - 1995

Mostly beat, this CD compilation also includes some early singles by Stormy Six.

Equipe 84 - Vai amore vai
Equipe 84 - Signor playboy
Equipe 84 - Anguilla rock 
Ragazzi del Sole - Atto di forza n.10
Ragazzi del Sole - So che tu non credi
Ragazzi del Sole - E la terra si allontana
Ragazzi del Sole - Non c'è tempo di aspettare
Ragazzi del Sole - Per vivere insieme
Corvi - Sospesa a un filo
Corvi - Luce
Stormy Six - Rossella
Stormy Six - Leone
Stormy Six - La luna è stanca
Stormy Six - Lodi
Stormy Six - Il venditore di fumo
Stormy Six - Alice nel vento
Stormy Six - Nicola fa il maestro di scuola
Stormy Six - Sotto il bam-bù


CD - Private pressing MTRC 9701 - 1997

If this compilation could ever have a commercial release it would be a great seller! 
For sure one of the best singles compilation ever made on the Italian prog, this includes such beautiful and rare cuts as Lydia e gli Hellua Xenium's first single, Bambini innocenti by Officina Meccanica, Autostrada by New Trolls, the singles by I Fholks (later Reale Accademia di Musica) and Le Aquile.
Released in just 50 hand numbered copies, it was sold at record fairs around 1997-98.
In 2021 a limited reissue was released, in 70 numbered copies with a mini-LP gatefold cover with colour artwork; this was replicated in 2022 with a cassette issue, again in 70 numbered copies.

I Maya - Salomon
I Maya - Yucatan
Lydia e gli Hellua Xenium - Guai a voi!
Lydia e gli Hellua Xenium - Invocazione
I Fholks - Mi scorri nelle vene
I Fholks - Cerchi
Le Aquile - Il tuo splendido amore
Le Aquile - Agnus dei
The Underground Set - Una lettera
The Underground Set - Libitum
Il Punto - È il mio mondo
Il Punto - Ragazzi che scappano
Officina Meccanica - Bambini innocenti
Officina Meccanica - Bambini innocenti (strum.)
I Salis - Chissà se la luna ha una mamma
I Salis - Cronaca di una cosa
New Trolls - Autostrada
New Trolls - Il nulla e la luce
De De Lind - Signore dove va?
De De Lind - Torneremo ancora

All tracks are from singles and unavailable on LP.



CD - Totem 01 - 1998

Another ultrarare private compilation of singles' tracks, released in only 35 numbered copies with an individually hand-painted cover, like Meteora this has never been repressed. 
Though this compilation includes mostly unknown bands compared to the previous one, there are some great rarities like the Antonius Rex/Invisible Force single.

La Bottega del Fabbro - Perché tu non vuoi
La Bottega del Fabbro - Solo con te
Invisible Force - Morti vident
Invisible Force - 1999 mundi finis
Theodoro Re dei Poeti - Jumbo rock
Theodoro Re dei Poeti - Preparati bambina
Crema - Sei sempre tu
Crema - Se io fossi
Anonima Sound - Io prendo amore
Anonima Sound - Cerchi
Paradiso di Robots - Paradiso di robot
Paradiso di Robots - Non si torna indietro
I Vermi - Collina (pt.I)
I Vermi - Collina (pt.II)
Ora Esatta - Confilandia
Ora Esatta - Giostra infame
Scala Mercalli - Una come te
Scala Mercalli - Una donna
Reattori Caldi - Il mio cuore è un reattore
Cugini di Campagna - Hallo cousins

All tracks are from singles and unavailable on LP.


10 CD - BMG/Numero Uno CFD01080 - 1999

A nice 10 CD box set dedicated to the popular label, it contains tracks from singles and LP's and surely deserves a reissue.
This was in fact the CD version of an old series of
10 compilations that only appeared on cassette and 8-track between the end of 1970 and 1974. The artwork, even in the 1999 CD reissue, is very limited and with no information on the artists, but the musical quality is very high, though not all strictly progressive.

Formula 3Questo folle sentimento
Edoardo Bennato - Marylou
Alpha Centauri - Immagine bianca
Tony Renis - L'aereo parte
Formula 3 - Avevo una bambola
La Verde Stagione - Lacrime sul cuscino
Aldemaro Romero - Tema d'amore
Sara - Uomini
Edoardo Bennato - La fine del mondo
Anonima Sound - Girotondo impossibile
Alpha Centauri - Dai treno dai
Anonima Sound - Ombre vive
Formula 3 - Sole giallo, sole nero
Formula 3 - Se non è amore cos'è
Formula 3 - Io ritorno solo
Computers - Bella
Computers - Tempo di rose
Computers - Ragazzo solo, ragazza sola
La Verde Stagione - Milioni di domande
La Verde Stagione - Come una rondine
La Verde Stagione - La verde stagione
Flora Fauna e Cemento - Superstar
Jumbo - Due righe da te
Edoardo Bennato - 1941
Formula 3 - Nessuno nessuno
La Verde Stagione - Stella, Stella
Computers - Più in là
Oscar Prudente - Davanti al mare
La Verde Stagione - Senza Elisa
Bruno Lauzi - ...E poi morire...
Computers - Maena
Formula 3 - Eppur mi son scordato di te
Bruno Lauzi - Amore caro, amore bello
Flora Fauna e Cemento - In America
Oscar Prudente - Rose bianche, rose gialle, i colori, le farfalle
Flora Fauna e Cemento - Un papavero
Lucio Battisti - La canzone del sole
Edoardo Bennato - Marjorie
Lucio Battisti - Anche per te
Adriano Pappalardo - Una donna
Bruno Lauzi - E penso a te
Oscar Prudente - Il mondo di frutta candita
Premiata Forneria Marconi - La carrozza di Hans
Oscar Prudente - Come i treni
Edoardo Bennato - Good bye Copenaghen
Bruno Lauzi - Mary oh Mary
Adriano Pappalardo - Il bosco no
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Impressioni di settembre
Lucio Battisti - Il leone e la gallina
Sarah e La Banda Magnetica - Io mamma
Noel Winderling - Quando in chiesa
Demetrio Stratos - Daddy's dream
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Dove ... quando... (II Parte)
Jungle's Men - Jungle's mandolino
Lucio Battisti - Innocenti evasioni
Adriano Pappalardo - Senza anima
Flora Fauna e Cemento - Mondo blu
Bruno Lauzi - L'aquila
Adriano Pappalardo - È ancora giorno
Premiata Forneria Marconi - È festa
Lucio Battisti - I giardini di marzo
La Verde Stagione - Al nord
Lucio Battisti - Comunque bella
Formula 3 - Nananano'
Bruno Lauzi - La casa nel parco
Formula 3 - Storia di un uomo e una donna
Adriano Pappalardo - California no
Oscar Prudente - Oè-oà
Formula 3 - Rapsodia di Radius
La Verde Stagione - L'onestà
Lucio Battisti - ...E penso a te
Formula 3 - Sognando e risognando
Alberto Radius - Il mio cane si chiama Zenone
Adriano Pappalardo - Segui lui
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Il banchetto
Lucio Battisti - Vento nel vento
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Per un amico
Formula 3 - Aeternum
Bruno Lauzi - Il mondo cambia colori
Oscar Prudente - Solo no
Lucio Battisti - Confusione
Bruno Lauzi - Sotto il carbone
Formula 3 - Cara Giovanna
Lucio Battisti - Luci-ah
Adriano Pappalardo - Tu
Eugenio Finardi - Spacey Stacey
Marva Jan Marrow - Go man
Flora Fauna e Cemento - Forse domani
Adriano Pappalardo - Come bambini
Flora Fauna e Cemento - La nostra piccola canzone
Formula 3 - La ciliegia non è di plastica
Lucio Battisti - Gente per bene e gente per male
Adriano Pappalardo - No signori
Bruno Lauzi - Piccolino
Formula 3 - Bambina sbagliata
Adriano Pappalardo - Un pazzo e un fiore di lillà
Marva Jan Marrow - Our dear angel (Il nostro caro angelo)
Lucio Battisti - Le allettanti promesse
Formula 3 - La grande casa
Bruno Lauzi - L'unico che sta a New York
Acqua Fragile - Song from a picture
Lucio Battisti - Due mondi
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Dolcissima Maria
Il Volo - Il calore umano
Il Volo - La canzone del nostro tempo
Adriano Pappalardo - Quadro lontano
Flora Fauna e Cemento - Stereotipati noi
Lucio Battisti - Io gli ho detto no
Bruno Lauzi - Molecole
Lucio Battisti - Ma è un canto brasileiro
Data - Compleanno
Data - Strada bianca

All the tracks were already issued on singles and LP's.


CD - RCA 7432 195067 2 - 2002

Though the Italian major companies have never shown much interest in their old 70's rock and prog releases, it seems that, from time to time, they find out to have in their archives something that can help them to sell. 
This seems the reason why RCA/BMG have released this "Greatest Hits of the Italian Prog" compilation, officially to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Villa Pamphili Pop Festival held in Rome on 25-27 May, 1972.  Along with a few foreign groups like Van Der Graaf Generator and Hawkwind, around 50 of the best Italian artists of that time played in that festival, that's still considered as one of the best ever held in Italy.

This compilation includes 32 tracks, mostly taken from LP's, and even a couple of hidden treasures that only appeared on (now very rare) singles, like Finché le braccia diventino ali by I Krel (before they changed their name to Premiata Forneria Marconi), and the only singles by I Fholks and I Fiori di Campo.
Apart from these, the 2-CD set (sold in Italy at half price) is not essential for the prog collector, but a great starting point for the beginner.

The 16-page booklet contains little relevant information on the festival and no pictures at all; the notes on the artists included (written in Italian only) contain many errors.

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - R.I.P. (Requiescant in pace)
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Eh eh ah ah
The Trip - Una pietra colorata
New Trolls - Autostrada
Festa Mobile - La corte di Han
Acqua Fragile - Morning comes
Cervello - Melos
Perigeo - Fata Morgana
Quella Vecchia Locanda - Villa Doria Pamphili
Capitolo 6 - Grande spirito
Hunka Munka - Fino a non poterne più
I Krel - Finché le braccia diventino ali
Osanna - L'uomo
Museo Rosenbach - L'ultimo uomo
J.E.T. - Il prete e il peccatore
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Impressioni di settembre
Il Volo - Il calore umano
Biglietto per l'Inferno - Confessione
Reale Accademia di Musica - Il mattino
I Fholks - Mi scorri nelle vene
Napoli Centrale - Campagna
Rovescio della Medaglia - La mia musica
Area - Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (nero)
Fiori di Campo - Fuori città
Gli Alluminogeni - La stella di Atades
Nuova Idea - Svegliati Edgar
Pierrot Lunaire - Ouverture XV
Delirium - Canto di Osanna
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno - Su una rupe
Semiramis - Luna park
Jumbo - Dio è
Le Orme - Sguardo verso il cielo

All tracks are from albums and some from singles. No unreleased tracks.


CD - Progressivamente GMP 002 - 2004

A beautiful compilation from the Progressivamente label, containing all unreleased tracks, though some of these are already known in different versions, and a few real treasures, like Luna park from a Semiramis acetate. Also included some more recent Italian artists like Ezra Winston and Virtual Dream.
The CD is housed in a very nice cover by Osanna's singer Lino Vairetti, and contains a detailed booklet with rare pictures and information, in Italian and English. That's how prog compilations should be always made!!

Gianni Leone - Frammenti di Ys
Metamorfosi - Porta dell'inferno/Caronte/Spacciatore di droga
Sinfonia - La follia che diventa realtà
Osanna - Non sei vissuto mai
Ezra Winston - The painter and the king
Hydro - Worry
Alberomotore - Capodanno '74
Metamorfosi - Mururoa
Vittorio De Scalzi - La storia dei New Trolls - La prima goccia bagna il viso
Virtual Dream - Frengo
Leo Nero - Il castello (English version)
Semiramis - Luna park

All unreleased tracks.


CD - Amarkord/Mediane AMD 5003 - 2006

Compilation included in the book by Paolo Barotto and Marco d'Ubaldo Rock progressivo italiano - The complete discography and presented in a very nice package. The cover has a painting by Walter Mac Mazzieri, author, among other things of the cover design for Uomo di pezza by Le Orme.
No unreleased tracks in the CD, but an interesting oddity is a track by Motowns, from their last album, issued in 1971.

Osanna - Vado verso una meta
Delirium - Deliriana
New Trolls - Venti o cent'anni
Quella Vecchia Locanda - Il cieco
Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno - Un palco di marionette
Area - Gioia e rivoluzione
Panna Fredda - Scacco al re Lot
Le Orme - Gioco di bimba
Procession - Ancora una notte
Metamorfosi - Sfruttatori
Genco Puro & Co. - Nebbia
Osage Tribe - Arrow head
Libra - Shock
Cherry Five - Country grave-yard
Motowns - A trip around the world

All tracks already issued on LP or single.


CD - AMS/BTF AMS100 - 2008

Sold as a bonus CD with the first 500 copies of the Italian Prog book, taken from this website, this compilation includes 19 mostly unreleased tracks, along with some rarities from singles.

Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno - Io e lui pt.1
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno - Io e lui pt.2
Il Paese dei Balocchi - Note di vetro
Il Paese dei Balocchi - L'amore innato
E.A.Poe - Jaws, main title
E.A.Poe - Jaws, end title
E.A.Poe - La canzone dell'angelo
Barbati & Maiozzi - Stai
Barbati & Maiozzi - Vieni via da qui
Gli Esseri - Il corpo di una madre
Gli Esseri - Un mare di tranquillità
Dalton  - Riflessioni (vocal version)
Latitudine 45 - Neve
Latitudine 45 - Informatica
I Numi - Intro
I Numi - Infiniti mondi nel fuoco della vita
Breznev Fan Club - Quale? Messaggio tale
Breznev Fan Club - L'appetito dell'urlo
L'Estate di San Martino - Sere d'agosto

All unreleased tracks, except the ones by E.A.Poe (Jaws, main title & Jaws, end title), Gli Esseri, Latitudine 45, taken from singles.

CD - Vololibero VL1002CD - 2010

This is included in the Re Nudo Pop & altri festival box set, that also contains a book by Matteo Guarnaccia and the DVD Alpe del Viceré 1973 e Re Nudo.

Simon Luca & L'Enorme Maria - Miss Rebel
Come Le Foglie - Via Lodovico il Moro
Martin & Jutta - Franco's rock
Garybaldi - Dipende da te
Yu Kung - Troppo fredda la notte
Riccardo Zappa - King
Jumbo - Sta accadendo qualcosa dentro me
I Cancelli della Memoria - Plancton
Simon Luca & L'Enorme Maria - Everybody's gotta drink another round with me
Claudio Fucci - Prima di partire
Franco Battiato - Improvvisazione
Donatella Bardi - Incoscienza
Alberto Camerini - La ballata dell'invasione degli extraterrestri
Claudio Rocchi - Sotto i portici di marmo
Ricky Gianco & Fernanda Pivano - Danni collaterali
Claudio Fucci & Come Le Foglie - Voglia di libertà

Tutti brani inediti registrati tra il 2003 e il 2010, ad eccezione di quelli di Battiato (1970), Claudio Rocchi (1972), Donatella Bardi (anni '70) e Martin & Jutta (ex-Analogy, 1978).


LP - TIP 001 - 2010

A vinyl compilation of unknown origin, that contains eleven tracks taken from singles and a few alternate versions of already recorded songs. The album was allegedly issued in 600 numbered copies (300 on black vinyl, 300 on red vinyl) but some unnumbered copies exist.

Officina Meccanica - Bambini innocenti
Officina Meccanica - Nel grattacielo delle idee il pensiero più alto è la pazzia
Invisible Force - Morti vident
Invisible Force - 1999 Mundi finis
Maya - Solomon
Maya - Yucatan
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Sì mama mama
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Nieve calda
J.E.T. - Sinfonia per un re
J.E.T. - Gloria gloria
III Classe - It brings a tear

The Balletto di Bronzo songs are in the Spanish-sung version.
The track Gloria gloria is not listed on the cover.


PROG EXHIBITION - 40 anni di musica immaginifica
7 CD + 4 DVD - Immaginifica/Edel ARS IMM 1004 - 2011

A box set with CD's and DVD's taken from the concerts held in Rome on November 5-6, 2010.

Sinestesia - The birth, the death, trance by the river
Sinestesia - Aquarium
The Trip - Atlantide
The Trip - Evoluzione
The Trip - Caronte
The Trip - Two brothers
The Trip - Ode a Jimi Hendrix
The Trip - Ora X / Analisi
The Trip - Distruzione / Il vuoto
La Maschera di Cera - Fino all'aurora
La Maschera di Cera - Orpheus
La Maschera di Cera - Agli uomini che sanno già volare
La Maschera di Cera - La consunzione / La maschera di cera
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - Los Angeles
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - La porta chiusa
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - Amico di ieri
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - Alpine valley
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - Sospesi nell'incredibile
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - Felona
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton & David Cross - All'infuori del tempo
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton & David Cross - Exiles
Tagliapietra-Pagliuca-Marton - Gioco di bimba / Sguardo verso il cielo
Premiata Forneria Marconi - La luna nuova
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Il banchetto
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Harlequin
Premiata Forneria Marconi - La terra dell'acqua
Premiata Forneria Marconi & Ian Anderson - Intro Bach
Premiata Forneria Marconi & Ian Anderson - Bourée
Premiata Forneria Marconi & Ian Anderson - My God
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Out of the roundabout
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Maestro della voce
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Cyber alpha 3.1
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Impressioni di settembre
Premiata Forneria Marconi & Ian Anderson - La carrozza di Hans
Premiata Forneria Marconi
- È festa
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Se le brescion
Premiata Forneria Marconi - La tentazione
Periferia del Mondo - L'infedele
Periferia del Mondo - Suite mediterranea
Periferia del Mondo - The ghost in the shell
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno - Il cambiamento
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno - Le anime
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno & Claudio Simonetti - Suspiria / Profondo rosso
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno & Claudio Simonetti - L'uomo nuovo
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Claudio Simonetti & Thijs van Leer - Thijs intro
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Claudio Simonetti & Thijs van Leer - House of the king
Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Claudio Simonetti & Thijs van Leer - Un palco di marionette
Abash - Otranto 14 agosto 1480 / Oltre / Al di là del mare / Verso sud / Poesia d'amore
Abash - Madri
Abash - Spine e malelingue
Abash - Madri (reprise)
Abash - La taranta
Osanna & David Jackson - 'O culore 'e Napule / Pazzariello / Fuje 'a chistu paese / Intro animale / Mirror train
Osanna & David Jackson - L'uomo
Osanna & David Jackson - Formentera / Oro caldo / My mind flies / L'amore vincerà di nuovo
Osanna & David Jackson - Ce vulesse ce vulesse
Osanna, David Jackson & Gianni Leone - Ys (Introduzione)
Osanna, David Jackson & Gianni Leone - Everybody's gonna see you die
Osanna, David Jackson & Gianni Leone - Vado verso una meta
Osanna & David Jackson - Theme one
Osanna & David Jackson - Fuje 'a chistu paese
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Nudo
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - R.I.P.
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Cento mani e cento occhi
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Metamorfosi
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Il ragno
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Canto nomade per un prigioniero politico
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - La conquista della posizione eretta
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Evoluzione
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Traccia II

All the tracks are recorded live.


PROG EXHIBITION 2 - Il festival della musica immaginifica
2 CD - Immaginifica/Edel ARS IMM 1010 - 2012

2-CD boxset taken from the concerts held in Rome on October 20-21, 2011.

Stereokimono - Zone d'ombra
Oak & Maartin Allcock - Murfatlarst
Oak & Maartin Allcock - Baba Gaia
Saint Just Again & Alan Sorrenti - Il cercatore
Saint Just Again & Alan Sorrenti - Vorrei incontrarti
UT (L'anima Prog dei New Trolls) - I cavalieri del lago dell'Ontario
UT (L'anima Prog dei New Trolls) - Nato adesso
Il Balletto Di Bronzo & Richard Sinclair - Plan it earth
Il Balletto Di Bronzo & Richard Sinclair - Primo incontro
Arti & Mestieri & Gigi Venegoni - Gravità
Arti & Mestieri, Gigi Venegoni & Mel Collins - Valzer per domani
Arti & Mestieri, Gigi Venegoni & Mel Collins - Il figlio del barbiere
Il Bacio Della Medusa - Simplicio
Vic Vergeat Band & Mel Collins - Rain or shine
Vic Vergeat Band - Cry
Garybaldi & Marco Zoccheddu - Moretto da Brescia
Garybaldi - La mia scelta
Biglietto per l'Inferno.Folk - Ansia
Biglietto per l'Inferno.Folk - Confessione
Biglietto per l'Inferno.Folk & Martin Barre - Aqualung
New Goblin - Profondo rosso
New Goblin & Steve Hackett - Improvvisazioni Steve Hackett / Claudio Simonetti
New Goblin & Steve Hackett - Watcher of the sky

All the tracks are recorded live.

2 CD - Sony Music 88875 00544 2 - 2014

A mixed quality double CD compilation containing some rarities and unreleased recordings by 70's and contemporary groups, released by Sony Music to promote a series of 30 Italian prog album reissues.
Some tracks deserve a mention: both sides from the Fholks' only single and Bambini innocenti by Officina Meccanica in its integral version, but there are also some tracks from the 1979: il concerto album and others already issued on CD.

Fholks - Cerchi
Fholks - Mi scorri nelle vene
Officina Meccanica - Bambini innocenti (integral version)
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - E mi viene da pensare (live)
Area - Danz(A)nello (live)
Area - L'internazionale (live)
Carnascialia - Europa minor (live)
Venegoni & Co. - Coesione (live)
Agorà - Penetrazione (live)
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Marcia in Sol minore (live)
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Donna Vittoria (live)
Church of Prog - Sguardo verso il cielo (live)
Floydiana - Set the controls for the heart of the sun (live)
Italia 70 - 750.000 anni fa...l'amore?
Hexperos - Autumnus
Gianni Leone - Love in the kitchen (live)
Murple - Catacombae
Murple - Baba Yaga
Metamorfosi - Canto di Marte
Ezra Winston - Call up
Il Balletto Di Bronzo - Sexy Sadie
Osanna - 'O culore 'e Napule
Osanna - Il castello dell'Es
Saint Just Again - Ai bordi
Solar Orchestra - Cosmic heart implosion
Divae - Libero (live)
Virtual Dream - One phone call/Street scenes
Sinfonia - Emozioni metropolitane
Umbria Ensemble - Lifetime
Saint Just Again - Prog explosion

CD - Progressivamente/Mondadori GMP 004 - 2019

Like the previous compilations with the Progressivamente logo, this collects tracks by old and new Italian progressive artists. The recordings are mostly from the 2000's, with an exception for Opus Avantra’s Il pavone, and some of them already appeared on the Progressivamente 1973-2003 CD.
The CD has a mini-LP gatefold cover and was sold through newsagents as part of a series of 25 CD’s called Prog Italia. Il Rock Degli Anni ’70.

Saint Just & Alan Sorrenti - Vorrei incontrarti
Divae - Sulle ali del tempo
Metamorfosi - Porta dell'inferno/Caronte/Spacciatore di droga
Gianni Leone - Frammenti di Ys
Jenny Sorrenti - Burattina
Sinfonia - La follia che diventa realtà
Metamorfosi - Mururoa
Saint Just & Alan Sorrenti - Sienteme
Vittorio De Scalzi - La storia dei New Trolls - La prima goccia bagna il viso
Indiana Supermarket - Tarancellopoli
Virtual Dream - Frengo
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - Il suono del silenzio
Opus Avantra - Il pavone


Thanks to Franco Oriolo for pictures and information on the Sound '70 cassette and to Alessandro Cristini for pictures and information on the O.K. complessi cassette